How To Teach The Books Of Bible

Understanding how to teach the books of Bible truths often depends quite a bit on who the students will be. The approach taken should be designed for the particular age being taught, and therefore appropriate materials should be acquired that appeal to children. Let's think about ways on how to teach the books of Bible truths to both adults and children. There is no reason why teaching should be dry and boring for anyone, and certainly the recipients should not be falling out of their chairs from falling asleep! Since children enjoy play, learning about the divisions of the scriptures can take on the form of play. Deciding how to teach the books of Bible truths should not be that difficult!

Many people have early pleasant memories of a first Sunday school experience. Why? The teacher incorporated art, music, interesting reading and perhaps some drama into the curriculum. It was understood that their teacher knew how to teach the books of the Bible. Scriptural stories are interesting to begin with, but the ability to make the stories come alive will ensure the class will be rapt with interest. So, what kinds of art projects can assist the instructor in how to teach the books of the scripture? Well, what about providing the children with pieces of fabric, a drawing of a scripture story, some glue and crayons? Then, have the children decorate the picture with the fabric, using it as clothing for the people in the story, and coloring the remainder of the picture. As the children work, the teacher can tell the story, and bring the students into it by asking questions about the pictures. There are still other ideas on how to teach the books of the Bible.

In thinking about teaching the books of the Bible, memorization is a good exercise for students of the scriptures, and is even commanded in the Old Testament. "Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul..." "And ye shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up" (Deuteronomy 11:1-19 KJV).

Another approach on how to teach the books of Bible truths is to use music as a platform. The scripture can be made into little songs and put to music for the children to sing. This would be a great drill for repetitive learning which has now been made more pleasant. Also, characters from each scripture section can be incorporated into the songs, and the songs then categorized according to the particular portion of scripture to which they pertain. Not only will the children learn to sing together in unison, but they'll be learning all the divisions of the Holy Scriptures, and quickly too. Perhaps they'll even learn to sing all of it backwards! As a musical visual aid, the teacher can create a large guide made out of poster board with all the parts of the Holy Scriptures listed throughout its pages. Then, as the song progresses, the children can follow along. Teaching the books of the Bible then will become a regular part of the children's musical curriculum.

Surely there are some glamorous ways on how to teach the truths of the Bible to those future budding movie stars who are among some of those children in the classroom. Even if there isn't, children love to act out scenes with each other. It gives children the opportunity to experience life in the shoes of the particular characters who are being studied. They may even take this example and learn how to teach the books of the Bible to their un-churched friends! Perhaps a scene from the story of Jesus can be acted out, with one child playing the part of Mary, one playing Joseph, another child playing animal parts, and others angels. Another idea would be to have the children pick a situation in the Word, and ask each child how they would respond if a particular thing were said to them by that character. This will help the students to think about how to respond to messages in the Word,and begin to personalize the message. Soon the children will begin to associate certain stories and parables with the parts of the scripture where they are located. This is a pleasant way for teachers to teach children how to learn the various portions of the scripture.

Teaching the books of the Bible to adults is far less labor-intensive, but more cerebral. Therefore the approach should be more mature. Adults enjoy receiving tools to assist in expanding and reinforcing their memories. Some suggested tools could be bookmarks with the parts of the Word written on them. Perhaps the tomes can be divided into sections. The first section could be entitled "The Pentatuch", and then list the first five divisions of the Old Testament under the heading. Then, the next section could be titled "The Prophets", the next "The Poems", etc. This serves to break up the 66 parts into manageable portions and associated themes. Another solution could be to break the adults into pairs, and have them work through flashcards of the scripture divisions with each other. Still another approach could be to have fun quiz games by dividing the people into groups or teams. Perhaps pit them against each other to make it competitive. Making these games a regular part of the curriculum will ensure everyone learns the divisions and enjoys the process. Then, teaching the books of the Bible to adults will become a fun task for any teacher.

While there are many more ways to learn how to teach the books of the Bible, the ideas expressed above should give most teachers a good head start in doing so. Just remember to know and understand the audience, have interesting materials, and show enthusiasm for the subject.

Quotes From The Bible

Quotes from the Bible can be used by individuals to develop a better sense of who God is. The beauty of looking for these quotations is that they are everywhere. These resources will help an individual understand the Lord better. Probably the most used of the famous Bible quotes is going to be John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." People will find this Bible verse at sporting events. This is the first verse that many people learn, especially in vacation Bible school and many other church related events or activities. This verse provides the entire salvation message that God has offered to the world. From the verse people can determine that God loved the world so much that he sent Jesus Christ (his son) to die on the cross for the sins of the world. After that the verse simply says that whoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life in Heaven. There are many other life lessons to be learned through the Holy Word of God, but this is the most important and useful lesson to be aware of.

Love is another common topic or theme that is shown throughout the Word of God. Of the many writings in the Word, Corinthians carries many of the famous Bible quotes on love. "Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away." (1 Corinthians 13:8) This entire passage is often read at weddings because it is one of the greatest quotes from the Bible. The other great thing about this quote is that the spirit of the Lord is completely and truly represented throughout. God is love and is very much represented that way in this book. This passage is a great one to study because it is easy to understand who God is. Many people will take this passage as a way to understand how to love one another. But what many do not realize is that this is actually the way that the Lord loves humans. He is the Lord who loves His people in a way that bears all things, believes all things, and endures all things. Christians must hold fast to the truth of that passage.

The great thing about the words from this Holy book is what can be learned from them. Famous Bible quotes become that way for a reason. After a while these writings from the Bible can even seem a little trite. But it is important to never lose sight of that even if they are famous; these scriptures still are the word of the Lord. Unfortunately, when things are used too much in culture and society, people often like to reject them. But Christians must never forget how important it is that the Lord is speaking through these quotes from the Bible. The Lord wants people to hear His voice in whatever He is teaching us at the moment. To reject Him is to reject what Christians know to be good, pure, and true. Individuals should never let what is natural effect what is good. The Lord wants all followers to see Him in every part of the Word of God, even the quotes that get overused. The most important thing is to hear the Lord.

Since so many quotations do tend to get overused, another hard thing is simply that they are not taken seriously or studied correctly. Many people look at famous Bible quotes as things that stand alone. The problem with this thought process is that words are often taken out of context. When individuals take these quotes from the Bible out of context, the message is not properly being used. The only thing that people are able to get is the direct statement. There is a famous quotation about the Lords strength. People take this verse out of context completely, forgetting the verses before or after it. Individuals can not make this decision about the quotes that are heard. Christians must be truth seekers in everything that is done. In order to truly seek the truth, individuals must seek the Lord.

The Lord will show Christians the scriptures and writings from the Word that He wants them to see. With these words, Christians should never stop asking Him to share His heart with them in the quotes. The Lord wants everyone to know Him deeper through these quotes. Christians must never forget to honor the Lord and what He has given through the Word of God. To take these verses out of context is to reduce the impact of the statements. Individuals should strive to keep the statement the way that the Lord originally intended it to be to keep the integrity and truth of these scriptures.

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