Men's Bible Study

A men's Bible study can provide much needed support for men who are looking for spiritual guidance, growth and accountability through Bible studies. Many churches, organizations and para church ministries offer exciting group meetings for men that address a wide range of subjects and needs. A ladies Bible study is also of extreme interest to many women who are looking for support, strength and mentorship that is often facilitated through biblical curriculum. The interest in scriptural studies is apparent today through the huge selection of topics available through Christian bookstores, curriculum companies and online websites.

Biblical focused classes for both ladies and men's groups include books of the Scripture, topical studies and issue studies. Topical books have always been important as well as popular for many Sunday school classes throughout the years. An upsurge in interest regarding topical and issue studies have taken place especially in the last 20 years. A topical issue can include anything from leadership in the home to dealing with pornography. Hard hitting issues that affect especially a men's Bible study are important in providing self help material that can be offered in the safety of a men only group.

These sessions present another way to address pertinent issues that affect particularly women such as abuse topics, self image issues and the roles of women regarding family and church. The variety that is offered by many Christian resource companies is staggering and continues to grow for both men's and women's interests. The interest in these sessions not only comes from professing Christians, but also comes from those who may be searching for the answers to life. A ladies Bible study indicates that an interest in spirituality is on the rise in many sectors of the country among those who know nothing of the gospel of Christ.

The void left by secular humanism in schools, government and culture is displaying itself by the emptiness found in young people who have yet to find something to make them feel whole. Many times a well placed women's or men's Bible study can draw a searching person into the group simply by the topic of interest. Group meetings tend to offer a more neutral place to visit for those who do not know Christ. Small groups that form to include anyone within the study can be very appealing to those who would not normally darken the door of an established church.

The message of Christ can be presented in a discussion format guided by a men's or ladies Bible study book or curriculum which can offer answers and spiritual opportunities to a lost person. Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). Presenting the truth through a non-threatening format is the objective of many womens and gentlemen's studies. Biblical studies can be offered in someone's home, in a neutral location or in a church. The opportunities to reach, teach and grow people abound through the many different lesson resources.

Scriptural studies can be found for any variety of needs regarding discipleship depth or level of information to be studied. A men's Bible study can be formed that revolves around reaching the lost by bringing friends to the study. Other ladies Bible studies can be presented that offer inductive studies that cover books of the Bible in depth and with personal application. There are intensive studies that offer companion products such as videos, CDs, workbooks, and other lesson aids. Some are offered with a teachers manual and student books. Most Bible studies are designed to be led by a host or teacher and are easily implemented. Some study products for both classes may require equipment in order to use the companion products.

Equipment such as a DVD player, overhead projector for PowerPoint or a VCR may be needed for studies that offer this format. If a simple biblical study that is led completely by a host is preferred, there are many books and study guides to help a student along. There are even online classes for men's or ladies Bible studies that are available at many Christian websites. Internet discipleship and evangelism is a growing trend in our computer savvy world. Scriptural information has never before been so available for both men's and ladies Bible study purposes.

If interested in having a ladies or men's Bible study in one's home, church or other venue, there are many online sources that offer a huge variety of materials. Keep in mind that a well placed ladies Bible study or a men's group can be the start of something important in the lives of those who attend. "For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." (Hebrews 4:12)

Genuine Leather Bible Covers

There are genuine leather Bible covers to fit any size Bible. Covers come in several colors and types depending on the preferences of the purchaser. Also, these accessories can be found almost anywhere such as in retail stores in mall areas, bookstores, family Bible stores or even craft stores. No matter where the cover is found, genuine leather Bible covers will protect the Bible for many years to come and in fact, is the best type of protection that can be purchased, because it wears so well. If a leather product is not what is wanted, then there are certainly a lot of other types available to suit anyone. Pastors and laypersons enjoy purchasing them due to their durability and style. Students like them because they wear so well and look good too. Perhaps women would prefer something different like a purse style Bible cover.

Purse style Bible covers are just as prevalent and popular as are the genuine leather Bible covers for sale everywhere. Purse style coverings make carrying the Bible much more convenient for women, because often times women are carrying so many other things like purses, diaper bags, groceries or even children! However if leather is still the preferred material, these accessories can be obtained in purse-style as well. Not only can these be purchased with handles, but with zippers, snap closures or even ties. Coverings also have pockets on the outside where important studies and handouts can be inserted for easy access later on. Pockets are available on the inside too in case one is worried about items falling out too easily. There are zippered pockets too for that loose change or tissues that are now within easy reach during church.

Genuine leather Bible covers as well as purse style Bible covers make great gifts for any birthday or holiday. Who wouldn't enjoy receiving a leather covering complete their name on the front? How about presenting leather encased scriptures for graduation or on the advent of a wedding!? Names can be embossed on the front in silver, black, red or even gold lettering which makes the product even more stylish. Perhaps the Word can be chosen with leaves embossed with gold on the edges. When paired with a black leather covering, the book would look absolutely stunning. Think about pairing red-edged pages or silver-edged pages with various color protectors for a very special effect, or even color coordination for people who are more difficult to please.

Of course genuine leather does not have to be plain. Decorative leather appliqus are available for men and women in bold or conservative looks. Brushed suede would look very nice and feels great under the touch. Both men and women would enjoy these! Coverings are also available with cross designs, in leopard skin, in shocking pink or dark red leather. What about multi-colored pastel stripes for that always on the go teen in the household? Teenagers love bright colors because they are as bold as they are. These types are especially available as purse style Bible covers. Teens may also enjoy using purse style Bible covers that look like backpacks in bright green. These are for those adventurous outgoing people who love to be outdoors. Younger folks would be pleased with protectors that look like characters from Christian animated films.

Some folks wear denim all day long and even to church. Denim protectors would be appropriate for these people and are as casual as the people who use them. No need to be careful with these - the material will wear very well for years to come. Mothers are always taking and collecting pictures of friends and family. There are even products that have windows where pictures can be slid right into the top and can be viewed at all times. Nothing like taking the family everywhere! For the man who loves cargo pants, there are even coverings that look like cargo pants. Wow!

Perpetual students understand the importance of staying organized at every moment. Therefore students will enjoy receiving accessories that look like the notebook organizers that are carried from class to class. This is just one more way to keep them organized and on the go. If snaps and zippers are too time consuming, closures with Velcro are the way to go. These can be opened and closed with just one hand, whereas zippers and snap closures require two hands to get the job done. And don't worry about the size of the outer compartments, because one can fit cell phones, compacts, lipsticks, index cards or any other similarly sized object into them for ease of use later on.

For anyone who desires to keep the Word in tip top shape year after year, it would be beneficial to ensure that whatever protective product is purchased is stain resistant, scratch resistant and smudge-proof. Any genuine leather Bible accessory can be made resistant to this type of damage, just by spending a little extra to have it done. Also, do not worry about size, because these products can be produced in almost any size to fit the size Bible one has. Just be sure the accessory fits snugly around all of the corners so that wear doesn't become evident after a short period of time. Fit is very important, and the correct fit will ensure that the product will remain nice looking for quite some time, and protect the precious Word. Christians should be careful to protect the Word because it is precious. "Oh how I love thy law! It is my meditation all the day" (Psalm 119:97 KJV).

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