Bible Studies For Girls

Bible studies for girls cover topics such as dating, friendship, family, peer pressure and other subjects that help in meeting everyday challenges and making important decisions. Girls are often faced with many dilemmas in life, from whether to choose a career over marriage or having a family to whether a relationship is love or infatuation. Teen Bible study lessons are available on the Internet. Many of these have lessons for every day of the year. Not only do online sites have information based upon topics they also provide other resources and links to further help in studying God's word. Some even have news articles to help a teen to understand implications of current events in relation to prophecy. Learning scripture is important for growth in the Lord. God's word says, "Prove all things and hold to that which is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Devotions and verses for the day can help to set the tone for the day. Beginning the day with prayer and scripture is an important step for including God in the details of the day. This act shows reverence and gives honor to the Lord as a teen recognizes that putting Him first is essential for godly living. Teen Bible study lessons are effective at any time of the day but the main thing to remember is not to put off studying to the last minute because doing so may result in not doing it at all. When a person makes time everyday to spend with God then the spirit can grow and flourish. The results will become obvious in absolutely every area of life. Tackling challenges and having a proper perspective will result. Keeping our eyes on Jesus brings peace, clarity, and blessings.

Girls who are ready to start dating need instruction from God's word. Hanging out with the wrong people can often lead to wrong decisions and influences that can turn thoughts away from the Lord. One of the first rules that can be learned through Bible studies for girls is how important it is not to associate with unbelievers. Recalling the story of Solomon might provide a vital illustration to why this is important. Solomon had many wives and eventually they turned his heart away from the Lord and he began worshipping idols. If this can happen to a great King with the wisdom and understanding that he had it can certainly happen to anyone. Making wise choices when it comes to dating and choosing friends will help to keep a girl from stumbling.

Another great lesson for teens to learn is that God wants them to honor their father and mother. There is a promise that goes with this commandment, that whoever does so will live a long life. God should always be the first priority in a teen's life but family should be second. If a girl or boy has any questions about family and the importance of honoring father and mother then they can find answers by doing a search on the Internet for teen Bible study lessons. God has given parents a great responsibility to bring their children up to live for Christ but there is no way that a person can always do things perfectly. Teens should honor their parents by accepting that they are human and forgiving them when they make bad decisions or choices. To honor them is to forgive and to always be respectful and obedient. Jesus came and died for sin so that there would be a way for every person who believes in Him to go to Heaven.

God has given believers the Holy Spirit to help them everyday to make the right choices and to help them when challenges become overwhelming. The Holy Spirit is a comforter and counselor, someone that is always near. He helps each person to be strong in the Lord and to be an overcomer. Bible studies for girls will make it easier to understand the person of the Holy Spirit and how He helps a Christian to live a holier life. When school work is difficult and peer pressure makes it hard to walk a Christian life the Holy Spirit will provide what is needed to get through every situation that may arise.

Prayer is one of the most important components that a Christian needs to exercise when trying to live a godly life. Teen Bible study lessons provide important clues as to why prayer is vital. The Bible reveals that Christ understands everything and anything that a teen will ever go through because he lived on this earth and went through the same things. The Lord's Prayer is an example of how a person should pray. Biblical characters help to illustrate the importance of prayer. A person can read about how Daniel always prayed three times every day and how the Lord delivered him from the lion's den. This is just one of the many illustrations that can be found in the scriptures.

Repentance is something that should be done on a daily basis. Even though a person is saved there will still be times that he or she may sin. The thing to do is to repent immediately and then not to do that thing again. God offers forgiveness to those who ask but having the right attitude is very important when asking for forgiveness. The right attitude simply is to sincerely be sorry and to make a change so that the sin is not repeated. Bible studies for girls will reveal many scriptures on the importance of repentance and forgiveness. Obtaining forgiveness does not mean that there will not be consequences of sin but the Lord will be faithful to provide help to go through it.

Bible Study On Line

A Bible study online could be the perfect way to learn about the Word of God, finding the answers to life's complicated questions and difficult issues. There are many, many reasons to learn about the Bible and a Bible study on line can make Bible lessons simple with access to various resources found on the Internet. With the World Wide Web, readers can learn about the Word of God and find commentaries and other resources to enhance their studies. Following this article there are links to Bible quizzes and a Bible study online. One can click the links listed, test his own Bible knowledge, and find out more about what the Word of God has to teach. Many have found a closer relationship with the Lord through His Word and with a course on the Internet.

There are different ways to approach a Scripture study and a Bible study online can be a topical or issue driven course as well as an expository course of scripture. What Bible study on line course a person may choose will be largely dependent upon his current Bible knowledge and dependent upon current spiritual needs. A self-evaluation of what a person's life situation is, and what one wants to discover about the Lord and His Word will guide him in selecting the right course on the Internet course or guide. Spending time in prayer may also help direct the choosing of a study on the Internet.

Every book of the Bible has something to offer the reader. The Old Testament is full of living examples of God's grace, love, intervention, and character. The Psalms are beautifully written poems and expressions of an emotional response to a loving and caring God. A course on the Internet with the Psalms can offer inspiration and support when there are challenges or problems in life. The Psalms are also wonderful examples of praise and can help lead a believer in a worshipful experience. The Proverbs are great for a Study on the Internet, as they offer day-to-day practical applications and words of wisdom to the reader.

The New Testament is loaded with practical living advise for the modern day Christian. After Christ's death and ascension, the new church was born and many of the books in the New Testament address church life and operation, encouraging believers in their walk with Christ. The New Testament also has glimpses of our future with Christ and offers immense hope to those who choose Christ as their Lord and Savior. A Bible study on line using the New Testament can also aid seekers with doctrinal issues, clarifying what is the truth about Christ and what is false doctrine.

Taking a book from the Old or New Testament will be a wonderful way to discover what God is revealing about His character and plans for mankind. But, if there are specific issues in a person's life at this time, one may want to choose a Bible study online that addresses certain challenges or concerns. Is there a member of the family that is sick? Is there a member of the family that is lost? Are you experiencing financial hardships? Is there a challenge in the marriage or with a friendship? The Scripture speaks to each of these issues, as Christ is fully aware of the troubles we experience in life. Paul speaks of Christ's empathy in 2 Corinthians. "Blessed be the God, even the Father of our Lord our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God." (2 Corinthians 1:3-4) God's character and nature include the desire to comfort those whom He created. And, not only does He want to comfort us, but He wants us to mirror Him by comforting others with the same care that He has given us. Choosing a Scripture course on line that addresses Gods outpouring of love can bring peace, comfort, and security in times of need and uncertainty.

The options for a Bible study online are really endless. There is healing, encouragement, wisdom, practical living advice, and hope for our futures within the pages of God's Word. There are doctrines to be discovered and truths to be exposed. And, within the pages of this book there are great revelations about who God really is; He wrote it down for the purpose of discovery! Find the right Bible study on line guide for a personal Scripture course by clicking the links below. Getting more knowledge about the Creator of the universe is but a click away! Taking the time for a daily or weekly Scripture study will lead you into a closer walk with Christ, a deeper understanding of the mysteries of Christ, and a life of inner peace! Waiting will gain nothing; click to discover all that awaits.

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