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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Financial

Please Pray God will Grant us a Supernatural Financial Blessing, to Pay our Rent, & Obligations,(all past due) for my Family & I. Thank you.

michael moore   5/18/19 23:01:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Requesting prayers for healing and financial provision, deliverance from illness and debt

Anon   5/18/19 17:17:30

Prayer Request - Healing

Almighty God, heal me from the pain of anxiety and insomnia that I am experiencing right now, may the power of your holy spirit heal all sicknesses that I suffer, I beg you to pray, thank God.

Johan Chang   5/17/19 22:05:16

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my & Marilyn,s & Pat,s total healing,blood pressure to be normal,no dizzy spells,strength & favor & favor & emotional,mental healing for brother Fred & Art Art to get more work & protection over our whole family,Lord help Melanie,Jake,Ayasha & Amanda( & me) get over the untimely death of their mom,in Jesus Name!

Mel   5/16/19 08:09:09

Prayer Request - Faith

Deliverance from spirit of death and wiitchcraft. Also deliverance from evil covenants and alters. Also spiritual triumph and defeat of my former husband Nsubuga j and brother isabirye who have been trying to kill me and my children having joined evil secret societies.2.Grace to serve the Kingdom of Christ Jesus with help of the Holyspirit. 3 Spiritual Resurrection for me and my kids.4. Church to stand.

Susan    5/16/19 07:09:07

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Prayer support to improve my finances and business, promotion opportunities and studies and above all stronger relationship with Christ.

Anonymous   5/13/19 23:29:09

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my boyfriend no longer thinks my apartment stinks, wont cheat on me and asks me to marry him very soon IJN

Anonymous   5/12/19 21:26:56

Prayer Request - Financial

Dear brother & sister in Christ! Please help me in prayer that i might have my permanent job.I havent have my own family (husband nor kids). I still have my mom that I need to support in her medical needs. In our country dont accept an overage applicant.

Anonymous   5/12/19 10:17:58

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son to get an apartment of his own soon. God bless.

Anonymous   5/10/19 07:19:28

Prayer Request - Bondage

Prayer for personal development in the area of empowered spirituality, savings and finance,graduation and successful implementation of business projects. I need you Jesus.

Anonymous   5/9/19 00:25:10

Prayer Request - Faith

"Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers!Also... I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries... Im also trying to start a new business. Marriage with Rosa (newly weds)!

AndyL.   5/8/19 18:08:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Please continue to pray for CL to find good home for her and her autistic son.

JT   5/8/19 08:59:45

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray Pat,s congestion clears up & healing for me,Henry & his sister who have the flu,thanks healing of Ferdinand,s mind & salvation

Mel   5/8/19 05:18:00

Prayer Request - Faith

I have many health issues as well as a son & sister has cancer,other family sickness as well as issues I know God is able please pray for these God knows all about each of them thanki you

Gladys Godwin   5/6/19 18:52:32

Prayer Request - Healing

I need healings and deliverance in Jesus name Amen

Ayobami   5/6/19 13:42:57

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