Dating, Marriage and Divorce

Dating can be difficult, especially when trying to locate that special someone that fits the mold of the ideal man or woman. Many individuals have an idea of the exact type of person that will be complimentary to their personality, who may also add a sense of adventure and excitement to life. Finding the perfect person is not easy or as clear cut as many people would like to think. A marriage is a matter of love, fun, respect and concern, but also a commitment to stay no matter how tough the going gets. Searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right does not begin with a set of criteria or expectations that should be met. Going out with different people is a time to discover them, who they are, what makes them tick etc. And then to see if they have the same values or beliefs that will keep the relationship going when times get tough. As an individual goes out with a variety of people with contrasting personalities, they will see traits that are appealing and some that are unattractive. This happens with everyone, because individuals are so different. No two people are exactly alike, which is the reason that marriages can be fun but also take a lot of work and understanding.

For the individual who is ready and willing to make a long term commitment, such as marriage, determining who and what a person is looking for in a relationship is the first place to start. As couples get together, each time they learn something more about the opposite sex and often, about themselves. Too many people believe in superficial ideas, such as an attractive person with good hair, teeth, skin quality, and a variety of other physical traits. Others seek mates that have a great deal of money, real estate, or cars. These superficial qualities can only go so far and should not be the basis for a life long commitment. Dating is a time to determine the type of person that not only compliments the personality of the dater, but will provide the love, care, honor, and respect that is required in a relationship. Seeking advice can be a very important part of the process. Many people, especially women, will seek advice through magazine or newspaper columns that deal with relationships and marriage. This is a great way to find information about the process, but the overall characteristics and qualities of the potential mate should rely on things that are important, such as fun, love, respect, encouragement, and a variety of other traits that are important to the individual. For more about other topics like dating and marriage visit our Bible resources.

After the perfect mate has been chosen and dating has run it's course, nuptials are the typical next step. Getting married is an important decision and requires much thought and care in the decision process. It is important for both individuals to be completely sure that they are ready to take this important step. The best advice, however, can come from a friend or relative. Seeking help from a friend who is married may be one way to determine if this is the best choice to make. Asking a friend for help can be beneficial in learning about the hardships and what keeps the relationship strong. Seeking advice from a friend that has gone through a divorce can be helpful as well. While this advice is not much fun, especially before the wedding, it can be a helpful part of understanding the entire process of love, and commitment. Seeking advice from a divorced friend regarding marriage may seem a little strange or awkward, but many people who have gone through it are more than willing to share what they have learned in the process. They will especially want to help a close friend by allowing them to see what mistakes can be made. It is important not to let divorce advice completely discourage one from a commitment, however, because everyone is different and there are very different circumstances to each life and each relationship.

Dating can be compared to a long term interview process, in the search for that perfect job applicant. In this case however, it is the search for the perfect mate. Using the process of going on dates is a very important part of falling in love and finding the perfect candidate for marriage. While many people base their decision on superficial ideals like money and looks, it is crucial to look much deeper than the surface. The personality and heart of an individual is the part that lasts forever, not money and good looks. Choosing a mate for life is a very difficult task. Before getting married, it's important to seek help from friends, relatives or even counselors on the things that make and break marriages. It is important to understand how to share a life and love, while developing a strong and lasting relationship filled with commitment, honor, respect, admiration, love, and faithfulness to each other and to God. "Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband" (Ephesians 5:33).


A relationships quiz provide a person with the ability to learn more about being a good friend or companion by testing how they relate to others. Even from a Biblical perspective, friends are extremely important. Proverbs 17:17 says "A friend loves at all times." The Internet is a great place to find these quizzes that offer insight into friendship and marital relationships. People can find all kinds of quizzes on the Internet, with the topics ranging from "Are You a Good Friend?" to "Are you the cheating type?" These can be fun, but they can also be a great way to learn more about friends, relatives and acquaintances. That's why a test on relationships from a Biblical perspective is so important. Exploration could very well save friendships or help save a marriage.

Many websites have tests that will show how people relate to others. To find a relationships quiz for marriage or for friendships, a major search engine is the first place to look. People can also visit major relationship websites. Websites on marriage and friends usually offer games and quizzes on the topics surrounding relationships. The individual should pick the topic or topics that seem most interesting or relevant. The quizzes on friendship can be serious or funny. The person may laugh at one quiz or have a revelation while taking another. Magazines and books can be another place to turn for help in finding these tests. Consumers can purchase a book with a test on relating to others. This might be a book about improving marriage, making friends or improving current relationships. Whatever the topic, the quizzes can be very helpful for evaluating friends and how the person is as a friend. Not all tests will be accurate in the representation of a person. Sometimes the answers do not provide enough options to even begin to describe the type of person that someone is. People must not dwell on the results or take them to heart. The best and most lucrative tests will from a professional source or Biblical-based with Scripture references, click this link for these types of Bible resources.

A quiz from a Biblical perspective can be the most helpful of tests because it not only teaches the individual about better relationships, scriptures are taught. As someone takes a friendships quiz from a Biblical perspective, the individual will find numerous verses about friendship and marriage referenced. For example, one quiz question might be "Because of his righteousness, Abraham was called God's what?" The answer is "friend." This would be a multiple-choice question. There might also be true-false questions such as "James 4:4 says that Whoever chooses to be friends with the world becomes a friend of God." The answer is "false." These questions may force the individual to look up Scripture verses in order to find the answer so it can be a wonderful teaching tool. Other questions could be fill in the blank, although most questions on the Internet are true or false or multiple-choice.

A good test will show an individual what true relationships are. Friends are people who care and listen. These people are dependable and there for each other in times of sorrow. They help out when the other one falls. Friends give advice when there are hard decisions to make. Friends tend to have a few things in common, things they like or enjoy doing together. They are honest and will tell the truth, no matter what the cost. Enjoying company and the time shared is a very important part of this relationship. A true friend won't hide any grievances, but rather will share any problems so a quick solution will come about. A good relationships quiz may reveal that a friend or mate is too greedy for attention in a relationship or that the individual only befriends people who they feel superior to. While a quiz can shed some light on how friends treat each other, the best way to determine how good someone is at being a friend is to ask others.

A good marriage quiz can also show what a good marriage is. A marriage is a partnership. The wife and husband should work as a team, each contributing their strengths to the relationship. The husband and wife must respect each other's opinions and desires. Sacrificing for one another will sometimes be necessary. A good husband treats his wife like Christ treats the church, His bride, with love and affection. A good wife serves her husband like the church serves Christ with faithfulness and devotion. Faithfulness is important in a marriage because mistrust can tear a marriage apart. Above all, a good relationships quiz will reveal what a man lacks as a husband or a woman as a wife so that they can make improvements. Of course, the best way to improve the marriage is to talk with each other about needs and meet with a pastor for counseling. A quiz alone can't cure concerns in a marriage. Evaluation of a marriage or other relationship is important, especially when things do not seem to be working out. A relationships quiz can be a big help when it comes to evaluations, but it can also help an individual test his or her knowledge of friendships from a Biblical perspective.

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