American Eagle Silver Dollars

American Eagle silver coins are faring better in today's markets that at anytime in history, as the demands for tangible investment options increase. These bullion coins were created for the purpose of investments and the United States government guarantees each piece, making it marketable world wide. American Silver Dollars are said to be among the most beautifully crafted coins in the world, so that it is not only a great investment, but also a collector's item to be proud of. The precious metals markets are continually proving to be sound financial investments, and those looking to diversify their portfolios will want to consider purchasing either the gold, silver, or platinum series of these coins. Uniquely minted and distributed, seekers will enjoy discovering how the American Eagle Silver Dollars are crafted and made available to the public for purchase. As with any investment strategy, those seeking to purchase any form of precious metal should first thoroughly investigate the risks involved and the market history before purchasing large quantities of tender.

The United States government recognized the need for investors to add a diverse, yet balanced component to their over-all strategies. The answer to the need arrived in 1986 in the form of a coin series entitled the American Eagle Bullion Collection. A platinum piece was added to the collection in 1997. The success of this program has proven that Americans understand the need for a tangible investment that can be liquefied quickly. American Eagle Silver Dollars and other precious metals will perform independently of other investment classes, such as stocks or bonds. And, precious metals are investments that hedge against the ever-growing threat of inflation. Because American Eagle Silver coins can be easily bought, sold, and traded, they prove to be less risky than paper investments that are subject to economic security. When currencies fail, gold, silver, platinum, and copper can still be traded or liquidated. Also, the face value and the size of the coins bring an important component to investors, giving them a valuable item that can be easily stored or traded.

The unique minting process used to create American Eagle Silver coins only adds to their value. There are two types of coins that can be purchased and they are from the Bullion series or the Proof series. Both have high quality control and are minted from the US mint located in West Point, New York. Both are also handled by gloved inspectors who approve each and every piece that leaves the mint. The Proof collection is designed to have the image laid distinctly upon a background that is especially clear. These pieces are available with Certificates of Authenticity and can be purchased directly from the US Mint. The Bullion collection is also unique and each coin is placed into a protective covering before shipping to distributors who resell this series. Special dies are used and American Eagle Silver Dollars have one troy ounce of .999 silver. All pieces in both collections are considered as legal tender.

Most investments are dependent upon national economics. While precious metal markets do fluctuate, they tend to flow independently from the stock markets. When expert economist forecast looming inflation news, the precious metal markets tend to begin their rising performances. Investors have always wanted a tangible and proven strategy to counter act the volatile risks with paper investments. But, over the last few years, even as the economy of the US stabilized, the prices of gold and other metals have continued to rise. Silver has always been the precious metal that most could afford. This is a contributing factor in the demand for American Eagle Silver coins and when there is high demand, prices rise. From all forecasts, these unique and beautiful pieces will only continue to make impressive showings in the daily financial reports.

When investigating different investment strategies, it is a good idea to talk with others and get advice. Experts in the fields of finances may prove to be valuable guides in considering the different investment options. The Bible encourages its readers to always seek the wisdom of those who have experienced success in their fields and who demonstrate godly wisdom. "Wise men lay up knowledge: but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction. The rich man's wealth is his strong city: the destruction of the poor is their poverty." (Proverbs 10:14-15) Before buying any quantity of American Eagle Silver Dollars, make sure that an understanding of investment strategies is accomplished.

Once the decision to purchase American Eagle Silver coins is made, buyers can search for pieces online. Most large and reputable dealers now have a website on the Internet, where those seeking to add precious metals investments to their portfolios can easily compare pricing. Most of these online brokers or distributors will ship insured coins directly to a residence, once the piece or pieces are paid for. Payments may also be accepted online, making the entire process very convenient for buyers. Start looking around at the different pricing structures available and diversify your portfolio with these unique and guaranteed coins.

American Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagles are bullion coins from the American Eagle Bullion collection that offer unique Unites States currency, which also proves to be a successful investment. Historic and beautiful, the gold, silver, and platinum coins found in the American Eagle Bullion program are distributed unlike any other coin that is minted in the United States. Whether an investor chooses to purchase "proof" coins or bullion, these investments can be liquidated easily and promise to continue to increase in value with time. Precious metals have always been a wonderful addition to any investment portfolio, and the US government created this series as a means for Americans to diversify investments, having tangible resources on hand. With the threatening horizon of inflation, all precious metals investments are on the rise, proving this to be a good time to investigate purchasing Silver Eagle dollars and other pieces from this unique collection of coins.

In 1982 the United States government started the American Eagle Bullion investment program with various gold and silver coins. The platinum coin was added in 1997. These unique pieces are minted from the US mint in West Point, New York and are copied after the historic Walking Liberty coin originally produced in 1916. American Silver Eagles and other coins from this collection are the only coins that are guaranteed by the US government as investment grade bullion. The Mint where they are produced carefully oversees production, by inspecting each coin. Gloved inspectors approve pieces and place each into a protective covering where it is then shipped to distributors across the United States.

These coins are especially beautiful because their creation process is different from any other coin produced by the US. With the Proof collection, every piece, whether gold, silver, or platinum, is placed into the presses utilizing special dies. The coin is then pressed several times, resulting in detailed and frosted images of the Freedom Eagle and Miss Liberty with a shiny, mirrored background. Extraordinarily beautiful, Silver Eagle dollars are one troy ounce of .999 pure silver and are considered as legal tender in the US. Coins from the Proof collection are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and can be bought directly from the US mint, while the standard Bullion collection coins are only available through distributors.

These unique coins are considered as good additions to investment portfolios. Commemorative pieces are generally valued by limited accessibility, age, and condition, but the American Silver Eagles are valued by silver purity and weight. These Silver Eagle dollars can be purchased in any quantity from a variety of distributors. Purchasing precious metals has long been an investment strategy that brings a tangible item to strategies. Tangible coins can be liquidated in times of personal crisis or economic upheaval, when paper currency is limited or of no value.

The current pricing structures surrounding precious metals investments are seeing record highs. Prices have been significantly increasing since the beginning of 2002 and have continued to steadily rise since that time. There are many opinions as to why the precious metals markets have not cooled, but all agree, the future trends will most likely follow the last four years and continue to show positive results. Demands for the American Silver Eagles and other precious metal coins are increasing and this equates to continued price increases. Investors who feel that they may have waited too long to purchase these and other valuable coins will not be disappointed with future performances, so purchasing is still at an optimum environment.

Gold and silver have long been solid investments, even since Biblical times. The Bible has much to say about money, investments, and where a man's heart is suppose to be. It may be wise to invest in American Silver Eagles for the purpose of future financial security or multiplying finances for Christian service. But, when our hearts are consumed with making money or getting the best return on investments, according to the Bible, the Lord is clearly displeased. "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:19-21)

Conducting more research on Silver Eagle dollars or other precious metal coins will give the investor looking to diversify a better understanding of the importance of having a tangible item on hand. The Internet provides many editorials and news articles about complete investment strategies and which coins can be trusted to fair over the long-term. The American Eagle coin collection is accepted world wide, and it's reputation for market performance is unmatched by any other investment-grade coin. Further research on these collectible coins should give the investor confidence in going forward and making a purchase.

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