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Virtual Prayer Requests

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Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please pray for the safety and travel mercies as my dear ones who are travelling today.Thank you!

Anonymous   3/12/19 20:25:54

Prayer Request - Faith

Holy sprit spoke watch for the Divine. There a warfare for souls to be saved. There is a ruler the 3rd one to be chosen over seas.' This will be bad for U.S. If you have a issue pray till you get your answer. God see where your at he shows you the answers.In Christ,Shelia

Shelia Rossell   3/12/19 14:25:27

Prayer Request - Faith

hi please pray for my husband karl he needs prayers for healing for prostate problem ,strength,protection .thank you mary snyder.

Mary Snyder   3/12/19 09:13:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Please God believer, i have been going through a deep trauma bcos of divorce. Pray that I may get recover soon and God will heal me completely.

Nepolean   3/11/19 02:14:31

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray that God will cure me of a gambling addiction. Thank you. God bless you.

Anonymous   3/9/19 23:49:17

Praise Report - Faith

Father dear, thank you for your unwavering love for me.I rest comforted and assured in your presence for I know that youll take care of me.I know that my blessings do not depend on my own toil and effort. They come by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.No longer will I depend on my own efforts.Instead, Ill rely on your strength and rest in your love.In Jesus Mighty Name,AMEN!

Anonymous   3/9/19 16:40:50

Prayer Request - Marriage

Please pray for my wife Heather and I that our marriage and love for one another will be restored and we not separate.

John   3/9/19 14:32:21

Prayer Request - Faith

will you send me one thousand dollars a month for life?please don't be selfish like a devil.

mark araujo   3/9/19 10:04:25

Prayer Request - Healing

Please pray that my scalp is healed completely and God blesses me with a godly, compassionate, caring, kind, loving and affectionate husband as soon as possible. My heart aches because no man wants me in that way

Anonymous   3/8/19 22:49:12

Prayer Request - Faith

Preyer for my daughter dream pay package job in Bangalore.She is in BE final semesterher marks is 9/10.Urgent job excellentPreyer for good marks in BE degreemore than 9/10Preyer for my flys health wealth prosperity safety joyFinanicial problem loan settlement happiness of our fly.Preyer for own house for us.Preyer for our fly a regular Income

Anonymous   3/8/19 08:42:57

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray that Michael keeps in fellowship with me & Church- come against depression & isolation,also for Caleb-pray Dr.give him right meds & counsel,Art & Tommy need a miracle-bad cancers,Mel- healing of all glands & immune systems

M el   3/7/19 06:46:30

Prayer Request - Salvation

Hello, my name is Grzegorz Gugnowski, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Poland. Please, pray for my repentance, so that Jesus may forgive me all my sins, show me the way and guide me and be with me forever,I just want to be saved,I feel sorry for all my sins I commited against God. Please, pray for my repentance, I need God's forgiveness and His guidance.

Grzegorz Gugnowski    3/7/19 04:15:10

Prayer Request - Faith

Preyer for my daughter dream pay package job in Bangalore.Preyer for good marks in BE degree.Miracle job.Preyer for our fly's finanicial health happiness wealth prosperity safety joyLoan settlement.Own house for us.Husband promotionHusband retiring in 3 or 4 years.Regular income for our survival.

Anonymous   3/6/19 23:47:41

Prayer Request - Faith

I am asking for agreement for God to move me forward with people he as newly put in my life to help me cimpose and finish my Christian cd HE wants me to complete. Also, I have been believing for a Christian husband and family. God's choice for me.

Anonymous   3/5/19 15:21:34

Prayer Request - Healing

please pray for God to heal my roommate beth latham. She has copd, heart problems, breathing problems, and needs Christ. My former church wwc has people who divine healing also, and the preacher's grandson. pray for prophet johnny foot to be totally healed of cancer.

Anonymous   3/4/19 17:45:45

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