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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Encouragement

I need a destiny helper like Samuel was to David or the prophets and teachers were to Paul in(Acts 13:1-5)

yinkare   11/6/18 12:47:55

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Caleb to get over depression & loss of girlfriend & be open to counseling,etc.Myra,s infections to clear up,Rita,s infections to clear up,Art to get more work$$ & breakthrough for me,Mike,Jack & O.F

Mel   11/6/18 01:52:33

Prayer Request - Faith

I need a special prayer because I am a diabetic gentleman I am looking for cure. Please really need your help prayer

Yves Jean-Jacques   11/5/18 15:44:28

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Terri who has spinal meningitis, and for Sharon who injured her shoulder today and needs surgery.

Anonymous   11/5/18 12:57:31

Prayer Request - Faith

Am a single woman please pray for me that i may get a husband

Charmaine dixon   11/5/18 05:28:25

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my niece and her husband to not break up. They have two beautiful little children.

J.T.   11/3/18 19:19:40

Prayer Request - Employment

Prayer support against all issues relating to work. Excellence. Improved business fortunes. Successful project implementations. Quality Critical thinking on all fronts. Improved prayer life.

Anonymous   11/3/18 02:06:56

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for my mother she is unwell for 8weeks and she is going for an operation on 7/12/2018. The problem she has something big which come out on her head and it has affect the eye one eye has stop seeing.she is Mrs ireen kinda ngulube

Esneya   11/2/18 10:00:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for healing of my body God Bless

Anonymous   11/2/18 06:35:34

Prayer Request - Faith

I am in the ministry for the past 48 years. Now, I have Arthritis problems, and it makes little difficulty while travelling.Please remember inyour prayers, that I may do His works, till my last breadth.

S.Gnanasekaran   11/1/18 07:36:42

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my family and I.We need His grace.

Emmanuel Gill   11/1/18 07:28:49

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray that my roommate would pay me their fair share of the rent, clean up wherever they mess up, God compels my crush to ask me to be his girlfriend and that my scalp is healed completely

Anonymous   10/31/18 23:42:02

Prayer Request - Healing

I am suffering from injuries due to being hit by a car a little more than 2 years ago and still having to go to court because of this and police are giving me wrong information. Due to the stress my epilepsy has increased. Prayer will be thankful

Tim Campsall   10/31/18 14:17:44

Prayer Request - Healing

Kindly pray for my son, who is with Bone fracture (Air crack) and under treatment and rest. kindly pray for his healing that our Lord Jesus to touch him, and use him more in the days to come.

Suresh kumar   10/31/18 08:56:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, guide me and give me wisdom on how to start on acquiring property for my children. May they use their hard work income properly. I ask sincerely in jesus name, amen.

Anonymous   10/30/18 19:44:50

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