Bible Prophecy On End Times

Volumes of information about Bible prophecy on end times is available to visitors in bookstores. Many consider end times prophecy one of the most fascinating in the entire Bible! This is one reason why the subject is so prolific in the stores. Another reason many books are written about the end times, is because understanding prophecy is very difficult. Viewpoints abound from those who have many degrees and years of experience, to those who have been in the ministry a short while. Much of the writings in Daniel and Revelation can be understood, and much of it is cloudy due to the many visions John experiences. Those visions could be literal descriptions, or Johns best effort to describe happenings in his dreams that he could not understand, due to the fact that they occur so far into the future.

Each contemporary author who writes about end times prophecy has a different reason for producing an article, sermon or book. Some may focus on one aspect of prophecy in particular, such as when Christians will be caught up to be with Christ when He finally comes back to judge the Earth. This is often referred to as the rapture. Popular paperback books by a famous clergyman have been written about those who will be left behind when the rapture occurs. These books look at Bible prophecy on end times from a dispensational point of view. That is, many Christians have been taught that the book of Revelation is divided up into different "dispensations" or times in history wherein certain judgments are carried out upon the earth. Dispensational Christians believe that saints will be taken off the Earth and spared from the trials to come upon the Earth. Other Christians believe that the saints will go through the tribulation, because God has never prevented Christians from experiencing tribulation and persecution. In fact, in the letter to the church in Ephesus, referenced in Chapter 2, verse 10 of Revelation, God says "Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life".

Other Christian writers who focus on Bible prophecy on end times enjoy writing about what is referred to as the post-millennial viewpoint. Post-millennialism states that today's Christians are already living in the period following the millennium, which is described in the Bible as the period of time coming after Christ returns to judge the Earth. Some Christians don't believe there will be a millennial period at all. This is referred to as millennialism. However, the majority of Christians believe the time we live in right now is the pre-millennial period, or the time before the millennium occurs.

One cannot escape the study of Bible prophecy on end times without discussion the Great Tribulation. During the Great Tribulation, there will be a time of trouble on the Earth like no one has ever seen or experienced since the beginning of man's time on the Earth. Judgments are poured out on the Earth, people will be cursing God because of them, and many will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. A one-world government will be organized and all people will be caused to receive a mark in their forehead or hand, without which they can neither buy nor sell. It isn't hard to conceive of this today, because politicians continually talk about a one-world government that is quickly coming. Also, corporations are developing the technology needed to "mark" people with their individual information in the form of implanted electronic chips placed under the skin. This will serve as the sole means of electronic funds transfers and no currency will be needed. Without the chip, no one will be able to buy or sell. This technology is currently being used to identify criminals in some places, and for identification of pets and livestock. It won't be long before this is transferred to people.

Sermons from the Bible on end times prophecy are expounded from pulpits in order to warn non-Christians about the doom about to befall them if Christ's free gift of salvation isn't received. If a person is open to receiving the truth, most likely they will not be turned aside by this information. Some call it the "turn or burn" message. People who are offended by this type of message will turn away, but a small seed of interest may be planted in their hearts. Hopefully this is the case. However, the Christian is to tell the good news, not force people to listen to it. God will draw those to Himself who are predestined to receive it. While He is not willing for anyone to die in their sins, He also made mankind with a free will, to make up their own minds. God doesn't want to force anyone to accept Him, but that they would worship Him freely, with a joyful heart. Those who are already Christians can benefit from messages on end times prophecy to check themselves to be sure they are ready for His return. Many believe this will occur in the near future - perhaps in our lifetime.

Studying Bible prophecy on end times will always reveal something new the Christian student has never seen before, if the Holy Spirit chooses to reveal it. One thing is certain, the outcome has already been decided, and the decision is for victory over Satan, culminating in the eternal reign of Christ on the new Earth. You won't find an ending in a book more exciting than that!

End Times Prophecy

Thinking about end times prophecy tends to bring to mind current events, when the Earth will be destroyed and a new one created, the Lord will return to judge the Earth, and the saints will finally be with the Lord. There is much mystery in Bible prophecy of end time events, because much of the prophetic book of Revelation is a vision of future events as seen by someone living in ancient times. Everyone sees things differently, but the difference in John's interpretation and that of today's readers, if not Christian, is that John (and Christians) has the advantage of instruction from the Holy Spirit to help interpret scripture. Ready to jump in with both feet to find out what people are saying about end times prophecy? Let's go!

There are many writers, believers and non-believers, who expound ideas about what will happen regarding end times prophecy, and each approaches the subject somewhat differently. What all agree on is that the Bible discusses that there will be an end to all things as we know it, when Christ will return to reign on the Earth in the New Jerusalem. There are people who do not understand fully the meaning of scriptures and tend to put personal meaning into them. For example, there are people who think that God has made them one of the prophets described in the book of Revelation that is killed in Jerusalem during the tribulation. These people tend to make false prophecies that do not come true. The Bible says that anyone who calls themselves a prophet, but makes prophecies that do not come true is not a true prophet. "When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him" (Deuteronomy 18:22 KJV). Time always points out the false prophets. The best way to know otherwise, whether what people are saying is true or not, is to understand what is contained in the Scriptures.

Bible prophecy of end time events is contained in St. John's Revelation, found at the end of the Bible. John wrote this book while imprisoned on Patmos. The book is clearly divided into sections that describe events in history leading up to the final return of Christ on the Earth. These sections are not necessarily successive. That is, the sections do not necessarily follow the next in a linear time fashion. Much of the book of Revelation describes events that have already happened, and the remainder describes what is to come, prophecy that is about to be fulfilled. A bit of prophecy that is recent is the prophecy that Israel will become a nation once more, which happened in 1948. A future prophecy is that the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt and sacrifices will once again be instituted. The Jewish people have already begun making preparations for this, by creating all the implements to be used in the sacrifices for this new temple, making the garments the priests will wear, through genetics bringing about raising red heifers, which were originally used in ancient sacrifices, and many other activities.

Another sign of the times of Bible prophecy of end time events is the ability of mankind to create a "mark" such that without it, people cannot buy or sell. Technology is now available to implant microchips in people under their skin that contains all personal information needed to buy and sell. Many surmise that all people will be commanded to get this microchip. If the microchip isn't taken, then those people will not be able to hold a job, purchase food, buy cars, houses, gas or anything else! This could be the "mark of the beast" referred to in Revelation. Another Bible prophecy of end time events is a coming world wide government. We have seen clearly within the last few decades, the world being divided into large sections, supposedly for effective world trade. For example, the formation of the European Union, the efforts now underway to make the USA, Central America, Canada and South America into a singular large trading area with no borders. Other countries of the Earth are members of large trading areas as well. The United Nations provides a world court to judge the nations, and increasingly sovereign countries are using the laws of other countries in judging cases within their own borders.

Satan always has a counterfeit to the real thing - for example, God commanded His people to put His word on their foreheads and hands in the form of phylacteries - little containers bound on the head and hand. Satan wishes to do the same thing through the mark of the beast. Those who serve God will not take the mark of the beast, and therefore will suffer persecution as a result. It is important to understand here, the difference between the wrath of God and the persecution of the saints. During the tribulation of the last days, Satan will go out and persecute the saints through killing, torture and other means of harm. This is not the wrath of God. The wrath of God is what non-believers will experience as a result of their non-belief - sores on those who take the mark of the beast for instance.

For more prophecies, go to the book of Revelation and start reading, asking God for understanding of what is written there. God has His own timing regarding end times prophecy and so when reading, be careful not to project present day timelines onto it. The events aren't necessarily happening in succession, year after year. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal the truth to the seeker.

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