Religious Cults

Cults have been in existence in America for a very long time. These groups are everywhere, and sometimes in places where they would not be expected, like churches and small towns. Satanic groups can be found inside churches, attempting to recruit members and turn people away from God. Religious cults in America have a wide range of belief systems and ideas. Even Christian sects have come about, especially in the last fifty years. These are often considered to be the most dangerous because the average Christian would never suspect that a Christian organization was working toward anything but witnessing to others about God. But these types of factions actually are the easiest ones to get swayed by. Christians should never assume that involvement with a cult is not a possibility because so many of these organizations exist.

Most of the time, a religious cult will be disguised in the form of a lucrative ministry. Usually, these types of cults are marked by some type of leader with a great knowledge of the Bible. He will refer to himself as the pastor of this ministry. The reason that these groups are different than satanic factions is that they hide behind God instead of blatantly go against God. These religious cults in America are incredibly frightening because people have no idea what to expect. Many times the members will have no idea that they're part of a cult. It seems to be the work of the Lord, but, in truth, the leader is brainwashing people into believing what he wants them to believe.

The makeup of these groups or factions may or may not be so evident. Satanic groups are obvious cults to many people. They deal with the forces of darkness do not try to hide this fact. However, even with this type of group, people are brainwashed with details, facts, and promises of everlasting life. Groups in this scenario are brainwashed differently then religious cults, especially those involving Christianity, but still deal with the indoctrination of outrageous ideas. Often, the people involved in these groups will be convinced that it is their only way to a family. They are lonely and need somewhere to belong. A cult, much like a gang or even a family, promises security, love, and a sense of belonging. For other important topics like religious cults, visit our Bible resources.

Satanic groups can consciously be avoided if the Christian individual has a strong belief in God and makes a clear choice to stay away from this type of organization. Psedeo-Christian groups will look for those who have a bad family life or a bad relationship with their parents. It is much easier to speak lies into someones life if there is not much truth there in the first place. Many times a group will try to get people as early as high school since these are the years when the individual is insecure and in need of belonging. Members will work hard to make a person think they belong to something that is greater than the individual, but in reality, the person is working with a group that is against the Lord.

Understanding the difference between a friendly Christian organization and a cult may be difficult, but there are usually key elements that people will identify. Christian cults will almost always have a leader who is incredibly charismatic in his speech. This will help people like him more and make it easier to get followers. This is the type of man who will spend hours speaking to people. There have been many organizations of this nature in the past few decades. The leaders attempt to elevate themselves to the status of a god, leading the entire group away from the teachings of the Bible.

To avoid getting wrapped up in these false organizations, a person must be walking with the Lord and seeking truth from the Bible. Following the will and ways of God will allow anyone to see the truth and avoid these groups. Religious cults in America will not have a chance if Christians are actively spending time with the Lord. He will show people exactly what He wants from them and will provide a sense of belonging. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." (Revelation 3:20)

Christian evangelism is reaching out in different ways to spread the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Living out life in a way that honors God and shows His love to others is vital. Sharing the Gospel is something that might not require preaching to someone from the Bible but rather, with one's actions. Living life so that people see Christ is what God intends. When people see something different in a Christian but can't put their finger on it, it's usually because the person is living their life in a way that expresses godliness. It's not because the Christian walks around in a haughty manner, looking down on the world. It's because he or she lives life in love. The Christian lives life in an expression of thankfulness and worship to God. Learn God's Word by taking our Evangelism Bible Quiz.

Some people think that evangelizing has to do with people standing on a street corner talking about fire and brimstone, telling people they are going to go to hell if they don't repent of their sins. Some people are turned off to Christian evangelism because those who express it do it from a judgmental attitude and not one done in love. That is why spreading the Gospel can be a big turn off to people and they want nothing to do with those who call themselves believers. Those who are hypocritical and judgmental would make others run in the other direction, not wanting to hear the Good News of Christ.

Evangelizing has different names and forms. Biblical evangelism and Christian evangelism are just two different names conveying the same purpose, to point others toward the Lord. Those who have a heart for evangelizing don't hide the truth about God's Word. They say what the Lord puts on their hearts, even if it's uncomfortable for others to hear. They might use certain tools to convey their message about Jesus. Some people share the Gospel in a tactful manner and sometimes, others do not. This can cause a rift between people if evangelizing is not done in a tactful way. If a Christian goes to a friend and starts preaching to them about fire and brimstone, most likely that friend is going to get turned off of the Gospel. However, if a believer approaches that friend with the Truth that is lived out in love, then the friend might be more open to hearing what the Christian has to say about God. Click here for a list of similar Bible resources.

Love is the most important tool when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Another tool might be the way a message is conveyed. If believers shout from the rooftops condemning people, unbelievers will probably not listen. However, words that love yet still convey the truth about the message of Christ might encourage people to do more listening. God is the One who works on people's hearts through Biblical evangelism. He is the One that can soften them toward Himself.

Christian must remember to live life in a way that so honors the Lord, using evangelizing as a means to show God's love to others. Biblical evangelism can take on many forms, but the most important technique is living in a Christlike manner. Believers need to let that gentle spirit that the Lord has given them speak volumes to those who notice something different in them. "Jesus saith unto him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me'" (John 14:6).

Faith in God

Faith in God is a huge step for many who are struggling with the Lord and their relationship to Him. This type of trust is believing in something even though it is not visible. Many times people with Christian faith walk away from faith and are then turning away from God. Faith in God can be hard when in the midst of trials. Understanding true trust in God takes time. It is important to be patient and have perseverance when discovering a personal relationship with God.

When a person wants to see life the way that God intended it, a person must understand the definition of faith in God. True Christian faith is not about rules and obligations; it is about a relationship with the Father that is absolutely amazing. It is about a shield of faith that never leaves a person no matter how much they want it to. This is all about walking and trusting the Lord. The definition involves a person knowing that He is in control no matter what happens. "For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ." (Philippians 1:19) For more Biblical topics such as evangelism, fasting and prayer and wisdom, visit our Bible resources.

Sometimes the definition of faith can get in the way of real, honest trust. The shield will help faithful people understand what the Lord is doing in their lives. The place of religious belief in life will greatly depend on each person and it is necessary to give the Lord everything in trying to figure out this place in life. Many times this involves people bonding together in community. If people are not allowing themselves to see true Christian faith, then they can easily take away from the community that God wants to provide with other believers. When people reject this, they reject the protection of the Lord that He so desperately wants to give. The Christian faith involves a daily walk with the Lord and will have a lot to do with a heart change. This trust does not depend on how a person feels, but rather the choices that a person is willing to make when concerning personal trust.

Once a person has a good understanding of what this type of trust is, the next step is to figure out a personal plan of how to attain a comfortable level of trust with a particular denomination. Knowing long-term personal goals is important when deciding how to execute or even simply start a journey toward Gods unbelievable gifts that He gives out of trust in Him.

Diet is a word that crosses over everyone's lips at one time or another. Millions of Americans struggle with the affects of being overweight. Being overweight can affect so many different areas of life, from sexuality to public appearances (like at the office), to raising our children, to feeling good about ourselves. But a diet is not just about losing weight. A healthy regiment can offer a person energy, increased mobility, self esteem, and the desire to get out and live again! As the health risks associated with poor eating habits escalate in this country, more and more areas of help are being made available to the person who has a computer. There are free diet plans available and systems published online to help those struggling under the weight of, well, weight.

Everyone has a meal plan; some are haphazard, some healthy, some unhealthy. The idea is to not "go on" a crash eating spree, but to change the person's way of living. Free diet plans can cost the dieter nothing but weight, which will lead to a richer tomorrow. There's no reason to not check out the weight loss programs listed online and find out what foods can help a person achieve a healthier lifestyle and feel better as well. There are different schedules that will work and can be adapted for each individual's situation. Selecting the right one will take research for the individual's personal health circumstances.

For example, a meal schedule high in fiber might be the right direction for a person's current health risks. Studies show that those who eat high amounts of whole grains have lower risks of cancers of the pancreas, colon, stomach, lymphomas, female cancers, and more. Those with hereditary cancer risks should consider a high fiber meal plan to reduce risks. Researching options may also teach the dieter the additional benefits of a high fiber food management, which may also protect against various heart diseases as well as ulcers. For more about other topics like diet, visit our Bible resources.

Online, there are low carb meal plans to study as well as vegetarian meal plans. There are fad food plans and medications to help with dieting. There are so many different plans, many are confused about what works and what does not work with weight loss. Choosing the right diet for the body will be dependent upon a person's current health status, age, and weight. Everyone's situation is truly unique and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. To get the best for your health, check with a doctor and make sure that the free diet plans under consideration are good choices for your situation.

It is important to know that many fad diets are not necessarily the most healthy choices for healthy living. Healthy eating is always the best choice because foods rich in nutrients are simply better for the body. The body needs fuel to function, and giving the body good, clean nutritional fuel will help the body burn that fuel effectively. The bottom line of any food management is eating less and exercising more. Managing what goes into the body is key. When fried foods invade our bodies, we get a sluggish performance all day. When researching options, be sure and select diets that have plenty of fruits and vegetables included in the management course. There is no substitute for feeding your body good foods.

Natural or organic foods are becoming popular, as many believe that the high amounts of sodium and preservatives used in packaged foods today contribute to the weight problems in America. Certainly, fast and instant foods play a contributing factor as well. When looking into a weight-loss program, consider eating as natural as possible. When a person prepares natural or organic foods, the preparation may take longer, but that will be time invested in one's health and body, which he will want to perform for years to come. The apostle Paul said, "I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection" (1 Corinthians 9:27). We have no excuse not to live a healthy lifestyle. Get the research done, and find a diet plan that will help you not only loose weight, but live a healthier lifestyle.

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