Chronological Bible Reading Plans

A chronological Bible allows readers the opportunity to read the biblical events it records in the order in which they actually occurred. Many opportunities are available for the individual to seek God's will through the order of events, rather than simply in the order that most studies of the Word provide. Many plans are created to be accomplished within one year of beginning. Each are structured with a certain set or number of scriptures being completed each day. Using chronological Bible reading plans do not require a special Bible or book. With the proper guidance or resources, an individual can use any standard Bible, whether a King James Version or another, to take part in this study.

Many events and occurrences are already recorded in order, but there are several places where the scriptures are not placed sequentially by the date in which they really took place. A Chronological Bible reading plan id designed to offer a way to read the Book in a set amount of time through an established schedule. This can provide the means for individuals to develop a routine that will help them want to read God's Word. Using such a set up to accomplish this plan can make completing it much easier, but a standard version can be used as well. Taking part in one of the many reading methods offered by church groups, book stores or online can be achieved in a variety of ways. Many study groups offer them in books as well as on Internet sources offering assistance to individuals who may want to take part in a reading plan.

While many parts of the Bible are correctly printed in order by the time in which it occurred, some things are ordered in different ways for different reasons. The chronological Bible reading plans will help the reader become more aware of the ways things truly happened, and not by the way placed in biblical book order. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the order of the Bible, because the selection of the books compiled as His Word, and the order placed when originally published is part of God's plan. However, having the chance to read it in the actual, historical order of events can allow individuals to understand and more clearly see the story of mankind as it occurred.

Using this study method is fairly simple for the reader interested in this program. Many Christian retail stores offer chronological Bible reading plans or study that individuals can purchase and use. Also, the Internet is a great place to find these books for purchase or to view at no charge. If a chronological Bible can not be found, a plan for reading God's Word in historically correct order can be useful. Many of the plans are broken down into daily reading material which will make the study manageable and not overwhelm the novice scholar of the Word. Also, study questions or points of interest are sometimes included in these studies to give individuals a better understanding of the material that is covered with the daily lesson.

A study group is another great means for studying the Book in a historically ordered context. Many study groups from churches take the time to read together and study the Book of books in the true order of events for a deeper understanding. These groups may cover the material more slowly making the likelihood of finishing a plan within a year more difficult. However, they offer more insight for the reader into the material that is being covered with the varied opinions that are shared. The Internet also may provide the opportunity for an individual to take part in a study group chat room that discusses the chronological Bible reading plans. If the Internet does not provide the study group that the reader is looking for, some colleges and universities may provide a class where the study of the chronological Bible is used. These classes can be found in many Christian universities or colleges and may be much more expensive to attend. But the resources and information will often be very valuable for the individual seeking an fuller understanding of the books of the Bible in their actual order of events.

Taking part in such a study can be done through many different types of groups, including those at churches, on the Internet, and even through classes offered by a local Christian college or university. Reading the Bible and studying on a daily basis is the best way to discover God's will for one's life. A chronological Bible reading plan that offers events in sequential order can be helpful in developing a daily routine of reading and studying God's Word. "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." (Matthew 5:6)

Read The Bible In A Year

A Bible reading plan will allow a Christian to set a clear plan of action for studying the Word of God. For someone considering doing serious reading and desiring to know all that is said between the covers of the Bible, a schedule can be very useful. It is possible to read the Bible in a year, if the individual wants to set that kind of goal. For most people, setting a goal and having a plan is a must in order to accomplish anything that is set out to do. Reading the Word of God in its entirety can look like a daunting task, but with a plan this becomes doable. There are choices on how to read the Bible in a year, and the choices are pretty interesting. One way, a very technological choice, is to receive reading assignments daily via e-mail. The Christian or interested individual can read the required material in one day, and wait for the next days e-mail to arrive for the next segment. This is a very simple program and there is no expense involved.

In the event that the person does not have a copy of God's Word, there are paperbound copies available in every translation, in a multitude of languages. Of course, purchasing a leather-bound Bible can be seen as an investment that will last longer than the paperbound version. No matter what type of product is purchased, the individual will now have a Bible and can put a Bible reading plan into motion. There are many choices for how to read the Word of God. The person can choose to read the Word in chronological order, which will result in a rearrangement of the books. It will not be up to the individual to figure that out, however; an online program can do this with no trouble. Another choice will be to read the Bible in a year in historical order, or the order in which they were written. This is not the printed order of most English language Bibles, but this can be an excellent plan. Next, someone may choose to read the Old and New Testaments together, with daily readings from each of them. In some references, an individuals knowledge of the New Testament will be enhanced by what they can learn in the Old Testament.

Another regimen that is often chosen covers the Word from beginning to end. To read the Bible in a year this way, the individual will get everything the scriptures have to offer. Each book is taken individually without attempting to connect with the others as in the above plans. Every reader has his or her own preference when it comes to a Bible reading plan. After all, this book is not a novel. The blended plan lets the reader read both Testaments at the same time. There is no attempt to make connections between the two, but this plan does add variety to the way the Word is read.

One of the most convenient ways to study the Word of God is to get it on CD. That way, the individual can listen to it being read while driving or doing some mindless chores around the house. A portable CD player would even allow anyone to listen during daily walks. This is a practical way to include a Bible reading plan in a busy schedule. Finding time to sit quietly and read is very difficult sometimes, so this method is likely to be popular with many people. There are cassette tape versions available at some web sites too. The sound versions are helpful to those with eyesight that may be too poor to read the printed page.

Although one can spend less time on study with CDs and cassette tapes, reading the Bible is not something to be rushed. Before beginning the daily recommended readings in whatever plan is chosen, the individual should spend some time in prayer and quiet preparation so that the true meaning and lessons of the Word of God can be understood. The New International Version of the Bible is the version used by most of the online study plans, but the King James Version or other versions can also be used through many online plans as well.

Studying the Word of God, in an organized fashion, by going to church, or for no particular reason is a very important part of life. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105). Attending church regularly has probably offered people with small doses of scripture readings and interpretations from a Pastor. This information will likely have covered a large percentage of the scriptures over several years' time. If hearing those in small segments has whetted the individuals appetite to read the Bible in a year and fill in all the blanks, this can be good motivation. On the other hand, for the person that has not attended church much, but has felt called to find out more about faith by launching on a Bible reading plan, doing it in an organized manner will satisfy this longing, and this just may inspire the person to get back into the habit of worshipping more often.

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