Free Personality Quiz

For those people who want instant, insight, a free personality quiz can be just the thing for them. The ability of finding out one's passions, predilections, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and more in five minutes or less is an appealing one. In a day and age of instant gratification, gaining knowledge about oneself can be as easy as sitting down at a computer and answering a few multiple choice questions. With the explosion of the Internet, the popularity of free and fun personality quizzes has grown in immense quantities offering users the ability to know what super hero they are most like, what city should to live in, what to expect in the future, and so on.

The history of personality tests dates back to 450 B.C. when a Greek physician, Hippocrates, believed that the human body was composed of four main fluids: blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile. These fluids became dubbed as the' four humors'. Hippocrates' idea was expounded upon in 190 A.D. when another Greek physician, Galen, proposed a theory that human behavioral patterns were linked to the four humors, and that different people react in different ways according to varying levels of the four fluids present in their bodies. Out of Galen's theory arose the study of temperaments and explanations concerning how each individual person can be categorized into specific behavioral genres known as sanguine, phlegm, cholera, and melancholy. By 1879 Wihelm Wundt, founder of the first psychology laboratory, believed that fluids in the body could not possibly be the soul factor of determining one's temperament, and that the four humors were actually better thought of as expressing different aspects of a human's personality. Following Wundt's research, hundreds of psychologists took the study of human behavior farther, all of which led and contributed to the plethora of information on human behavioral patterns.

A free personality quiz has roots based in the structures of tests created by behavioral psychiatrists. Scientists and doctors alike have used such tests for many years in the hopes of gaining insight into how the human mind works. Such tests can be very helpful in learning how certain people might react in various situations, which is one reason why many companies offer free personality quizzes as part of the application processes. Many employers administer such tests in order that their administration, and the potential employee, can see where strengths and weaknesses lie, and also what tasks employees might excel at versus skills that might be lacking. This allows companies the ability to strengthen the workforce by placing people in positions where they will be most successful.

The immense popularity of fun personality quizzes might lead some to believe that the importance of understanding personality as being overrated, however, having even a generalized idea of one's natural predilections can be beneficial, if not on a professional level, then on a level of entertainment. If one is confused about what career path to take they can gain some insight into what might fit them the best by simply logging on to the internet and taking a free personality quiz to gain an idea of where their aptitudes and talents reside. Truly, the ability of knowing certain aspects of one's personality allows for decisions to be made based on the findings. However, as helpful as free personality tests can seem, if used improperly they can cause more harm than good.

Quiz takers should refrain from becoming caught up in so called 'accurate' results from free personality quizzes. People would be foolish to base life decisions on the result of outcomes, and must keep in mind that the tests are meant mainly for entertainment. Quiz takers need to be careful not to allow something so arbitrary determine how they see themselves, both on a personal level and as a member of society. One should be able to decide who they are either through personal soul searching or by other means, and avoid trying to force a personal self-image to fit a pre-fabricated notion. As the Scripture says, "...the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart" (I Samuel 16:7).

The results of a free personality quiz can be biased due to inaccuracies in the answering of questions, by the taker selecting an answer that might not necessarily be correct but yet an important one relating to the outcome and final result of the quiz. There are some who hold to the opinion that free and fun personality quizzes are praying on the gullibility of man. From a logical standpoint the ability of finding out desires, secrets, skills, and motivations is rather difficult in five minutes or less. Tests that promise to reveal one's 'true self' through questions with no definite right or wrong answers should be regarded as fun, despite the fact that results can seem to be eerily accurate.

An important fact all should keep in mind before commencing free and fun personality quizzes is that with the hundreds of quizzes available, while entertaining, most offer results that are standard, and not necessarily grounds for drastically changing one's lifestyle or manner of thinking. Tests of this genre are indeed frequently sought after as they do draw attention to aspects of the taker's behavioral patterns, and when used in addition with clear thinking and wise choices can indeed help one to life a happier life.

Free Bible IQ Tests

The broad range of free Bible IQ tests and Bible quiz questions on internet websites provide numerous opportunities for gaining spiritual knowledge and insight while having a good time. Quizzes vary in the difficulty level, subject matter, and format. By spending some time online researching the available options, one will quickly get an idea of the range of available choices. Of course, the internet is not the only resource for Biblical games. Old-fashioned trivia games and Bible competitions can be a lot of fun. All of these choices encourage spiritual growth through Biblical literacy.

Just as an educational intelligence quotient (or IQ) test gauges an individual's ability to solve intellectual tasks, the various free Bible IQ tests provide a score based on answers to Biblical questions. The difference is that the questions on a comprehensive IQ test have been designed by professionals. Online quizzes, whether on Biblical or other topics, may have been made up by just about anybody. A person may get a perfect score on a five-question, true-false quiz with only a basic knowledge of the Scriptures. And that's fine and can be a lot of fun. The person who wants a greater challenge will look for quizzes that ask many questions over a wide range of Biblical topics.

This variety in the difficulty level of Bible quiz questions enables those involved in children's programs in churches to select appropriate quizzes according to the ages and grades of the youth. Sunday school teachers, junior church leaders, youth workers, and vacation Bible school teachers can find fun quizzes and games covering the same information as their curriculum. The children enjoy the friendly competitiveness of this type of review either as a group or divided into teams. With laptop computers and projection technology, the website can be shown on a screen for large groups.

Parents can also use free Bible IQ tests as part of family devotions. Here again, they have many options for choosing both the topics and the type of quiz they want to use. Even young children will enjoy getting a perfect score on a simple quiz about a familiar story such as the baby Moses floating down the Nile River in a basket or God shutting the mouths of the lions when Daniel was thrown in the den with them. Older children can use online tests to see how well they know the names of the Old Testament and New Testament books or their knowledge of a specific topic such as the judges of Israel.

For the individual, Bible quiz questions can be used as part of one's personal devotions. At least one site combines a daily reading with a quiz. This is a tremendous way to increase one's Biblical knowledge and literacy on a daily basis. Other sites provide general knowledge questions or test knowledge on specific issues such as church history. An online Bible study group might find this a convenient way to learn and grow together. Each person individually reads the lesson and takes the quiz. Then the members can email each other with their insights, and of course, their scores. Family members and friends separated by distance will find online Bible studies using these types of resources a creative way to keep in touch and to grow together spiritually. Online studies also are helpful to those who find it difficult to attend a regular meeting either due to health or scheduling conflicts. Of course, getting high scores doesn't elevate a person to sainthood and shouldn't be used as a barometer of an individual's spirituality. And yet familiarity with Scriptures is a stepping stone to spiritual growth. Jesus' half-brother wrote these words: "If any of lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him" (James 1:5). God gives us wisdom through His Word. We can't expect to gain this wisdom without studying Scripture.

After becoming a whiz at answering Bible quiz questions, the tech-savvy genius can make up a test for the visitors and readers of his or her own website or blog. What is the age group -- young children, teens, adults? What is the typical level of current Biblical knowledge? A website for those in ministry will probably utilize a more difficult quiz than someone's blog written for recovering addicts. Considering the audience helps in determining other format options such as the number and nature of the questions (true-false, multiple choice). The test needs an appropriate title. Games labeled as free Bible IQ tests should be exactly that with questions from the Scriptures. Including questions on the Protestant Reformation or the Vatican is frustrating for Christians who Biblically literate, but may not know relevant dates and places of church history. People like to know their scores, but they also want to know the answers to the Bible quiz questions they missed. A well-written format provides the answers and the appropriate Scripture passages at the completion of the test. Setting a time limit adds to the experience as the test-taker races the clock to finish the questions.

Online games are fun for individuals, families, children, youth groups, and Bible study groups of all ages. Whether the free Bible IQ tests are taken alone or in competition with other individuals or teams, Biblical knowledge is being learned and reinforced. Though it's fun to keep track of scores, bragging rights aren't nearly as important as using these online resources for spiritual growth and the achieving of godly wisdom.

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