Youth Bible Studies On Commitment

Youth Bible studies on commitment give young people a fresh look at what God's word says about being responsible and living a life devoted to him. Many of us will confess that we have tried the life of putting self first and not giving much time to thoughts about God. Let us give the life of commitment to God an opportunity so that we may compare the differences. Putting priorities in order usually relieves stress and chaos in life. God brings a peace and contentment that cannot be experienced any other way. Most people are bombarded, day in and day out, with overwhelming stresses and chaotic lifestyles. When they learn to put God first in their lives, they can experience a new perspective. As they learn to trust him, they can come to the understanding that He is in control and He is working out all those stressful occurrences for good. Youth Bible studies on commitment include important issues such as choosing the right friends and making choices everyday concerning faithfulness. The people we choose to spend time with are constantly influencing us. Youth Bible studies on friends offers wisdom as to why choices we make concerning friends are so important.

Many pertinent resources offer real-life examples from scriptural characters who experienced the same types of temptations and choices that are faced today. The story of Joseph brings a picture of a young man who, through ill treatment by his siblings, chose to remain committed to God. Joseph's commitment to the Lord brought him success in everything he did. Even when he was in prison, God gave him favor with the chief jailer. Through that continuous faithfulness to God, Joseph excelled in everything he tried to do. Finally, Joseph was put in a high position under Pharaoh and was given the opportunity to bless the children of Israel and his own family. Read the story of Joseph through youth Bible studies on commitment and find out how being committed to God can make a difference in life. Part of being committed to God is being obedient to his word and making choices about living godly lives. One very important choice that has lasting implications is choosing the right friends. Youth Bible studies on friends provide a biblical perspective on how important this decision is. If a young person's friends are not committed to Christ and are doing things that are immoral or perhaps just unwise, the best choice may be for that person to limit contact and seek other more suitable companions.

As we study the Bible we learn that, time and time again, when the children of Israel mingled with unbelievers they were influenced to worship other Gods. God told them not to intermarry with other people. King Solomon's heart became divided because of the influence of his many wives and worshipping other gods. Oftentimes our intentions are good but when we subject ourselves to influences of others we can be swayed or change our minds. Believers must remember the importance of surrounding themselves with other like-minded Christians who live godly lives and remember the Lord everyday. It is too easy to be slowly led astray without realizing the drift. Youth Bible studies on friends encourage praying everyday, reading and studying God's word everyday, and living a life that is pleasing to God.

Resources for youth Bible studies on commitment may be found in bookstores as well as online through a number of Web sites. They can be conducted as group studies or done independently. Such studies will encourage the participants to make godly choices when choosing companions, as well as when choosing what is put into the mind. God's word will renew the mind. Filling one's mind with thoughts of the goodness, truth, and loveliness of God will result in a more fulfilling life than doing the opposite. After King Solomon's heart was turned away from God, bad things happened. Bad choices can bring about bad consequences. Worldly friends turn young hearts from God. Do a search online for youth Bible studies on friends and meditate on God's word and pray about making the right choices when choosing friends.

Learning about the faithfulness of God through his word brings an understanding about what it means to be committed. Youth Bible studies on commitment teach the importance of faithfulness. God was faithful to send his son, Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins. Our commitment to God should guarantee our faithfulness to him, as well. Sometimes circumstances cause doubt and temptation, making it very difficult to remain faithful to the commitment we have made. The Holy Spirit will help during these times of weakness. When experiencing doubt and confusion it is essential to continue with Bible study, prayer and choosing the right friends. In fact, it is often during these times that the fruit of past Bible studies on commitment bear fruit. "Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds." (Psalms 36:5)

Free Printable Youth Bible Studies

Free printable youth bible studies provide lessons that expand on teachings in the Bible guiding youth in learning important truths in God's Word. Some studies can be used from the Internet by downloading to a computer or printing a hard copy. Youth's today are usually very adept with the computer and can follow an online bible topic expertly. Bible study that are printable are available for many age groups and come with many formats and topics. Some studies ask vital questions concerning real life choices made by young people everyday. These same studies provide teachings on various subjects hard for the average Sunday School teacher to find answers for themselves. The lessons available online usually have additional resources enlivening the youth class and make the lesson's topic more pertinent to the scripture.

Doing indepth research on sin and the implications of whether it is possible for one to not sin, might be explored through bible study that are printable. Lessons will cover topics such as what the Bible says about sin; how the Holy Spirit give us power over sin; what steps can be taken when we are tempted to sin. Free youth bible studies offer life applications to real issues that young Christians face frequently. We all are tempted to sin at times, but even as adults we appreciate information that answers real life concerns. Years ago many different items of youth oriented paraphernalia became popular with the question "what would Jesus do?" This is a key question that adolescents need to learn to ask when temptation arises. We need to equip our youth with the free printable youth bible studies that teach about the character of Jesus. If they don't know Jesus, it is impossible for them to answer this question. Youth studies bringing the topic to life in a real application manner will stick with them longer and reveal deeper truths than will a simple review of scripture.

Bible study that are printable should teach our youth what the word of God says about behavior and right living. Putting God first in everything is one of the most important lessons for us to learn, no matter what age. The Bible teaches that Joshua had success in everything he did because God's word was the authoritative priority in his life. Obeying God's word is essential in following through with life application. Along with this teaching emphasis should be placed upon the importance of relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit to help one overcome temptation. Jesus told us that he had to go to heaven so the Holy Spirit could come. The Holy Spirit is our comforter, and counselor. He will guide us into all truth and teach us about Jesus. These free youth bible studies usually include teachings on this important person of the Trinity.

Adolescent development and behavior are key considerations with youth bible studies. The conflicts that adolescents face in their pursuit of independence but at times longing to remain a child, causes emotional upheaval. Adolescents experience worry and fear. As they learn about environmental issues, war related issues, and sexually transmitted diseases being prevalent today, they worry about their futures. Christ teaches us that we can take our worries to him and we can let go of them. "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:5-7). Print out free printable youth bible studies available online and find out how this might help a child to learn to apply the teachings in God's word through prayer.

While growing up may seem attractive to youths, they are constantly bombarded with conflicting thoughts. Boys dream of living in Neverland where they can remain a boy forever and never have to worry about growing up. Girls dream of being a princess and finding their Prince Charming and living happily ever after one day. The realities of life creep in day by day as youths realize growing up is inevitable. Life can bring challenges in the process of growing up and this is why it is vital to teach a child about trusting in God through free printable youth bible studies. Many adults dream of being a child again with no cares and having parents to take care of their needs. Reality sneaks in and once again thoughts of impending responsibilities weigh us down. Christ has promised us that to give us peace and strength to live this life. He knows exactly what we go through because of His experience of living on this earth for 33 years thereby understanding our weaknesses and temptations. Do a search on the Internet for bible study that are printable and learn what God's word says about taking care of personal needs.

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