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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my health. I have problem with my breathing system. Also pray for my extended families who I'm living with right now. They all need to come to know Lord. Lastly, for my husband to surrender to God and come back to us. Thanks.....

Lucy    7/19/20 05:42:21

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my ex boyfriend KSI and I become a couple again and get married asap.

Anonymous   7/19/20 03:47:33

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for Sister Cindy. Trouble finding work and now car has major problems.

JT   7/17/20 19:17:19

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Christian brothers and sisters,I request very humbly to pray for me and the members of my family who are facing a depression related to our sense on insecurity while living alone among non Christians. Request to pray for them too who think of wrong about ChristiansI hope strongly that God is our ultimate support and shelter.Thanks from the bottom of heart.

Asif   7/14/20 06:34:08

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray Christians for people around the world who are under deception from the enemy.Pray blinders would be removed from people's eyes.They will come to Christ. Also pray for me. I'm very sad lately from depression and other sad things that have happened. Please pray for everyone who battles depression and that chains of sin and darkness would be broken and for revival.

Anonymous   7/13/20 21:35:37

Prayer Request - Healing

Appreciate prayers as I just came home from the hospital after 34 days due to covid, at least 20 of them asymptomatic. Need prayers as I am now for a week's home quarantine. Please pray for complete healing and restoration of health for me please

Dev Sarkar   7/13/20 09:45:47

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my dad, stepmother and I get along way better , she stops thinking negative things about me, we have a great relationship and she is understanding of my personality. Please also pray for healing. I just got out of the hospital, have been experiencing sharp pains in my stomach and back, and feel extremely weak.

Anonymous   7/9/20 17:41:26

Prayer Request - Healing

I am being tortured to death. I was chipped during a surgery and directed energy weapons and radiation are being used to kill me. They falsified my criminal record and stole my identity to justify murder. All law enforcement is corrupt.

Todd   7/7/20 12:59:44

Prayer Request - Faith

I have sciatica real bad in right leg

Frank   7/7/20 07:06:54

Prayer Request - Faith

I pray that we remember that we deserve genuine love and respect from the people that we choose to keep in our lives and to let go of Anyone who does not give us that kind of love and respect.Anonymous

Anonymous   7/7/20 06:15:50

Prayer Request - Faith

Prayer for something that is needed to be done for me & ONLY GOD can make this need happen

Susie   7/7/20 03:29:04

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my ex boyfriend KSI and I s relationship is restored and we are reconciled and we get married as soon as possible IJN

Anonymous   7/6/20 21:07:08

Prayer Request - Relationships

There is a lady I met last yr who touched my heart,i be tried reaching out to her with cards and gifts, but no reply. I miss her terribly & #128560, & #128560,please pray that she would reply back if it's possible!!

Christy J Robinson   7/6/20 07:58:34

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my scalp wound, finger wounds and toe wounds are healed completely asap, the coronavirus is destroyed, and for my ex boyfriend and I to be reconciled IJN

Anonymous   7/5/20 21:58:13

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my marriage, to find a job a be successfull in my studies, to save my family from hell, may I be compassionate. May I hve prophetic or healing gifts

Baptiste   7/3/20 10:39:18

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