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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Prayer request, i am sick with the flu and bad cough. Be going back home today - driving 400 miles.THANK YOU

Jasmine   10/16/17 05:54:21

Prayer Request - Financial

I have been going through a bad depression and I have one unspoking request!

Karen Scott   10/16/17 02:56:12

Prayer Request - Relationships

Hi Friends,Please pray for me that God grants me the right church for me to go and that he grants me the right wife for me in my life and a family. In Jesus name.Tony

Tony   10/15/17 23:32:33

Prayer Request - Faith

My wife and I are separated. My eight years old daughter is living with her right now. I want to get back with my wife and my daughter. Please pray for me that God will reconciliation our marriage and bring my wife and daughter back with me. We have court hearing date on October 31, 2017. Pray please the judge will go easy on us and please pray that the judge will not take away my daughter and please pray that God will have mercy on us and united the family back. Thanks, You all.

Kock David    10/15/17 23:04:24

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me that i hear from my son victor today that he is alright.God bless.

Anonymous   10/15/17 09:40:48

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that I am healed from my sinus and skin infections, stay healthy all school year, during all school year holidays, become a better lead teacher at my current job , have favor and respect from my para and my supervisor, and for my fiance and I to get married as soon as possible including him to be blessed financially IJN, thanks and God bless!

Anonymous   10/15/17 00:11:19

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that God blesses me with a kind, loving, Christian husband and for me to keep my current job as a teacher IJN Thanks and God bless.

Anonymous   10/14/17 01:30:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for norm,s foot- pain to go!- he can,t walk on it.helaing of John,s leg too- so they won,t need to amputate

Mel   10/14/17 01:11:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray for W.M. who has liver disease, facing surgery Monday.

J.T.   10/13/17 10:54:59

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for total and complete healing of mental attacks for my son victor.God bless.

Anonymous   10/12/17 07:09:32

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my Dads surgery goes well, he wont be in a lot of pain and for my supervisor and coworkers dont lose respect for me IJN thanks and God bless.

Anonymous   10/11/17 23:50:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Debbie has Cancer and needs a healing miracle. Her last scan showed a hole which might be healed with antibiotics or she could have more surgery. She has chosen not to have another operation.Thank you

nancy   10/11/17 21:58:56

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please kindly pray for the safety and travel mercies as I am travelling today. Thank you!!

Anonymous   10/11/17 18:58:07

Prayer Request - Relationships

Please help me pray for 2 people who need help in their relationship. There is someone who has come between them and I am praying that God will remove this person from the situation and bring these 2 people back to each other and give them the feelings back for each other so that they can give their relationship a chance to grow and they can be together

Anonymous   10/11/17 14:58:52

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son victors healing of mental attacks and that he come to know the Lord. God bless.

Anonymous   10/11/17 08:16:04

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