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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my boyfriend KSI restores and rekindles our relationship. I miss him so bad and God already confirmed that he is The One. Please pray that we get married asap IJN

Courtney   5/4/20 14:27:48

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing of pneumonia for Marianne,in hospital.favor for Magda to get Condo & favor with bank for loan.also for Norm,s sale of house to go through,people to get the financed & wisdom in dealing with all the stuff, & salvation,Eva,s salvation

Mel   4/30/20 14:11:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray that Roger or Albert or someone will give me $5000us and up this week by Wednesday

Skeeter    4/27/20 07:09:35

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my family & I. I was poisoned and my doctor and the specialist doctor I was referred to cant figure it out and all the specialist doctor can say is that its not natural. Half my body has swollen limbs and Im losing hair and I have unexplained weight loss. I probably dont have long to survive unless I get a miracle. I was also SWATTED at my job on Monday 4/20/20. I have elderly parents that depend on me.

Anonymous   4/26/20 19:27:04

Prayer Request - Faith

Please help my situation. I'm out of work. Need assistance with this pandemic as I am home with someone who is leeching off of me for 31 years. Thank you Jesus.

Anonymous   4/24/20 13:36:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Need prayer for protection against severe storms coming through my area in the pre-dawn hours, please? God is my shelter!

susie   4/22/20 13:12:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Iam debts,my house has a few tenants who are not paying their rent,two rooms are empty,pls pray for new tenants,and the old ones to pay,for me to pay my bills.

jane karingo   4/22/20 01:46:40

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing for me & Tommy,Judith & Belita,s kidneys?pray for the families of the 19 victims of the Nova Scotia shootings!,pray for first responders,dr. & nurses etc,those in ICU to recover,,

Mel   4/21/20 01:08:35

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls pray for my business it has really gone down.due to corona.Thankyou

jane karingo   4/20/20 14:28:50

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls pray for my son Jamin Amoi,who smokes bang ,too lazy yo work,sells household items to buy bang.I trust Jesus for his salvation.Amen

jane karingo   4/19/20 03:04:53

Prayer Request - Encouragement

There is something that needs to be fixed & ONLY GOD can do it. Please say a prayer for me. God knows what I am asking

susie   4/17/20 17:12:31

Prayer Request - Healing


JOSEPH   4/17/20 14:31:09

Prayer Request - Relationships

There is lot of misunderstanding and other problems in our married wife name is raja Kumari. Eventhough I tried to be with .pray God to establish peace in our relationship.

Ranu   4/16/20 10:03:16

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please pray that my boyfriend will talk to me, and I get back together, are on great terms, he is on great terms with our entire families especially my parents and we get married asap to each other IJN. Thank you and God bless

Anonymous   4/14/20 18:37:18

Prayer Request - Healing

please pray for my brother Tom.He is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Larry   4/14/20 09:04:30

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