Free Audio Bible Downloads

Free audio Bible downloads and audio dramatizations of the Bible are excellent ways of spreading the Word of God to those who are illiterate and might not be able to make much use out of an actual book. The Scriptures in spoken format allows for an easier spread of the Gospel as hundreds of people can listen at once. Books on cassette tape or CD have become very popular in recent years. Many people enjoy reading however not all have the time to sit down and fully enjoy reading through the Scriptures. Spoken recordings should not fully take the place of the actual reading of the Word, however, the Scriptures in audio format can be quite helpful for those who desire to become immersed in God's Word, while at the same time accomplishing day to day tasks.

Technological advances have made possible the placement of recorded words onto devices that are easily transportable, which have paved the way for free audio Bible downloads. MP3 players have exploded onto the market with literally hundreds of styles and brands to choose from. Book publishers have taken advantage of this and in addition to books on tape and CD, produce materials that are easily downloaded onto hard drives and listening devices which are easily portable. Spoken formats are excellent for those who enjoy reading but do not necessarily have enough time to sit down and really enjoy themselves. The Bible in audio format works very well for those who are on the go. They can listen while driving on the way to works, meetings, or on errands, busy moms can listen while doing chores around the house or while transporting kids to and from school and other activities. Free audio recordings of the Bible are also great for those who multi task and exercise.

Almost every version of the Scriptures can be acquired in spoken format and in many different languages. The availability of such formatting of the Scriptures is largely due to the popularity of books on tape. Recordings of words read aloud are also quite beneficial to those who crave God's Word yet cannot read to due complications with vision, such as blindness, or as with many of the elderly, blurry vision. The idea for books on tape came about in the 1980's, and proved to be profitable. Originally, Congress began a program that was designed to help those who are blind. The talking book program was meant to provide a way for blind adults to be able to enjoy the written word as much as those who can see words for themselves

The 1960's saw a dramatic rise in the popularity of audio books as libraries began to stock the media. This allowed for free access to the recordings and made widely available to the public. Early recordings were manly on vinyl records, but cassette tapes were soon to follow and allowed for a more user friendly formant as cassette tape players were smaller that record players and more portable. Audio recordings spiked in popularity with the onset of CDs, providing an even easier format. The arrival of the Internet allowed for even wider dispersion of free audio Bible Downloads and at the same time has helped to illustrate , "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Romans 10:17).

Free audio Bible downloads are many time available through the Internet. Customized ordering is even available by way giving the customer options. A customer can select a language that they want and also choose which translation of the Bible they prefer. There can also be options such as choosing the format, such as audio CDs or MP3 format. Some audio Bibles resemble MP3 players and allow for easy access to the entire Bible. Specific verses and passages are easy to find by a similar word search. Topics and applicable passages are categorized allowing for ease of study. Spoken recordings of books bring storytelling back to the beginning. Before the written word came into existence, stories and tales were passed down through the generations through the spoken word. Audio dramatizations of the Bible can echo the tradition. The oral practice of storytelling carried on for many years, and can be done in the present day in an effort to get back to the roots and time when the art of oral traditions thrived.

Dramatic reading provides a way of showing for those who cannot necessarily see the words due to blindness or other disorders. The 'showing' of words is accomplished through inflections in the voice, emotions and sound effects. Audio dramatizations of the Bible have risen in popularity along with the rise of dramatic recordings of books and novels. Theatrical readings of the Bible can be easily accessed through the internet. Most are not free however, do not cost exorbitant amounts either. A full range of topics are available, including the life of Christ, accounts of the early Church found in the book of Acts, the end times based on the prophetic accounts of John found in the Book of Revelation. Some dramatizations are based off of stories found in the Word of God, while others are based off the Scriptures. Those interested can by software that includes the entirety of the Bible read aloud, and done so in an elaborate fashion.

Both Old and New Testament dramatizations can be found. The hearing of the Scriptures can be beneficial to not only those who are already familiar with the Word but to individuals who are hearing the Scriptures for the first time. For some, the act of listening to spoken words helps them to gain a better understanding of verses than what they might glean from reading themselves. Most dramatic readings will change voices, as when relating personal accounts of the prophets or when reading stories, such as the story of Jonah. Multiple voices will be used, and in some cases, sound effects to further enhance the experience. Audio dramatizations of the Bible can seem like miniature movies, with the images appearing in the listener's head, and boast of not only sound effects but fully orchestrated scores as well. Dramatizations can be a good way of sharing the Word of God as more people might be more willing to listen than to sit down and read.

Online Audio Bibles

An audio Bible could provide an opportunity to hear scripture during the most boring time of a day, while driving to and from work, or taking public transportation, the spoken word gives the brain and spirit nourishment during the trip. If a housewife or stay-at-home mom, the opportunity to listen to scripture while doing some of the mindless household chores is refreshing. Ironing is a boring task, but if able to pop in an audio cassette or CD of an audio Bible online, the task becomes not so bad.

While not necessary to find a bookstore and buy a copy of the Word in order to do this, the option is available to buy an recorded copy of God's Word online. Cassette tapes or CDs are both available for listening to scriptures, and sometimes the resource is done in such a way as to be a study guide, and workbooks come with them. There is now a choice of listening to someone read the scriptures, like readers of any books on tape, or buying a dramatized version. There are different audio Bible online versions available too. An pre-recorded version of the scripture is available in the King James Version, the New International Version, and many other translations for any preference.

Introduce children to the Holy Scriptures with children's versions of recorded scripture. Scriptures are brought down to their level where they can appreciate God's word in language they understand. Both the children's and adult's versions of the recorded scriptures are available on a book by book basis, so no longer is the need there to buy the entire taped set of the Word's 66 books at one time. Some books have great stories that the kids will enjoy, so they can get started with those and then go to the others. Pre-recorded scriptures are great teaching tools for home or a Sunday school class. The dramatized ones are especially helpful. Prepare questions around a particular tape to enhance a Sunday School lesson.

Some of the online sites allow printing out the entire Bible if wanted. That would make sense if in a part of the world where impossible to buy or import one, but for most of the civilized world, a paperback version from a Christian book store would be better than that. The possibility to hear well known speakers talk about certain scriptures is now easily accomplished after hearing them on an audio Bible.

For the blind, the audio Bible is a way to get acquainted with scripture if they haven't access to a Braille version, or if they cannot read Braille. A dramatized or read version of the scriptures for a blind Christian would be a wonderful gift, and for the non Christian, might even open the door to further interest. Use of audio book sources can be useful to spread the Word almost as quickly as the early apostles did. "And the word of God increased: and the number of the disciples multiplied" (Acts 6:7). This method certainly is a way to spread the Word and to hide the truth in hearts with the constant filling that makes the heart and mind absorb the truths it contains.

Another use for an audio Bible is listening as read while also reading the printed word. Receiving information both audibly and visually help the brain remember the information better for some. For instance, while taking a study course, listening while on the road then reading more later makes for greater absorption of the material. Answering questions after both reading and listening to the audio Bible will also be easier. An audio version can keep one listening to scripture when they don't have time to sit down and read. A cassette tape can be easily carried along when going for a solitary walk in the morning or evening. Buying a audio Bible online is the easiest kind of shopping. Society has become so distracted by worldly cares and activities, not as much time is had as our parents did to sit down on a quiet evening and read from scriptures. So do the next best thing, and listen to it being read to on a tape or CD, and try to let the words sink in. The audio format is a permanent part of reality, and rightly so.

The audio Bible online has many worthy purposes, but for some people there is nothing that can replace the pleasure of actually holding the scriptures in one's hand and reading the words for ones self. The family Bible is never going to go out of style, as long as there are Christians who love God's holy Word, and as long as families gather together to hear it read. The individual's Bible will always have a place on the bookshelf of a Christian. Just as classic books can be enjoyed in a TV drama, there is nothing like having that book on the library shelf to pick up any time one wants to read it again. The Bible is like that. Its stories have been dramatized again and again, but it's good to know one can pick up the Bible and re-read it any time they like.

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