Bible Verse Search Engines

There is an abundance of online Bible verse search engines available on the World Wide Web these days. And thank the Lord for them! These online Bible verse research tools enable pastors, lay people and anyone interested in studying the scriptures to study any verse, keyword or topic that comes to mind. Even more exciting, is that these tools are available in over thirty languages, and for most versions of the scriptures. It really doesn't get much easier than that to create a Bible study, sermon or short talk, even for those who are not that skilled in doing so.

For those who learn better by listening, audio forms of study helps are also available at online Bible verse engines. Appended to these are question and answer sections, in case there are unanswered questions still to be researched. If the student learns better visually, of course there are many more avenues to study, even videos of authors discussing their latest books and topics of the day. If interaction with people is needed to bounce off ideas before putting pen to paper, there are blogs for all online participants on these websites. This would be an especially enriching experience, and can expand the horizons of those who need varying perspectives on the topics under consideration.

Pastors may find that using an online Bible research can relieve them of lugging heavy books back and forth from their desk, laboriously book marking those pages for use later. The scripture verse research engine provides commentaries at the push of a button, written by well-known Bible scholars and theologians on any book in the scriptures, and in most any version desired. What better way to gain that extra-special scholarly insight so quickly, and from such reputable sources? Access to publishers is available for pastors, whether the search is for academic, lay or Bible study purposes. If the need is to locate sermon illustrations, those too can be found at verse research sites.

Let's say that an evangelistic team at a church wants to put together a weekend seminar on the topic of evangelism? All they need to do is go to the online Bible verse search engines tool and search for evangelism. There videos on this topic can be found, as well as topics on prayer, discipleship, and even multiculturalism. If the desire is to dig a little deeper, not just into verse meaning, but into word meanings, then Greek to English Lexicons are there for use, as well as dictionaries, concordances, interlinear and parallel scriptures. If a short history lesson is needed, go to the history link and search until the information is found. All of this is at the touch of a button!

Teenagers may find that delving into an online Bible verse search makes the experience much more enjoyable, because other materials are so much easier to retrieve. Since teens love to blog, discussing the new found material and insights from scripture study with friends could not only help their own spiritual growth, but that of their friends as well. In 2 Timothy, chapter 2 verse 15, it says "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth". These tools will help those studying the word to handle the Word of God in a proper manner. Youth group leaders could direct their participants to online research engines, where a tool is available to help them read through the scriptures in one year. Everything that is needed to keep the student on track is available to them. This would be a wonderful way to keep everyone on track to reach a set goal by a certain amount of time.

Another important way to utilize online Bible verse search engines would be to work through the Word of God in a thematic way. People of all ages enjoy discussing and studying themes in the scriptures. If married couples are having difficulties with relationships, then studying the theme of marriage can be undertaken. Young adults considering marriage would also find this to be a profitable way to find answers to problems. In fact, almost any type of problem someone may be experiencing could potentially be researched on an online search. Are there questions about the existence of man, or existentialism? Go to the apologetics links. Are there questions about the existence of God? Again, apologetics will get the questions answered, and will help the seeker form substantive questions for a more in-depth experience.

Non-church goers will appreciate the ease of access of information at online Bible search engines. Those outside the church culture can research questions about faith and religion in the privacy of their own home, if they are embarrassed about approaching others with questions. Of course curiosity can lead someone in more than one direction. However, there are more than enough links to other online Bible search engines so that a comprehensive experience can be had for someone who wants to get their information from more than one resource or website. Speaking with others at the website anonymously creates a safe zone for thousands of people, and keeps them coming back for more of the online experience. No matter who visits the online Bible verse search engines, the experience will afford a rich study in the Word, utilizing the most up-to-date tools available today. Don't wait to get started; new truths are waiting to be discovered!

Internet Bible Concordance

An internet Bible concordance saves writers and scripture scholar's hours of time in research. What is a concordance? A scripture concordance is a cross-reference or index of words found in the scriptures. There are different kinds of online Bible concordances as well, giving assistance finding words in Greek and Hebrew scriptures, foreign concordances, concordances for other faiths, and even analytical concordances. If the desire is to work with only one version of the scriptures, those are available as well in NIV, NASB, KJV, New King James and more. No matter what the need for a Biblical research project, the online Bible concordance will furnish the tools needed to get the job done well.

In order to find the word needed using an online Bible concordance, simply find the internet scripture concordance online, type the word into the search box, and the result will be all the passages in the Word which contain that particular word. Not only will the passages become evident, but the contexts will also. The ability to compare contexts is invaluable to gain meaningful insights into sometimes difficult passages, especially if the passage is in a different language. Should the researcher wish to have the word arranged in a particular fashion, this too can be done. For example, the person may want to understand placement or order of the word in the passage under consideration. In order to perform word searches correctly, all one need do is know what word in the passage is needed to retrieve the desired information. Online Bible concordances will help to ensure that the student handles the Word of God correctly. The scriptures say this about carefully using the Word: "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15, KJV).

Using an online Bible concordance takes the labor out of paging through huge hard-bound volumes, searching page after page and moving forward and backward throughout the text. It doesn't get much easier than typing in the word needed, and seconds later, getting the answer! Also, if there is no hard copy concordance in the house, all one needs to do is go to the internet Bible concordance and the research will be done in a small amount of time. Not only can research be done on words in the scriptures, but some online Bible concordances also provide the Apocrypha. Internet concordances can allow the user to input whole words, to weed out longer words that incorporate the desired word. Most of the time, limitations must be put onto the search. For example, a search can be conducted within certain books of the scripture, instead of searching the entire text all at once. That would take too long to do anyway. Quicker results will be obtained if the user understands how to construct the query.

Another way to search an internet Bible concordance would be to query using either upper case or lower case, when a particular result is needed. When only a certain number of verses in the result are desired, this too can be accomplished, so that the researcher is not overwhelmed by too much information. Should there be a need for information from the Greek Old Testament, the user can consult the concordance referencing the Septuagint online. Even in the person researching wants audio versions, these too are available for the Septuagint, the entire Word, or the Apocrypha. Some online Bible concordance websites have concordances or indexes for the Jewish faith. In these indices, cross reference work can be done by comparing items between the Jerushalmi and Bavli Talmuds, and also when researching between parts of the Tanakh, such as between the Torah, the Nev'im and Kethuvim. Also included for further study are the Mishnah Torah leRambam, Tosefta and Mishna.

Those who are not so great at spelling can get variant spellings on the words and verses being searched. This is also good if one is not sure how to spell names or places. Now available online is an international version of the NIV concordance. Included along with these concordances are dictionaries, encyclopedias for difficult words and passages, and even encyclopedias of scripture figures or characters! How much more complete can it get! A person can do a study on various themes of the Holy Scriptures, because there are thematic indexes available for just this purpose.

Be sure not to overlook the various venues providing an online Bible concordance. For example, Bible college websites, Christian websites, publishers of Christian materials, libraries and even churches offer concordances and various other resources if the user is diligent in searching them out. The student's effort will be well rewarded with a plethora of online volumes just waiting to be searched out. If there is interest in concordances published by various faiths, those too are on the internet. Internet Bible concordances are published by the Catholic religion, Baptists, Presbyterians, Nazarenes and Jewish faiths as well as many others. There are loads of resources in many different languages, so if this is a stumbling block for the student, they needn't be worried.

So boldly enter the world of internet Bible concordance study with confidence. The willing student should be able to put together excellent papers, articles, scripture studies, sermons, or other types of faith instruments for personal reasons, or to present in the course of evangelical outreach efforts. No matter what the reason is for research using online Bible concordances, the results will come quickly, just by pressing a button or two!

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