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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing of weakness in my body. God bless.

Anonymous   9/17/18 06:49:14

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that God blesses me with a kind, compassionate, caring affectionate, respectful and above all GODLY man for a husband very soon IJN

Anonymous   9/16/18 22:32:46

Prayer Request - Healing

Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Christian Net!Please say aprayer for me that GOD would heal my stomach and give me a bounce in my srep so tiredyet I can't quit!GOD richly bless you brother danny 9/15/18

Daniel Cahill   9/15/18 10:48:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Kindly pray for my relationship with God. I believe, throughout my life I have been receiving God blessings but for quite a while. I feel it's all due to my mistaken behavior and I feel sorry for that.I pray may God not forsake me. Please join.

Leoman   9/12/18 23:54:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please kindly pray for me as I am appearing for final exams. Please, pray for the success. Thank You!!

Anonymous   9/11/18 23:15:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Safety for Amanda & kids( husband to settle down & get some help)Brenda-healing of lymphoma & salvation.healing of my glands- infections & virus to go!peace & salvation for Norm & Henry

Mel   9/11/18 05:32:20

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for God's healing in my life and financial break through

Nansereko idah   9/11/18 03:38:40

Prayer Request - Faith

I need to be close the Lord and do all things in faith. Grow in faith to next level.

Anonymous   9/10/18 15:10:40

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, in your hand we place ourselves, protect us from the big storm coming in the philippines. I ask this in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Anonymous   9/10/18 10:55:08

Prayer Request - Faith

I am believing God for letting me free from the confusion and control of my ex-husband. That the LORD will find the right man for me and with the career he gave me enable me to be remarried have a family and music ministry God wants for me without badly wounding my ex husband because e is stuck expecting something that won't happen between us.

Anonymous   9/10/18 03:48:47

Prayer Request - Faith

Today I need $1000 for incorporating a business else I may be dropped out of the FI. I need money. I need a godly Caucasian husband too. Husband is the word. I also need money to register for a course, $100. Also I need a home. Amen.

AJ   9/10/18 03:19:33

Prayer Request - Faith

Son, Drew, favor, opportunity and triumph this week in college football...loves Jesus and has worked so hard. He needs favor and opportunity to make travel team this week, get into the game and then to excel! Favor with coaches and passion and desire to keep doing well. He is a pre law major. Prayers for 175 on LSAT and full ride to law school would be so appreciated. God is so good and merciful!

Tacy L Russell   9/9/18 17:29:26

Prayer Request - Faith

Three presidents abroad holding hands powerful. Next a dream on a sand ridge town below all sand a beam of light shining on town lord spoke Israel is a great nation. I woke up. Next on radio Israel christian spoke these three powerful leaders would come against Israel confirmation. Next 2 Chronicles chapter 20:4-19. I know the lord is with Israel. In Christ Shelia Rossell

Shelia Rossell   9/9/18 14:38:10

Prayer Request - Faith

1. That God will provide very soon the funds: a land to farm, a new house to own, capital to grow the business, to be away from so many wicked people but rather to be near people who wanted to know Jesus as their personal Saviour and God of their lives, to have a godly companion as I am going older, and lastly to always in the state of heavenly blessings of love, joy, peace, and perseverance Thanks/Salamat po.

Anonymous   9/8/18 00:53:06

Prayer Request - Faith

A humble request for our health, job and settlement problems in a non Christian community.May God bless you all who would sincerely pray to God for all like us.

Anonymous   9/8/18 00:11:16

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