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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Leadership when other dont walk with you, and jesus will you still lead when negative words are spoken will you still stand in your office. A leader moves forward alone. Leadership is standing with God as an Eagle. Its the heart God sees. If a choice were to be made that is better for all people a ture leader will stand even if all alone. Iam praying for our leader to step up even without no one except God.

Shelia Rossell   10/8/20 18:24:52

Prayer Request - Healing

Pray for the removal of all curses and transformation of Joseph Haokip

Dr.Ngamkholal Haokip   10/7/20 21:12:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Lord few days ago spoke shift one is lord is shifting things. Now we have the world in a shift of things. Lord has us at a stand still while he doing a lot of stuff. The Lord is with us. Lets see what he up to, and what he will allow.

Shelia Rossell   10/6/20 16:05:01

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my wounds heal completely, that I am not getting sick and for my ex boyfriend KSI and I to get back together again we get married in Jesus Name

Anonymous   10/6/20 05:35:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Lord spoke stand still everything is at a stand still in our Lives right now in the world. Next in fellowship the lord said powerful help is on the way. Now time before this a word was a shift there a shift taking place. People dont like this If my people who are called by my name will humble thereself trun from there wicked ways, and pray I will heal there land. Word of the Lord. Oct 2020

Shelia Rossell   10/5/20 20:05:17

Prayer Request - Marriage

Lord please heal my marriage, please forgive my sins, please open my wife, Jacquis heart for us to be united again and to love one another, please help us Lord God to bring glory to you with our marriage. I ask your protection and blessing Lord, Please, Please heal our marriage lord and bring her back to me. My heart is broken Lord. I ask for this in Jesus name, Amen.

John   10/5/20 19:46:09

Prayer Request - Marriage

My wife & best friend of 10yrs is leaving me. She doesn't want to work on our marriage, is unhappy and feels unloved. I am not perfect but willing to work on our marriage. Her reasons for leaving change, & are unfounded . We are believers but haven't put God first in our marriage/ life. I want her pain and hurting to stop. I want her to fight for our marriage. I want Christa to remember the good times and not just the bad. I want to be a better husband. I want restoration, because I love her.

Mark and Christa   10/5/20 13:15:06

Prayer Request - Faith

I request very humbly, all my brothers and sisters on christ to pray for me and my family members to get real guidance and help from God to solve some of our complications.And thanks in advance.May God help all those who are facing similar situation.Amen

Anonymous   10/5/20 02:33:35

Prayer Request - Faith

God to change your heart-anonymous except jesus as personel savior both-then get married no sin. Jermiah 29:11 Anonymous-applying for job lord dont let them eat, sleep, or drink till they call me. Pindemic Psalm 91: 10-11 read it no evil no plague- angles charge over you pray it daily.

Shelia Rossell   10/4/20 11:09:47

Prayer Request - Faith

praying for seniors in okla city some received their food stamps others havent when call office they say oh it probably is going back to normal yet didnt receive last months food stamps. On normal day should show up didnt said compeutor problem 2 weeks later oh its going back to normal ammount yet other senior some received food stamps something lord is wrong with this picture. Trusting God a women said if he wants me to have them he will fix this problem.

Shelia Rossell   10/3/20 18:33:17

Prayer Request - Faith

I'm requesting prayers for salvation for my boyfriend Gideon and i. I want God to change our hearts and renew our minds. To be our foundation. That we will be rooted in him, be baptized with the holy spirit and get married.

Anonymous   10/3/20 14:48:12

Prayer Request - Faith

praying fervently for guidance in seeking & finding work opportunity, jobs, gainful employment immediately, stable sources of livelihood and income & protection for myself and family against this pandemic thank you

Anonymous   10/1/20 22:00:01

Prayer Request - Faith

Blessings. All issues in life jesus has the answer. Walk everything out in your life these attacks only last a season. Jesus show me answer. Rest get up eat quite time live normal daily life. Keep your faith. Walk it out in the sprit this is an attack to hit my flesh me and jesus or to grow in Jesus. To learn, destroy a blessing in life, another level, move you forward, test of faith, and its all for ministry.

Shelia Rossell   10/1/20 09:11:33

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my scalp and toes are healed and for my ex boyfriend KSI and I to get back together asap in Jesus name.

Anonymous   9/30/20 01:14:51

Prayer Request - Faith

Thanks for sending me the messages but by God's grace all is well. I've been login in every week

Betty   9/28/20 16:10:19

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