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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray with me for immediate healing miracle for my mom and all those who need healing. Almighty God, we believe You are the most powerful, You are the healer and there is nothing difficult for You. In Your Name, we pray that You are healing my mom Sacide and filling her body, heart and mind with Your good health in each and every cell. You are blessing her with a healthy, happy long life. Amen

Yesim    8/30/19 12:23:58

Prayer Request - Faith

Oh God & #127799,!!I want to give my mother and father's better relex, home everything of God so please pray for me .I am requesting all of you plz help me

Tota Ram Bheel   8/30/19 02:36:34

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at ChritiaNet!Please say a prayer for me this long holiday weekend in NYC!I am asking now because the library is closed Sat Sun and Monday!There is a huge West Indian day parade Monday that has a history of violence and it starts all weekend so I really have to be alert!GOD richly bless you brother Danny

Daniel Cahill   8/29/19 12:20:38

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray Ewalt,s healing from fall & concussion & legs to work.Lord give Pam & family strength & comfort & help Art to get more work so he can get out of debt.healing of Anne,s heart-valves to work & her salvation

Mel   8/29/19 08:43:51

Prayer Request - Faith

I m graduate guy with teaching export port companies sports coaching driving instructor 9 years as social worker but facing bad luck I m 37 years old and single selfsupport guy I want to do good job even 9 years I m expert in male masaj it's a prayer request lord father help me I m very tense and disturb even don't have financial resources to work overseas.Plz readers remember me in daily prayers Lord father bless you

Farrukh tony   8/29/19 04:18:27

Prayer Request - Faith

pray for restoration of good health. Im 55yrs

veronic   8/29/19 01:09:54

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my scalp is healed completely from its oozing infection asap, that I receive a much much MUCH better teacher evaluation, my students follow directions waay better, and that my boyfriend K and I stay together, he stays faithful and we get married very very soon IJN

Courtney   8/29/19 00:01:07

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray for me that my N.J. workers compensation Lawsuit settlement is approved and that i will soon get my money in jesus christ name amen.

Kenneth Lane   8/27/19 13:01:55

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for safe delivery of my niece's twins. There are complications already.

J.T.   8/26/19 16:30:00

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my family and I.We need His grace.Thank you.God bless.

Emmanuel    8/26/19 04:46:18

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, all praises and thanks to your loving heart. I still hold on to your promises. I know you will never leave me nor forsake me specially now that we are at our end. Your graces will pour thru in some ways. I thank and i pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous   8/26/19 04:44:43

Prayer Request - Faith

Please help me pray that I may pass my NCLEX-RN exam on August 24th, 2.00pm, Philippine time. Thank you and God bless all the prayer warriors in here.

Anonymous   8/23/19 08:52:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls. pray for my the health, peace, happiness and strength of my family. let us be guided and protected in everything we do. pls. pray also for my nephew christian to be strong enough in every trials that he encountered. Thank u and Godbless.

andrea   8/21/19 03:17:37

Prayer Request - Faith

1. Kindly pray with me that God's provision for my house will come this month of august. Waiting for it so great, pls. hear and favor Oh Lord!2. If the Lord after none stop ministry for Him if I can have a Sabatical leave after 40 yrs of working hard, provisions for this too and good health as ever. Praise and thanks be to our ever loving and kind Father in heaven. Thanks you too brethren in Jesus our Lord and Savior.

lan   8/19/19 06:11:23

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray comfort for Rose & Ryan & Pat & mom in the sudden death of Rose,s brother.also protection,comfort over Pam & Ewalt,s families,after 2 unexpected deaths!

Mel   8/18/19 23:52:19

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