Ten Commandments Coloring Pages

Many Bible teachers have utilized ten commandments coloring pages or played some type of ten commandments game for kids in order to impress these principles upon their students' hearts and minds. However, the decalogue has come under attack lately in the public sphere. Debates over whether it is suitable to allow the display of these religious symbols in the nation's courthouses and other public buildings and government offices has swept to an all-time high. Some people protest the apparent mixing of religion into the government sphere, not realizing that the principles entwined within these very commandments are the reasons that many of these institutions came into existence in the first place. Most of the world's civilizations have, knowingly or not, enshrined these principles within the laws governing their countries.

As many people already know, the ten commandments were given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. They can be divided into two sections. The first four rules have to do with our relationship with God, and the second division deals with our relationship with others. However, this division is rather artificial. All of the laws relate to our relationship with God, since He gave them to us. This division merely serves as a memory aid as a person looks closer at the implications of these laws for his or her life.

Parents and Bible teachers realize the importance of instilling the commandments within the lives of their children and students. These days there are many more resources to choose from than rote memory work to assure that these principles will have an ongoing influence in the world for years to come. There are ten commandments coloring pages, ebooks, and websites. Several examples of a ten commandments game for kids can be purchased. Generally, these provide for review of the principles by utilizing questions which can be answered by referring to the applicable law. Bulletin board ideas are available on websites for Sunday School teachers, which bring these rules to the student's attention in clever and memorable ways.

Websites which offer ten commandments coloring pages often include links to other related sites. Printable game boards and crafts found at these online sites allow for assembling interesting discovery activities quickly. Suggestions and lesson plans for use by parents and Bible teachers make it simple to construct interesting and enjoyable lessons which teach the ten commandments and their application to everyday life. Biblical figures in authentic dress may be printed in a colorful format which can be used as part of displays or made into flannelgraph characters to illustrate the lesson.

These printable figures may also be created in an outline format so that they may be used as coloring pages for the children. They may then be incorporated into bulletin boards or taken home by the child as a tangible reminder of the lessons learned. One site offered printouts of a train with a number of cars which could be attached, week by week, as the child learned each commandment. An oversized example of this craft could become part of classroom decorations and allow for future reinforcement of the principles. A weekly craft involving ten commandments coloring pages could also be assembled into an inexpensive booklet which could be taken home at the end of the Sunday School quarter. Weekly lessons which explained the laws individually and offered suggestions for incorporating them into the lives of students could help assure that the children understood the meaning behind each ruling. Printable game boards and tokens for a ten commandments game for kids is available online to reinforce the decalogue and provide concrete instances of the ways these rules apply to one's daily life.

One issue that any teacher of the decalogue will have to deal with at some point is the fact that no man or woman is capable of successfully keeping all of these commands all of the time. This may trouble some students who sincerely want to please God. However, in the providence of God, this can become an opportunity to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although no one is righteous, Jesus died to pay the price for man's transgressions.

Some may suggest that since salvation is by faith, instead of by keeping the Law, then the ten principles are no longer relevant. However, if one examines Scripture closely, he or she can see that the ten commandments continue to be very relevant. Aside from providing a model for daily living, they become a means for each person to arrive at the realization that he or she is unable to keep the demands of the Law in perfect righteousness. As Paul writes in Galatians 3:24, Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. Without having a model of the attitudes and behavior which please God, we would not understand the concept of sin or know what to pursue or avoid in order to live in a righteous way. Therefore, in the midst of protests about the propriety of displaying the decalogue, Christian parents and teachers quietly teach these principles to their children and students. As teachers provide ten commandments coloring pages for their students or a parent invests in a ten commandments game for kids, they are continuing to assure that the godly principles enshrined within the ten commandments will continue to exert an influence for righteousness not only upon their children's lives, but for generations to come.

Free Bible Coloring Pages

An emerging technology, electronic free Bible coloring pages help kids learn about God in a fun, interactive way, right from a home or school PC. Kids can have hours of entertainment downloading Christian oriented line art images that can be colored in from a bright palette of 24 different hues. Bible story coloring pages vividly depict favorite characters: Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the Lion's Den, David and Goliath, Jesus in the Water, or Noah and the Ark and more. Free pages include digital drawings with Christian holiday themes for Christmas, Easter, or Passover. Colored images can be used for children's church, vacation Bible school, Bible studies, home schooling, or Sunday School classes. Teachers can use downloaded images as the basis for large or small scale plays or games, while children can dress up as Bible characters or act out scenes depicted from digital pages.

Not since the first coloring book's debut in 1879 have children had so much fun making images and imaginations come to life! The late 19th century "Little Folks Paint Book" pales in comparison to today's electronic versions! Instead of using traditional crayons, markers, or pencils on paper, free Bible coloring pages require a computer, monitor and mouse. Children log onto any number of coloring book provider sites and download pages. Kids just click a color button and hold the curser over the part of the picture they want to change. Just one more click of the mouse magically transfers pixels of color onto the artwork and automatically fills the area in. Repeating this process until the entire image is painted creates a beautifully hued piece of artwork that can be downloaded and printed on an ink jet, laser printer, or copier. Bible story coloring pages can be printed and duplicated in mass or emailed to a single individual or hundreds. Instead of sending free ecards, children can send digitally colored downloads for Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or any other occasion to celebrate a love for Christ!

Teaching today's children about the Word of God can be challenging. With so much secular influence through the media and electronic entertainment, twenty-first century youngsters have a lot of visual stimuli vying for their attention. Most kids cut their teeth on keyboards and use cell phones as pacifiers. In order to keep children engaged in wholesome Christian education, teachers and parents need to employ some Biblically-based technological savvy. In addition to ease of usage, Bible story coloring pages point children to Jesus Christ, rather than introducing them to questionable secular cartoons full of objectionable graphics and subtle, yet damaging messages. Responsible parents and educators can provide stimulating educational materials that are morally and ethically suitable for young developing minds. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).

Even teachers or parents who don't have home or classroom PCs accessible to students can easily download Bible story coloring pages for bulletin boards or activity time. Students can color black and white line images just like regular books, only with a Biblically-based theme and Christian message. Electronic graphics make great witnessing tools for un-churched children and can be shared with youngsters who may not know Jesus Christ. Classes can make a school project from digitally colored images to email to servicemen overseas or foreign electronic pen pals. A great class project would be to find and download free Bible coloring pages, color digitally, and create an entire children's book! Teachers can add scripture verses, Christian word searches, or fill-in-the-blank games to each page for hours of wholesome fun with a distinctly different slant towards learning about God.

The advantage to using electronic free Bible coloring pages is obvious: no more crayon-covered walls, markers that dry out after a few uses, or spills from messy watercolors; not to mention the cost of buying paper books which cause clutter in the kids room and cost the environment in precious trees. Digital images load fast and can be colored again and again. Kids can download and color electronic pages anywhere they have access to a computer. Planning a long trip? Take a laptop PC, log onto a provider site, and let the children entertain themselves for hours on end. Studies indicate that electronic painting helps stimulate a child's hand/eye coordination and may help hyperactive and autistic children focus for longer periods of time. User-friendly electronic technology may be less frustrating for kids who have troubling holding crayons or markers, or who may easily get discouraged trying to color between the lines in a paper coloring book. Because of its point-and-click technology, even physically impaired children should have no problem maneuvering the mouse and pointer along the areas of the page.

To access free Bible coloring pages, teachers, students, and parents simply browse electronic coloring book provider websites. Using a good search engine will help locate those offering Christian books. Many providers will require registration before free pages can be downloaded and colored, but the process is relatively quick and simple. No-cost registration is available on most sites which largely depend on Internet advertising to provide free downloads. Once on the site, parents and children should be careful to select Christian or Bible tabs from menus. Users can simply follow the instructions to view hundreds of images, make selections, and start digitally coloring for Christ!

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