Children Bible Stories

Free children's Bible lessons are available on the Internet at several different sites and can be printed for use in Sunday School or for personal Bible study at home for the convenience of parents who want to supplement what their children are getting on Sundays. There are year-long lesson plans that can be used that are complied in total or a teacher or parent may choose specific lessons according to personal preferences. Reading children Bible stories at bedtime is an excellent way to begin to get them interested in God's Word. "And these words...shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children..." (Deuteronomy 6:7a) The Internet can be a much more efficient resource from which to find material for Sunday School teachers than having to travel to a store and buy printed curriculum.

For a family that has no computer, most public libraries offer public computers that can be used by everyone. Someone there can help search for Scripture stories to use at home if an individual is not very computer literate. Curriculum can be found under denominational headings for those who wish to be sure the lessons are in keeping with the teachings of a particular church. Most free children's Bible lessons are not very strong in heavy theology, but are generally targeted to teach youngsters about God's goodness. Some readings cover issues that children can relate to such as the birth of Jesus, the shepherds, wise men and angels. They understand family, visitors, the star, and are encouraged to feel compassion when there is no room at the inn. Youngsters that have been to a family reunion can understand the journey to the temple to meet with everyone as Jesus did when he was 13. The idea of Jesus feeding 5,000 with two loaves of bread and five fish is also a wonderful story that is usually included in most curricula.

Providing a lesson from God's Word can build a foundation from which to build real Biblical knowledge later on. Prayer and Scripture study are two of the pillars upon which religion is based and children can begin their understanding of both by being taught simple prayers at an early age. Grace before meals and prayers at bedtime are an important part of the deposit of faith from one generation to the next. Children absorb so much myth from other sources such as school and TV that the inclusion of free children's Bible lessons into their day becomes necessary to spotlight important Biblical principles. If parents are fortunate enough to be able to send their children to a Christian school, they will see the benefits at home when they tell their children Bible stories. Parents can also have more time to concentrate on prayers and character issues rather than just teaching the basics of Scripture.

Most Bible lessons are offered with much more than just a story to read. There are puzzles, games, and quizzes that will reinforce what is taught through free children's Bible lessons. Quizzes and puzzles can also be printed or downloaded from online sources to accompany the Bible readings that a family may have chosen. Another way for a family to receive no cost curriculum is through the children's bulletins that are distributed at many churches. Parents don't have to pay for the information and children can be entertained and taught new lessons at home every week. After hearing the Bible lesson at church, youngsters will generally have a simple crossword or word search puzzle to work as well as a picture to draw. Age appropriate activities are designed to further teach children Bible stories so that each story will be very memorable.

Of course, for families that have a good story teller in the congregation who provides a lesson each Sunday, a parent may have the best informational source around! Also, if there are teenagers who are interested in providing skits that act out stories, take them up on it and let them perform for the kids. If a Confirmation program calls for a certain amount of service hours, then both groups will be well served by a storytelling activity. Telling children Bible stories taps into their natural sense of wonder. There is a need to accelerate the distribution of free Christian material throughout the Internet as well as in homes. Offering a Scripture based story in a home can influence another child who comes to visit and perhaps he or she will spread the word by telling other children Scripture stories as well. Could it influence a child or a family to meet Jesus Christ? Perhaps. Sometimes it has worked so well that children have influenced their parents to find a relationship with Jesus rather than the other way around. At any rate, downloading or printing free children's Bible lessons from online sources can be a very positive thing to do.

Teaching Kids The Bible

Teaching kids the Bible is the beginning to building a Christian foundation within that child. Participating in children Bible lessons will not only allow the youngsters to learn about God, but will instill Christian values within them. Children should learn about the Bible and the things and ways of God, early in life, in order to allow interest in church and the Bible while still young. It is much easier to bring one to know God through salvation and redemption when young than it is to allow a person to grow up in a world that does not honor God. As direct witnesses to immoral behavior, some become more susceptible to actually committing those wrong behaviors. Instructing about sin at an early age can provide a background that will help each child choose the right paths in life, as opposed to the wrong choices which could lead to dangerous situations. Bible lessons can be easy and fun for the children, parents, preachers, and teachers that are involved in the education process.

Instruction should begin when the child is a baby. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6) While instruction is sometimes difficult to allow for in depth or detailed stories or events, the perfect time to begin building a Christian foundation in in the younger years. Taking the child to church is one of the best ways to put the child on the path to salvation and living for God. It is a great way to witness to the child through worship and learning together. Being an example to the child will provide the best education that they can receive. Praying for each as a baby and teaching them to pray when they are older can be a great way to help them to develop into a prayer warrior for God. Teaching children Bible lessons can begin when the child is a toddler. Teaching them about certain stories, including Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, and the birth of Jesus, will begin the instruction of a Christian life that can benefit the child or children for the rest of their lives. Teaching kids the Bible should continue throughout the lifetime of the child.

Bible lessons will prepare the child for salvation and a moral lifestyle. Being open and honest with children about sin and redemption should be done from the start. Children have a strong sense of right and wrong, even as babies. Allowing the child to grow up in an atmosphere of love for God and knowledge of His power will be a great way to assist in beginning a walk with God. Often, parents become busy with work or chores at home and want to take a break from certain obligations. Church often becomes one of those obligations that are given up in order to rest or do other activities that seem to be more important. Missing church occasionally is acceptable, but giving up attending on a regular basis because it does not fit into a busy schedule should not be the example to present to a child. Teaching kids the Bible through home and church is a crucial part of the child's ability to know and understand the love and ways of God. Not only is learning the ways of God important, but experiencing God through worship and praise should be a lesson for the child. If a youngster feels that skipping a worship service is acceptable behavior, they may continue to skip throughout life. Falling away from God is easy to do, but coming back can be hard and requires sacrifice. The importance of laying a foundation for the child cannot be taken lightly. Teaching children Bible lessons and life lessons is a vital part of leading them to seek salvation and redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ.

It is the responsibility of the parents and church leaders to education their children. As a parent, it is important to understand that the foundation of Christianity can be started early in the life of the child. When children are toddlers, teaching children bible lessons can begin with stories like that of Adam and Eve, Noah, Jesus, and other people and events of the Bible. These stories help to build a strong moral foundation for the child. Teaching kids the Bible will allow them the understand more about the ways of God and the world. By constantly being a witness and example of the ways to worship and love God, a parent can bring their children up to continue to love and honor God. There is no better point in time in a child's life than the moment of salvation. They can understand God and will be able to seek salvation for sins.

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