Young Adult Bible Study Guides

Young adult Bible studies help teen develop deeper knowledge and understanding of their faith. Many teens are equipped with little Biblical knowledge, and small group studies can help the mature in their faith and provide a clearer understanding of God's Word and the critical foundations of the Christian faith. Young adult Bible study guides are one of the most popular and helpful methods for leading a group of teens and young adults in an examination of the Word. Quality guides are designed to be engaging and relevant for teens, making the Scripture easy to learn, understand, and memorize. Above all else, these curriculum guides must be accurate and each the doctrines of the faith accurately and clearly. Selecting the right guides for a youth group takes time, but once leaders find the right one, they will be pleased with the results.

A good teacher or leader is a key component to the effectiveness of any small group setting. The teacher doesn't have to be young, but should be someone who relates well with teens. In young adult Bible studies, there should be a small group of teens so that each student gets personal attention from the teacher. It is important that teens can bond with one another as well as with their teacher as they examine God's Word together. Conversations should involve open discussion in a casual environment. Many youth groups set up their rooms to include computers or couches, making the environment comfortable and non-threatening. Strict classroom settings often cause students to close up and avoid involvement in the lesson. Engaging questions as well as relevant topics can help create relaxed setting where teens feel comfortable sharing thoughts and questions about topics raised in each lesson.

There are a variety of formats available, but most studies contain similar elements. Young adult Bible study guides generally contain Scripture passages as well as commentaries. Sometimes these guides are within a Bible, referred to as Student Bibles. These Bibles contain stories, Scripture histories, commentaries, and questions. Although this type of Bible is made for all ages, youth leaders will want to choose one aimed at youth. This is because it will address topics that affect today's youth such as abstinence, peer pressure, dating, and college choices. Separate guides work in much the same way as Student Bibles. The only difference is that they only pull select verses and Scripture passages contained in a smaller booklet, which often requires youth to complete a reading and questions weekly. This type of curriculum is helpful for young adult Bible studies because it guides teens through Scripture and requires teen to reflect upon carefully constructed and thought-provoking questions. Most studies contain lessons on various topics for teens that are both relevant and revealing about the nature of God. A lesson on love might contain New Testament Scripture where Jesus speaks on love. As the students read the Scripture, they can see commentary on the meaning of the word "love" and various translations. Youth can also read about real life examples of love and how each relates to what Jesus says. The lessons help teens see all dimensions of Jesus' words through one simple lesson.

Major bookstores, especially Christian bookstores are the most popular place to locate and purchase studies. There are also publishers who offer catalogs of young adult Bible study guides. Catalogs can be viewed online or one can call to receive a print version. The advantage to purchasing a young adult guide from a local bookstore is that the leader is able to evaluate all the content and lessons for quality and relevance. Catalogs and websites will provide a brief description, which is helpful but not as beneficial as being able to leaf though the entire booklet. Most leaders select lessons based upon the current needs of the small group. Perhaps the group is comprised of youth relatively new to Christianity who need a lesson on the basics of the faith. Leaders should evaluate which lessons are of greatest need to the group or provide a small list of choices from which youth can choose. Leaders should also be sure the teachings of the studies match the doctrine and beliefs of the church. Leaders may want to search for guides specific to their denomination. The national or international website for each denomination may provide free materials or samples of the guides that the denomination publishes for students. Many nondenominational churches and Christian youth ministries provide similar materials so take the time to look at their websites as well.

Studying the Word is so important to bringing up the next generation for Christ. However, teaching teens can be a challenge because there are many distractions to compete with. With good, comprehensive studies in young adult Bible studies that are relaxed and open, it will be easier to reach youth and get them involved in learning about the Bible. When a teachers selects the right materials for Bible studies, he or she should not hesitate to ask teens what they like or dislike about the young adult Bible study guides. Use these preferences to select a guide that will most appeal to them. Letting them know that they have a choice regarding the materials will make them feel more in control of their Bible investigation. As the teacher, pray about the decision and let God handle the rest. He too desires that we properly learn all about Him and His Word. "Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments." (Psalm 119:73)

Teen Bible Study

Youth Bible studies provide a great opportunity for children and teens to study the Word of God together. Sharing God with children and teens who believe in God is a wonderful way to spread Christian love and lead others to understanding of the Bible. A study program can provide a safe forum where children and teenagers can express their true feelings about the world and their faith in Jesus Christ. In this day and time there are many trials that children must face in schools and at home that require a strong faith in God. Offering youth Bible studies can be a way to open the door to salvation to those who may not have accepted Jesus as their personal savior. Children attending church may carry strong beliefs, but the large crowds in some churches may deter them from reaching out for salvation while in church. A small youth gathering would provide that opportunity to accept the salvation that God has provided through His Son. Developing a group for youths can also allow children and teens to bring friends from school or the neighborhood that may not go to church and are in need of salvation. These types of programs provide many benefits for children growing up in the world today.

As Christians, children and teens can come together in these studies to share the Word of God. Churches and Sunday school classes are excellent sources of knowledge and learning, but taking the time to develop a class, outside of the church can be very beneficial to children. With a teen Bible study program, there are usually no time limits. The program may last for an hour, or the children may feel the need to share and worship together for hours at a time. Also, the setting for this type of program is much more comfortable than a church setting. Many of these youth bible studies are held in the homes of the youth directors or pastors of a church. This setting allows the group to be comfortable, unlike many programs inside the church. Most importantly, the mere studying of the Bible can offer children and teens a much better understanding of the Word. There are many stories and parables that relate to everyday life. Children need to understand these stories and life lessons in order to be prepared for the things that life may have in store for them in the future.

This world can be a very trying place, especially for children. School shootings, war, terrorism, and natural disasters seem to shake the foundations of the world on a daily basis. These issues can be very scary for a child or teenager trying to understand the world and their Christianity. These small, intimate groups are a wonderful place to address the youths feelings and emotions on the things that are happening in the world. In the comfort of a small group with Christian friends on all sides, children may open up and share their cares and concerns about these and other issues that are on their minds. A teen Bible study program is also a great place to teach about social issues that arise, especially in high schools. Premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, and rebellion are only a few of the things that often turn children in high school away from God. Social acceptance and becoming part of a group of friends is a very important part of the high school years. Individuals are struggling for an identity within a group that fits the personality of the teenager. Peer pressure can drive anyone, including Christians, to turn from God and choose things that do not glorify Him. Using a youth Bible study program may be a way for teenagers to speak out against these issues, allowing others to see the need to stand up for faith and turn away from friends who may not be Christians.

Not only can these meetings be important to Christian youth, but those who may not know Jesus as savior will have an opportunity to learn about the ways of God. When teenagers take part in a teen Bible study, they will often bring friends from school to take part in the study. Friends or other members of the group, who have not sought salvation, can do so in the comfort and safety of this group that has formed to share Gods Word. Young friends, gathered together to share the love of God, are eager to bring others to salvation. Christian love is not only about loving God, but bringing others to Him so they can know his love and acceptance.

These study groups provide opportunities to share God with friends from church. This can be done in a very comfortable setting where everyone is much more secure and free to speak what is on their minds. A teen Bible study program allows individuals to share feelings and emotions about the world and the temptations or problems that exist. Many teenagers must face daily temptations like premarital sex, drugs, and alcohol on an almost daily basis at high schools across the country. Sharing these temptations and the success of not giving in to temptation can be beneficial for all members of the group who may experience peer pressure in the future. Not only are youth Bible studies for Christians, they are a great place to bring friends from school who may not be believers or followers of Jesus Christ. A teen Bible study program can be beneficial to all involved. Sharing Christs love and salvation with others is one of the most important parts of being a Christian. "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8:38-39)

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