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Praise Report - Faith

Praise God, we r okey by His grace

Urani Borloz   11/5/19 00:09:27

Prayer Request - Healing

Hi my wondefull brothers and sisters at ChristiaNetplease say a prayer for me for traveling Mercies woke up homeless in NYC this morning it was 35 going to Florida to stay alive and not get pneumonia!Have to get some medicine e.t.c before I leave Wednesday night!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 11/4/19 p.s keep looking up JESUS is looking back

Daniel Cahill   11/4/19 13:51:08

Praise Report - Employment

Father dear i thank you for the gift of work for Kristoffer M. I know you are taking care of us. My great faith is in you. Never had fail your promises. I thank you Lord Jesus. My great provider.Amen.

Anonymous   11/4/19 05:29:51

Prayer Request - Financial

I really need prayer because I have Health and financial problems

YveaJean- Jacques   11/4/19 04:57:18

Prayer Request - Faith

God is a God of order. Great things happen when there is order in life or world. Disorder is going on in issue with our president. In all areas this year it been an attack of disorder in daily life, and world just a different attack. 1. Walk it out with the Lord. 2. Stand still see God move 3. Holy Sprit will give you what to speak. 4. How ever it turns out you have the Victory in Jesus. 5. Its almost like a bully sprit works in many ways of disorder. In Christ,Shelia

Shelia Rossell   11/2/19 16:29:22

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for me,safety,favor & Come against division in my relationships,healing ,.brother Art to get more work.Fred,s ear to heal,affliction to go & his salvation.also Norm,s salvation to have more desire for the Word & things of God- to forgive others,

Mel   11/2/19 01:35:15

Prayer Request - Faith

I need help money wise. Don't make enough with job and credit is bad so no loans yet. I need 7,500.00 on taxes on my home by Nov 15 , lose everything, even my marriage could be over cause of stress and cause of betrayal but not what you may think. Got money coming to me if court gets it. Over 137,500.00 it's just a matter of when. I love my wife. Step daughter hates me.

Gary Salyer   11/1/19 13:05:47

Prayer Request - Bondage

deliver family members from illness, addiction and debt

Anonymous   10/30/19 00:49:09

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for deliverance from enemies. And for a financial breakthroughHealing and deliverance.

Skeeter   10/29/19 04:15:57

Prayer Request - Faith

For years we seen in government negative response at our President. Their seems to be another agenda not for the President its for our consitution of the United States. When will people realize God in control it will be Gods will no matter what negative action proceed God has a plan. If you really look at the clear picture you'll see there agenda. In Christ,Shelia

Shelia Rossell   10/28/19 13:22:06

Prayer Request - Faith

Dear Friends, please pray for my dear one, who is travelling tonight. Please, pray for safety and travel mercies. Thank you!

Anonymous   10/28/19 03:34:49

Prayer Request - Faith

Please pray for healing for Michael headache & stomachache to ankle to be better tomorrow,pain & swelling to go!Ileah to pass drivers test Tom.,no hindrances!Freds ear to heal,to stop rubbing it & his salvation & favor with case worker etc.,safe trip for Arthur & Lord help him get out of debt & brother George too & salvation

Mel   10/28/19 01:31:27

Prayer Request - Financial

Please pray for me and my company. We need work. We are starting to fall behind on our bills. Please pray for financial stability and that more work opportunities open up for us. Thank you and God bless you

Phillip    10/22/19 15:01:16

Prayer Request - Faith

Iam feeling sick all the time when Im thinking of my daugther doing her first year at Pacific Adventist University , for her school fees . Please help me your prayer .

Ruben . Paragun   10/21/19 18:02:51

Prayer Request - Financial

please pray that our house will sell and we can move on with our lives. Also patience to accept the Lord's perfect timing.

Larry   10/21/19 17:05:37

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