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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please, pray for Ethiopia. It is a Christian country. Currently, it has faced political crisis and on a crisis. Please, pray for a solution.

Paul    3/6/18 04:43:59

Prayer Request - Encouragement

Please pray that I will keep close to The Lord and hear his voice. I am desperate for more of The Holy Spirit. I am a Christian of 22 years with hi's and lo's. I just want to be faithful and love The Lord with all my heart and soul.

Tracy    3/5/18 05:47:23

Prayer Request - Financial

Prayer request for marriage, graduation, finances and promotion. I also pray for grace for speed in every thing that I do.

Anonymous   3/4/18 19:48:49

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing for my 67yr old mother Ellen Jonga.Please pray that god touch my mother from head to toe every pain every infection every disease in my mother's body remove it remove it in Jesu's name Father God I ask for healing and strength for my mother,Lord open the airways of my mother's lungs to make breathing easy,God please heal my mother,keep your protective hand over my mother in Jesus holy name A men

Grace Makombe   3/4/18 16:51:17

Prayer Request - Bondage

I m a victim of abuse n need healing n arrest of the culprits and compensation.i need freedom from stalking

Anonymous   3/2/18 10:23:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for financial life is rough

Voilet   3/2/18 02:54:25

Prayer Request - Bondage

Please pray that my neighbors stop making noise when I am trying to sleep thanks and God bless.

Anonymous   3/1/18 21:18:27

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for joy peace and happiness for me and all my children s life.God Bless

Anonymous   3/1/18 08:17:03

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray swelled in glands to heal- to go & she along of taume & face etc for Oscar & salvation & strength & comfort for Steph in death of his father & for his mom too

Mel   2/28/18 16:43:06

Prayer Request - Encouragement

my category suppose to mean save somebody and make them happy but it's unknown!i sometimes want to save everybody when i can't save myself! I pray life is no suffering or back stabbing because nobody likes to hurt! If surgery ever happens i hope it's a life saver who doesn't give long suffering and there's no complications!in other words practice what you preach!

miss upchurch   2/28/18 15:22:55

Prayer Request - Faith

1.Pls.pray that my financial blessing will arrive soon from my province.2.Pls.pray for the studies of my daughter she will graduate Lord willing on the third week of April.Thank much

Flor Lebrado   2/28/18 03:40:32

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that God leads my future husband to me.

Anonymous   2/27/18 19:58:33

Prayer Request - Faith

father grant me favour in you house and in my service to you 2 ho lord my father I want a son and a duegther ,that will stay with me at my old age

orosun    2/27/18 09:53:37

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray to sleep

Anonymous   2/27/18 04:12:19

Prayer Request - Salvation

thanks to the ones who take care of me and i hope live a wonderful life.

juniper   2/26/18 16:51:00

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