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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Financial

I want God to Bless Me with open doors and destiny helper

Joy Arthur   5/25/22 06:03:32

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray that my boyfriend KSI and I dont break up, we get married and we have a family IJN thanks and God bless

Courtney   5/22/22 22:21:06

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray for my moms' left hand. It's swelled and she can't use it. Pray for my right hand. It goes numb often and tingles.

Chris Wertz   5/21/22 17:21:38

Prayer Request - Marriage

It is years I have been on ChristiaNet for dating but I have had no serious person interested.Pray that the Lord will overwhelm me with the right serious person this year

Esther   5/20/22 05:08:50

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for my sons. One is working so hard to improve his gpa and score well on his ap and standardized tests. The other one is trying to do well in school and socially. Please ask God to grant them good mental and physical health. I also ask you to pray for me. I'm having some health issues and I am in desperate need of a job. Please ask God to give me the strength and intellect to get a decent job. Thank you.

Miriam   5/14/22 07:56:24

Praise Report - Faith

Father dear,i praise you Lord you never forsake me.Thank you for i feel better. Father guide me and help us to find a house for Charm, give me wisdom Lord, i ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

Anonymous   5/13/22 21:11:39

Prayer Request - Employment

Requesting for prayers of special intentions for good luck and continued success on my new job. Lastly for prayers for guidance on my plans to successfully pursue my MBA. May God to have mercy on and grant me the means, connections and generous sponsor/patron to help financially shoulder my International MBA School THANK YOU SO MUCH again & God BLESS You !!-Jays de Vega

Jays de Vega   5/13/22 08:51:08

Prayer Request - Faith

Diane has an appt with oncologist Thur 3:15 pm Pacific. For a good report including the results of a bone scan. God has already done a big miracle and shrunk one of the tumors down to the size of an almond nut. We are believing for Him to shrink the rest and that surgery will not even need to be considered. angels watching over her and for safe travel

Ruth   5/11/22 06:21:33

Prayer Request - Faith

Pls pray for me iam in debts,my business is down,i cant pay my bills.Tnankx

Jane karingo   5/10/22 04:17:37

Prayer Request - Healing

Pray for me to find healing by forgiving people who have hurt me so that I can let go and move on with peace of mind

Anonymous   5/9/22 04:54:07

Prayer Request - Faith

My Dad has Alzheimers, my mom had a stroke a decade ago & has not recovered and I was maimed with 6 separate disabilities. Prayer for healing for my parents and myself.

Anonymous   5/7/22 01:20:49

Prayer Request - Faith

Pray to every House of Worship that Christ will bless their endowments such as dancing, working, or so for Kingdom. Safeguard their life that they may get by the agony and scarring from the World as Whole Beings. Bless their families and friends to march along with them to redo the errors of the past. Amen.

Anonymous   5/6/22 08:46:35

Prayer Request - Relationships

My, Greg, son is in a very unhealthy relationship with non-Christian woman. I am praying for the Lord to open the eyes of his heart The heart is blind when it comes to love. She is tearing my family apart and trying to pull my son away from my family and friends & isolate my son. Instead of trying to resolve conflict with love and respect, she spews venomous stuff that inflicts a lot of pain and heartbreak. I am, also, praying for Aleah that she finds the Lord.

Jeanmarie   5/3/22 12:50:14

Prayer Request - Faith

Prayer for ongoing health concerns, life decisions

Matt   4/24/22 10:04:00

Prayer Request - Relationships

please pray for me. I have a group of people that I thought were my friends, but lately they have become the "mean girls" and are being hurtful. These are adults, but I feel like I'm back in high school. I'm so sad and hurt. I have to spend time with them due to an organization we volunteer for but they're making it so unpleasant with their behavior, that I feel like quitting. It just isn't fair to this charity, though. Please pray for strength and guidance for me and for them to grow up.

Anonymous   4/24/22 02:23:41

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