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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

god's help in our children's ministry/Organisation to take off

LYDIA   9/28/21 02:21:07

Prayer Request - Employment

Dear God,I pray that I find a full time job. Amen.

Sylvia   9/27/21 16:32:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Kindly, pray for me and my family members to have peace while we are padding through a hard time due to covid and as we live among a hostile environment. I personally thank everyone .May God bless you all.

Asif Akbar   9/27/21 03:18:59

Prayer Request - Faith

Father God, this addiction has caused a painful rift in our family and I pray You would fix it. Let Your Holy Spirit grant a new repentance that Spencer may turn from sin and seek righteousness. Let me be discerning as how to handle this using wisdom and exercising grace. It would be a great blessing to see You restore the relationships damaged by this addiction. In Jesus Name AmenThank You and God Bless

Letty   9/25/21 03:23:32

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for God to intercede urgently on my relationship. For my spouse to be freed from strongholds of addictions. To beseech all outside influences that hinder him from coming clean and anyone who enables, perpetuates his addictions to be uprooted at once. I plead for a divine intervention to eradicate meddlers, busy bodies and anyone who is interfering with God's plans for him. I ask for a protection for him and our family. In Jesus name Amen. Thank You God Bless

Keziah    9/23/21 22:16:15

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my failing eyesight, my vision is very bad now.I had surgery for another problem that did not go well. I have good reasons not to trust doctors.

Norma Jo   9/22/21 09:04:22

Prayer Request - Faith


Anonymous   9/21/21 15:38:40

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear i thank you for hearing our prayers, help thea to survive. Right now she is in struggle at icu. Please Lord take care of her. Pleading for survival in Jeasus name, amen.

Anonymous   9/21/21 07:23:00

Prayer Request - Financial

Please pray for me and my family financial blessings so that we can pay our house rent, we are about to be sent to the street our landlord. he gave us ending of September. but the way things are, i don't know..... please help us in your prayers

Anonymous   9/20/21 08:50:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me and family to be healed by his stripes in Jesus Almighty name.Amen

Anonymous   9/17/21 04:30:01

Prayer Request - Faith

As we give thanks pray with me for open doors in ministry and salvation of family members plus a Godly spouse

Lucy   9/13/21 08:53:13

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for Peter, Sheila and Scott full salvation ASAP and for Sheilas family. Thank you so much!!

Sheila   9/13/21 07:35:35

Prayer Request - Healing

Prayers for my Bible study group. For my prayer partner for healing.

Wilma Fiddmont   9/13/21 06:49:54

Prayer Request - Healing

please pray for healing for my daughter and wisdom for our move.

Anonymous   9/11/21 10:22:08

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends,Please, remember me in your kind prayers as I get my IELTS result tomorrow. Please, pray that God grants me high band score in my result. Also, please pray that my hair transplant surgery scheduled tomorrow is successful and that there is no complications and infections. Thank you!

Anonymous   9/9/21 10:08:42

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