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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please kindly pray for the success in the exams. Thank You!!

Anonymous   5/14/18 23:15:55

Prayer Request - Faith

I was diagnosed with tumor. please pray that The Lord will make me whole. Pray that I will not die.

adenola   5/14/18 14:31:03

Prayer Request - Encouragement

For Dolly (94 yr. widow) who is lonely, and in need of healing. Also, that more people will call/visit her. Thank you!

Anonymous   5/14/18 07:39:55

Prayer Request - Faith

pls pray for my ldr with jim to be restore, revive soon and jim to reach out to me soon.Also pray that i will get the greencard 2019 to able to move and work in usa

ee hui   5/13/18 14:59:17

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for comfort and strength for Helen,s familyfuneral Saturday.healing of infectious & abscess,inflammation.norman to make wise decisions & his dad as well & their,healing & salvation for my brother Fred

Mel    5/12/18 02:24:22

Prayer Request - Faith

prayers requested that basil is terminated from job as he and his relatives are triggering to make me sick and using people in residences even in sleeping hours raising pressure of body. pls pray the evil churches dubai city church, maranatha church and heavenly feast church is closed and provokers are punished relieving the believers as they using nurses and similiar people to raise pressure of body and fall sick. praise the lord.

neo   5/11/18 16:42:42

Prayer Request - Salvation

im alive people and i believe some deaths have brought me to the united states of america!I thought i was in heaven and it has become hell! i believe im dealing with killers and there impression! Over time with followings different people mysteriously died or have been kept at a secret chamber! I pray the angels win fighting with demons!Whoever got treated unfairly!

shelley renee upchurch   5/11/18 15:44:05

Prayer Request - Employment

Father dear,guide me and help me pursue this online job that i am doing. Protect me and guide me in all ways. I want to be fruitful and may i help othets too. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Anonymous   5/11/18 11:36:24

Prayer Request - Faith

Hi my brothers and sisters in the Lord.Please pray that my daughter could find a job which is near to our Aptwe stay.She just graduated of Computer Science Course.Thanks

Flor   5/9/18 10:51:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my husband's sister, has possible aneurysm in her eye. Pray she will do better with her college classes.

JT   5/8/18 09:05:36

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray with me for my sons healing of mental and that my daughter and her husband get alone better, God bless.

Anonymous   5/8/18 07:01:00

Prayer Request - Healing

I have an undiagnosed problem in my muscles from the abdomen upward to my head for some years now. Some days the pain lasts all day. There is pain and burning.Please pray healing for me. Its really hard.

Maryann   5/7/18 15:52:54

Prayer Request - Healing

I suffer from chemical imbalance which causes depression. I have dental problems. I can't afford treatment. I need them healed. I have Dermacidal Psoriasis. I need healed. I'm retired and have carpal tunnel and Arthritis. That needs healed. I want a Christian woman to marry. And transportation to take my motor cycle classes. Pray for Vince, Mark and Melba.

Anonymous   5/7/18 13:06:28

Prayer Request - Faith

Please, pray for my wife and I that we can find that ideal home where we can start our ministry of Love. Thanks

KingAmen Aquil   5/7/18 09:07:59

Prayer Request - Faith

My hip pain and sciatica is killing me and can't get into pain mgmt. for a month. Please take the pain away. Thank you. God Bless.

Gloria   5/7/18 07:10:59

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