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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

An unspoken prayer request for something that is BADLY NEEDED, please? God knows what it is

Susie   12/26/20 12:22:18

Prayer Request - Faith

1.That my daughter Mabel will be married in 20212.That the forces of Islam will be defeated in Nigeria3.Let my hearing Gods voice become part of my life.4.Let millions be converted through my books and tracts.5.Let ever sickness in my body be healed.

Anonymous   12/26/20 10:26:18

Prayer Request - Faith

Please, Please pray for protection & safety from this very STRONG STORM system that is moving into our area over night Wednesday into Thursday morning. I am elderly & disabled and really need God's Protection, please?

Susie   12/23/20 11:53:39

Prayer Request - Healing

Dear Friends,Please, pray for a uncle who is seriously ill with multiple complications. Please, pray God heals him and adds more years to his life. Thank you!

Anonymous   12/22/20 23:30:31

Prayer Request - Faith

In need of Urgent Prayer for God to protect my home late Wednesday night through Thursday morning, please? God knows what is needed

Susie   12/22/20 21:47:47

Prayer Request - Faith

to shame, help me , a new good job, with good team , lord high pay job, help me i want to keep helping my mother more,and study, lord unblock my life, lord help me, put bad boss , johan to shame, lord shame him, help me, & louw, to unity, lord bring us back together, unity us , be with us,remove all evil witchcraft, darkness, blocking us to settle, lord help us in jesus name amen!

INGA nakal   12/17/20 10:56:36

Praise Report - Faith

TKY we r ok by God's grace. Hope the same with u all. Have a blessed week

Urani Borloz   12/14/20 02:46:49

Prayer Request - Faith

Please, please pray for safety & protection for me and my home tomorrow night, God knows the reason why I ask. Prayer is urgently needed for this

Susie   12/12/20 23:51:30

Prayer Request - Healing

Hi all my wonderful brothers and sisters ar ChristiaNet!I just had to write and say thank you i am reminded of the story in the bible about the ten lepers only one came back to say thanks so i have leprosy no but there are different kinds when you are homeless people treat you like you are unclean homeless at 74 still so tired but hey the LORD could come back any day!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 12/8/20

Daniel Cahill   12/12/20 13:22:52

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my son Paul to come out of surgery and be totally and completely. healed of drugs drinking and smoking in the name of Jesus God bless.

Anonymous   12/12/20 06:53:16

Prayer Request - Faith

please pray with me for my son victor to get his apartment from housing soon and without any trouble or delay. God bless.

Anonymous   12/10/20 06:56:01

Prayer Request - Faith


Anonymous   12/9/20 14:32:49

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls pray for all the demonic and witchcraft forces that cause severe financial oppression and block me from meeting and marrying my god ordained divine husband, to be destroyed and cleared. Thank you.

UAAL   12/9/20 07:37:35

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray with me for my son and grandaughter to stop drugs drinking and smoking . God bless

Anonymous   12/9/20 06:55:44

Prayer Request - Faith

Father dear, protect my family, heal our broken heart, guide us to what we must do. By the blood of Jesus i ask for freedom of charm to her relationship. Release them from emotional blackmail. Father i feel your presence within me. Thank you Father.Amen.

Anonymous   12/9/20 03:27:27

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