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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Pray that this F bomb sign be taken down this weekend in Jesus Name.

Art Wilmoth   7/5/19 13:55:43

Prayer Request - Marriage

Prayer requests:1) my 34 y.o daughter can marry a Christian man. 2) my 33 y.o friend can know the whereabouts of her boyfriend. That would be contacting her anytime this week. Thanks

estrellitacabasagacusan   7/5/19 09:42:07

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son to get his vocher back so he can get another apartment back. soon.he got sick and went in the hospital and lost his vocher and apartment.God Bless.

Anonymous   7/5/19 06:36:50

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for our family,enemies not to triumph against us, brother in jail!!got into trouble with police etc,!favor with lawyer,esp.when he does conference call with us tonight,things to go well & good outcome & that we dont all need to go to court to speak on his behalf,peace over us & hArassment again st my youngest sister(from her ex)to stop!

Mel   7/4/19 10:19:39

Prayer Request - Faith

Preyer daughter passes July 5th exam in Bangalore & gets the job in Bangalore where she is already selectedPlease Preyer all is well.

Pavan   7/3/19 10:06:20

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my son-in-law to get saved, get another job, and give up his alcohol addiction, and eventually be healed of diabetes.

Anonymous   7/3/19 08:14:03

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray Kevin,s legs healinfections to clear up!(that he goes to a doctor).Me-my jaws & glands to heal.all infections to clear up!!brother Fred to have favor,lawyer & judge to realize he needs mental help!!Lord intervene in his trouble! & peace & favor for rest of over Magda,no more harassment!!

Mel   7/2/19 23:52:16

Prayer Request - Healing

Hi pastor and all my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Christia net!Happy Fourth of JULY!Psalm 150!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/2/19 please say a prayer fro me I am homeless at 72 and it could be a little dangerous at night

Daniel Cahill   7/2/19 12:53:23

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray that God Restores my sight and heals me from this glaucoma. I also pray that HE WILL HELP ME HAVE A FINANCIAL BREAK THROUGH. AM STRUGGLING TOO MUCH.AMEN.

Anonymous   7/2/19 08:44:49

Prayer Request - Faith

1)For a suitable buyer for next door property and ours (The neighboring property has an L shape.In order to rectify that the buyer of that property has to buy ours)2)For my stepfather and mother to give me my share when the property is sold. (He has abused me physically in the past (I am 60 years of age).He still abuses me verbally and keeps the title deed of my property against my wishes though it was bought with my money.He is demonized)

John Josef   7/2/19 04:57:18

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for the sale of our house.It has been going on 2 years now.But mostly pray god will give us patience and faith in His perfect timing

Larry   7/1/19 06:15:25

Prayer Request - Healing

For speedy and complete healing - diabetes, schizophrenia, acquired brain injury, particularly damaged memory. For the fulfillment, in my life, of God's word - "...eighty for those who are strong..." - that I may be a strong one.

Gerard McGoldrick   6/29/19 22:24:27

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my scalp and arm are healed asap and that my relationship with my ex boyfriend L is restored and we get married IJN

Anonymous   6/29/19 00:25:10

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray for my neighbor Heathers marriage they are really struggling they both have addiction problems and have to kids 9 and 2 They need the Lord to do something! Please pray for healing and restoration in their marriage and deliverance from their addiction! & #128591, & #10084, & #65039, & #128591, & #10084, & #65039, & #128591, & #10084, & #65039, & #128591,

Selena Hernandez   6/28/19 22:38:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, thank you for giving me a chance to know you. I hold on to your promises. Never to leave us nor foresake us, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Anonymous   6/28/19 14:43:42

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