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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Prayer request for my young niece she got colon cancer and she needs prayers in Jesus Christ name

Randa   11/2/22 00:28:27

Prayer Request - Marriage

Settlement in my relationship with Dan

Grace   11/1/22 15:05:50

Prayer Request - Faith

Need URGENT prayer for my heath, please? God knows what my health problem is

Susie   11/1/22 04:51:11

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray against every spirit of death hunting me

Ifeoma    11/1/22 02:39:16

Prayer Request - Salvation

Today is Halloween i pray for the christians and non christians who celebrate.

Christina   10/31/22 00:53:00

Prayer Request - Faith

I need urgent prayer for swelling of my right sinuses, it's making it difficult to even breath. Please pray God will touch me and remove this swelling & heal me

Susie   10/27/22 15:19:56

Prayer Request - Bondage


Christina   10/26/22 15:54:25

Prayer Request - Bondage


Christina   10/24/22 06:58:30

Prayer Request - Bondage

i'm praying for Heather. she needs alot of prayer.

Christina   10/21/22 04:05:34

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for the healing, deliveranceand protection against evil spirits and witchcraft of my daughter LaurenPlease pray for Michael so that like the Prodigal Son he returns to the Faith and becomes the Divine Partner worthy of his Father and me. May his iniquities be forgiven and his sin accounts imputed. May he be shielded from spell work and evil spirits.Please pray for my mother and that my niece Samantha is healed of rheumatoid arthritis and finds a Godly husband.

debra jenkins   10/20/22 21:11:13

Prayer Request - Salvation

Praying for some lost souls.

Christina   10/18/22 17:29:38

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends,I am applying tomorrow for the Spouse Visa for the UK. Please, kindly pray that God grants me the visa without any problems at the earliest. Please, pray that God's grace help my documents pass through all the visa related process without any hurdles and please pray that all of the people involved in this process are touched by God and that everything work well in my favor. Thank you!

Anonymous   10/18/22 02:04:41

Prayer Request - Faith

Am fed up with everything, I just need God interventionIt looks as if nothing is working outAm all alone

Anonymous   10/17/22 05:10:41

Prayer Request - Faith

i'm ok just careful have been happly divorced 52 years two sons my wife told me to take and leave I am 78 years old and plan to stay that way

HaroldKenneth Miller   10/15/22 06:40:39

Prayer Request - Faith

May God's favor be with my family because we are looking for educational scholarships for my children

Anonymous   10/14/22 07:16:59

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