Platinum Eagle Coins

American platinum Eagle coins offer another option in a number of nationally minted coins for the investor to consider. American Eagle coinage are minted by the United States mint and are available in several metals, including gold, silver and platinum. The Eagles in gold and platinum are available in one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and 1/10th ounce size while the silver is only available in the one ounce size. American Eagle coinage added platinum to the metal options in 1997 and are proof in nature. This means that they are specifically meant to be investment pieces, unlike numismatic collections which are valued by rarity, condition and age and limited mintage runs. The American platinum Eagle coins that are available for purchase from US Mint dealers contain the advertised amount of platinum in each coin and have a value that varies by the market price of platinum.

The US Mint does not sell American Eagle coins directly to the public in bullion strike from any of the three available metals. The bullion style of American platinum Eagle coins is the same as the silver and gold in that they are circulated through its series of authorized dealers. These can only be purchased through the US Mint's dealers, or bought from a private source that had gotten them from an agent or another private source. This coinage that is deemed ready for circulation will probably have small imperfections in them but have passed inspection allowing them into circulation. Bullion coins are the most common and are actually cheaper than proof coinage that are sold by the Mint.

Proof coins are much more detailed, and are appear much higher in quality in all forms of the coin. This proof coinage in all three types of metals can sometimes come in very shiny backgrounds sometimes called mirrored finishes, and matte raised images, or vice versa. Proof platinum Eagle coins, like the gold and silver are struck at lower speeds to give higher definition to the images. They are often hand fed into the striker as well as taken from the machine and are individually inspected and packaged. When times get rough economically, those without a fully tested relationship with God can get very antsy, worried, even panicked about the future, but not so with Christians. "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea." (Psalm 46: 1, 2)

Proof American platinum Eagle coins have a limited run and so the value of these coins is markedly higher than the bullion with the same ounce of platinum. White-gloved inspectors scrutinize each proof coin (in any of the metals) and then put the coin in a plastic capsule and put into a velvet-lined presentation case with a Certificate of Authenticity from the US Mint. The coin's are guaranteed for weight, content and purity. It is normal to find the proof coinage to be at least one hundred dollars above the value of a bullion coin from the same metal purchased by one of the Mint's authorized dealers. The cost of the coins either in bullion or proof condition will have to be enough above the market price of the metal to allow for the profit margin of the Mint and the dealer. All American Eagle coins bear the "W" for the location of its mint located at West Point, New York.

The hobby or the vocation or the passion for buying, collecting and selling valuable coins is called numismatics. The numismatist that involves him or her in this fascinating line of investing had better know exactly what is going on in the wonderful world of coins. Plunging in to this side of currency investing is sort of like jumping into a sled dog race in the Iditarod when all you know is the word "Mush!" You might go a long way, but if you don't know how and when to stop, the race could be over the first day. This is why the American platinum Eagle coins and their gold and silver counterparts are great ways for the new investor to be introduced to currency investing.

When a person buys American platinum Eagle coins, they are buying platinum that is 99.95% pure and that percentage can be counted on when purchased from one of the Mint's authorized dealers. It has the highest face value of any American coin ever minted: $100.00. The obverse or front of the coin always features the head of Lady Liberty but has featured different designs from year to year in various forms, usually featuring a different regional landscape each year. Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world. It is used for many things beside coinage and jewelry and includes high tech and industrial uses.

Prices for American platinum Eagle coins run well over nine hundred dollars for bullion coinage and over a thousand for proof coinage. They are a good hedge against inflation, but all investment experts warn to only make precious metal coinage a small part of one's investment portfolio. The one advantage of precious metal coinage is that they have the ability to be cashed quickly in the case that there is no way to access one's bank accounts electronically. Power outages, identity thefts, sudden bank failures and other catastrophic scenarios make the idea of pulling a coin out of a hiding place at home and cashing it in for one's emergency needs can be quite appealing. One might try two or three in a jar of strawberry preserves.

Buy Platinum Coins

Platinum Eagle coins and other precious metal coinage are continuing to demonstrate their value as premiere investment strategies. There is now a platinum series within the Unites States government's American Eagle Bullion collection, and this piece is faring very well on the markets. While all precious metals are experiencing current upwards trends, the rarest of them all, platinum, is doing especially well in today's markets. The initial bullion collection was created by the United States government for investment purposes, giving investors the ability to diversify their portfolios with a small, yet valuable, tangible object. Guaranteed and beautifully crafted, to buy platinum coins is to make a wise investment and enjoy a collector's item. This coin and others are available through distributors from around the world who buy them directly from the US mint where they are created with special attention. It may be a good idea to add a precious metal to the current investment strategy in place, and discover that these pieces will bring stability, beauty, and diversity to the financial future.

Platinum is a rare, yet popular precious metal. This metal offers investors a unique and appealing aspect because it has an industrial use in other applications. Buy platinum coins and discover that these pieces will continue to hold an advantage over the gold and silver coinage in the collection. Minting of this coinage first took place in 1997 when the first Platinum Eagle coins were introduced to the public. The original American Eagle Bullion collection was first introduced in 1986 as a means for diversifying investment strategies. And, the government was on target with their strategy, because today, small tangible precious metals markets are on a continuous climb, proving that investors like the options precious metals offer. Coinage can be bought, sold, and traded very easily, making it an investment that can be liquidated quickly. And, because the US government guarantees the purity of every minted coin, these pieces are known and valued throughout the world. The content, size, and face value makes these coins smart investments.

All American Eagle Bullion and Proof coinage are uniquely crafted in a United States mint in West Point, New York. During the process of making Platinum Eagle coins, a blank coin is put into the press. The image is stamped or pressed onto the blank several times, making it distinct. The result is an image that has a frosted or glazed finish against a clear or mirror-like back drop. The coins are considered to be the most beautiful in the world and many collectors enjoy them for this reason alone, aside from the investment value. Inspectors that wear gloves carefully scrutinize each piece and place them in individual protective coverings. The various pieces are then shipped to distributors around the world without ever having been touched by human hands. A coin from the Proof collection can be purchased at the mint in West Point, while those from the bullion series are only sold through distributors. To buy platinum coins is to purchase coinage that is .9995 in purity and guaranteed by the government.

The designs of the platinum eagle coins vary and are dependent upon the year the coin was minted. The head of the Statue of Liberty is on the obverse side of Platinum Eagle coins. The reverse sides have included different designs for each year during 1998 through 2002. These designs offered beautifully depicted images of national landscapes. New England, the Southwest, Midwest, and various mountains and scenes are each featured with the American Eagle gracefully flying, liberated, through the skies. Truly beautiful and unique, anyone would enjoy having one of these pieces to keep for a life time. To buy platinum coins for gifts is to give the recipient a collector's item that could have long-term investment advantages.

Anyone who is considering investing in precious metals and Eagle coins may also want to speak with a financial adviser about a balanced investment portfolio before investing large amounts of money. Experts in the field of finance keep up with market trends and can advise clients on the best possible investment scenarios. God's Word, the Bible, teaches that wise people seek the counsel of others and that fools act upon their own instincts. Take time to thoroughly study all investment strategies, seeking the guidance of the professionals who have your best interest at heart.

Experts in the field should be able to advise their clients on the important issues surrounding a diversified portfolio. To buy platinum coins and other precious metals is to have an investment that flows independently of the stock markets. Having tangible assets on hand will help protect finances during periods of inflation. And, tangible items can easily be liquidated in times of financial problems or in case of currency fluctuations. Discover more about investments, finding a good financial adviser, and the precious metal markets by researching online. While experts do offer great financial guidance, a personal financial picture is ultimately up to the individual.

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