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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Encouragement

Please pray my neighbor sells his house and moves. Pray Im blessed with new real Christian neighbors.

Chris   3/23/21 07:51:44

Prayer Request - Healing

I pray that I keep my freedom and peace always. I pray that I am removed from this bad situation I am in. Amen

Talia   3/23/21 02:19:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Hi, please pray for me that God may give me marriage, I have been laughed at for long for not getting married.2. Financial breakthroughThanks

Joyce   3/22/21 09:20:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my grandchild to return to Christ. She has dropped out of school just before she would have graduated. Running with a rough bunch.

J.T.   3/21/21 08:45:43

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray for my marriage. I need a miracle. My husband and I are separated. We are doing individual counseling right now. Please pray that he will do Marriage counseling and God will work a miracle out in our marriage. That the counselor will be able to help both of us and our marriage will be better than it has ever been. That our marriage will NOT end in divorce.

christy    3/19/21 20:36:32

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for my mum for her full recovery tomorrow. She's really sick at the hospital.Thank you and God Bless

Clarence Ian   3/18/21 07:59:37

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends,Please, pray for me as I am appearing in the Motorcycle license trail tomorrow. Please, pray for God's grace over me. Thank you!

Anonymous   3/17/21 11:21:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Please , please pray for me, that God will keep me safe during these SEVERE STORMS moving through the area I live in today & tonight! I am elderly, disabled and alone

Susie   3/17/21 04:42:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me to get a job, to become successfully employed.

sherry   3/16/21 13:53:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Need prayer for safety and protection from the Severe storms that are going to be coming through my area Wednesday & Wednesday night, I am elderly and disabled please pray God will protect my home & myself

Susie   3/16/21 04:40:36

Prayer Request - Faith

We r ok. Thank you

Urani Borloz   3/15/21 10:23:58

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for friend, Susie, awaiting liver transplant. She is not doing well at this time.

J.T.   3/15/21 06:22:21

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray Kingfisher Boomarang Diner becomes the most successful diner in the company. Pray Boomarang Diner addresses mental health in the restaurant industry. Pray I am the best leader in the company and make a large impact in the company, positively. Pray Stephen and Corey become good friends of mine. Pray Evan apologizes to me and him and I become friends again and workout our problems. Please pray God allows me to clean up the mustang location and raise sales.

Jessica Sue Jones   3/14/21 23:30:33

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear you know every bit of our body. Please heal kenneth from this corona virus. He needs you at this very moment. Protect his family from this virus. Make them strong. Protect my family too. We ask this by the holy blood of Jesus. Amen.

Anonymous   3/14/21 23:03:46

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me for financial breakthrough. I bought my small plot of land and I need God to provide me financial help to build home there because we I stay in jobs one roomed house with my 2 children. Also pray for me for salary incrementThank you and be blessed

Shivan   3/14/21 08:33:04

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