Free Bible Downloads

Free Bible downloads can be anything Scripture-related that can be downloaded for no charge from the Internet. Bible downloads can include excerpts from the Scripture, study materials, Scripture facts, the entire Bible, an audio reading, and even Scripture games or puzzles. This software goes a step further. It can offer a greater amount of information. The product, sometimes on CD, can be used for research purposes. Bible software usually includes all of the Scriptures in many versions and even languages. A person will want to decide exactly what is needed before acquiring free Bible downloads or free Bible software. Even though they are without cost, no one wants to waste their time on a useless, low quality product.

Download subscriptions can cost as much as $50 per month and computer product can cost as much as a couple of hundred dollars. Not all Scripture study teachers and pastors can afford such costs. Free Bible downloads can be great for those of us who just can't afford to pay for download subscriptions and computer software. Thankfully, there are no cost options. These may not offer as much as the priced downloads and software, but they often work just as well. Free Bible downloads and software are for the same Scripture that the priced products are. Free Bible software often only lacks some special features. Either way, there is the possibility of getting just as much use out of them for a Scripture study, sermons, Sunday School class, personal studies and academic purposes. Whatever the purpose, these products are easy to use, fast and convenient when it comes to learning more about the Scripture.

A person may wonder what use one could get out of these downloads if he is not familiar with all that these downloads can offer. As a Sunday school teacher, one can use a download of a hymn or Scripture verse to share with a class. The download can be a dramatic audio reading of a Scripture story for a children's Sunday School class. One can download pictures or artwork to go along with Scripture, print the art and take it to share with fellow congregation members. Someone may decide to share some downloaded crossword puzzles or word searches with the women's church group for one of their weekly gatherings. A preacher may want to download audio of another preacher's sermons as models. A person could also download histories and commentaries on Biblical passages. The possibilities are endless - and free.

With Bible software, someone can not only read the Scriptures in many versions and languages, but can also search. Instead of opening up a copy of the Scripture and flipping through the pages for the right verse, one can simply fill out a search. A researcher can look up verses with a specific word in them such as "love" or "peace." Another possibility is to type in the chapter and verse, and the software will pull it up on the screen. With free Bible software, one can even do limited or expanded Scripture searches. Someone may have trouble remembering a verse about giving, but he knows it's either in the book of Hebrews or the book of Thessalonians. Instead of flipping through both of those books and skimming the pages, he can simply program the free Bible software to find certain words in only those two books. This can be very convenient for a pastor who wants to bring up a particular verse during a point in the sermon. Any time a specific verse can be referenced, that makes the sermon better.

There are literally hundreds of options for these downloads and this software. The key is to weed out the bad offers. Conveniently, anyone can find free Bible software right at home on his computer. A person can also find offers for both in Christian and theological magazines and journals. The Internet is probably the best source, though. Sometimes things that are advertised as "free" can come at a cost. You may be required to pay for shipping on a no cost product such as free Bible downloads, or have to sign up for something in order to get the deal. Watch out for any loopholes when you see offers for this software. Read the fine print and make sure that there is no obligation. You also want to make sure you aren't downloading something that is copyrighted. There should be free use, which the Scriptures actually do. However, any download that is Scripture-based but created by someone, such as a puzzle or photograph, is theirs unless they indicate that they allow use of it without charging. Look out for the copyright symbol and a date. There may be instructions somewhere on the website about terms of use. Read these to make sure they aren't being broken.

Free Bibles

Free Bibles are available at multiple sites on the Internet, either by requesting that the printed Bibles be shipped to the ones requesting them, or by downloading the entire Bible onto a computer in its entirety or book-by-book. Since obtaining a free Bible online has become relatively easy, even people who are homebound have an opportunity to study the Scriptures. For someone who is new to Christianity, a Bible makes a wonderful gift to help him/her grow in faith. Since the study of Scripture is part and parcel of Christianity, the companies and organizations promoting the distribution of free testaments are providing a valuable service. Sunday School teachers who would like to provide this valuable resource to their students can do so from suppliers online. While the numbers of free books may be limited per person in some sites, even so, there are enough available to make sure every child or adult has a chance to read the Bible in class, even if not available at home.

Such contributions to any person, young or old, are invaluable to the Christian life - the Word is the most useful weapon that can be possessed as the person realizes the spiritual battle they face in life. "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart" (Hebrews 4:12).

Missionaries have always been provided with donations of the Word from various church denominations as part of their missionary efforts and support, but the resource hasn't always been so widely available to the general public. As an evangelizing tool, a free Bible online is a very good opportunity to share the word with someone who is interested in Christianity, but isn't really sure they will want to read the Word it's based on. This online source will give them the opportunity to ask questions of someone who is knowledgeable anonymously. Many of these sites have e-mail addresses where such conversations can take place. Study guides often come with the free Bibles, which helps the reader understand better what he or she is reading. For those people who don't particularly like going to classes, an independent, free study online are just what they need.

Just about every version of the Bible is offered at sites where free Bibles are given away. The New International Version is most common, but the King James Version and others are also available. Some of the sites include contacts to others who are studying Scripture, so discussion is encouraged. If someone is interested in the New Testament only, that is available as a free Bible online. For a new biblical student, the New Testament is a good place to start, and easier to carry in a purse or briefcase while traveling. Trains, planes, or buses are good places to spend reading the Word, whether going to and from work, or traveling on vacation. While not exactly a beach novel, if traveling alone, and able to concentrate while traveling, it's a good way to make use of what would otherwise be idle time.

Good beginnings can happen with online resources or a book simply handed to one without obligation, but most people will eventually want to purchase a better version for themselves. Perhaps a nice leather-bound version and a carrying case would suit the reader, or a larger version with places for family history would be better. Formerly, a common practice was to have the Bible owner's name or initials added to the Bible's cover, especially if a gift. It doesn't seem so common any more, but it's not a bad idea. While unable to get engraving on free Bibles when first provided, the personalization can be added by the owner at a later time, if that becomes important.

The Gideon Society has the oldest tradition of giving free Bibles, long before getting any version online became possible. They place the books in hotel rooms, where guests can read them if they want to. The Gideon Bibles were usually left in the drawer of a nightstand so as not to seem too pushy, but the practice became common knowledge of their presence. While not expensive editions, but the books had nice red bindings with gold lettering on the front. One wonders just how many guests read from them before retiring for the night, and just how many and in what ways lives may have been impacted.

Getting a free Bible online could mean printing out many pages of text, or transferring it to a CD. Either way, portions of text at a time could be printed, both to break down the amount a person must read at one time, and to save the printing costs of a large single printout. One could conceivably print out a book at a time with the lesson plan, so as to make one's study organized and in the kind of segments that would be included in a weekly Bible study outside the home. One of the positive aspects of getting an online study is the personal freedom to access it at one's leisure along with having the convenience of the computer to receive the information.

The first Bibles most people receive are gifts on the occasion of Christmas, Baptism, or Confirmation. Those are held dear for the rest of their lives. While a free Bible online won't have the same sentimental value as those gift Bibles, it contains the same moving narratives and letters that have inspired millions before our time. In that way, their value is not decreased by computerization.

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