Silver Eagle Coin Dealer

Proof silver eagles are coins that are manually fed into presses that are fitted with special dies and struck multiple times for the special effect that is produced, i.e., a softly frosted yet detailed image that seems to float above a mirror-like field. These coins are not meant for circulation, so are usually encased in satin-lined velvet presentation case. An official Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each piece. American Eagle Proof Coins sell at a fixed price and can be purchased directly from the United States Mint. The American Eagle Proof program was started in 1986 with the sale of gold and silver proof coins. Other eagle coins can be purchased through a silver eagle coin dealer.

Any collector who is interested in these particular pieces can find a silver eagle coin dealer online without too much difficulty. Simply by using those key words describing what a person is looking for, he can bring up many pages of traders who have these particular coins to sell. Eagle coins are among the most popular pieces being sought by collectors at this time. Even Internet auction sites have these coins for sale. The prices requested at auction sites are sometimes lower than authorized dealers require, but usually are on par with them.

The silver eagle coin dealer will have these pieces from a wide variety of years, and the prices vary widely. These variations depend upon how many were struck, how many are in circulation, and the conditions of the coins. Proof silver eagles are more consistent simply because they are never circulated. Their condition will always be excellent because of their protective casing. People who acquire them from the U.S. Mint or other collectors want them for the purpose of investment and/or the pleasure they get out of owning such fine pieces.

The value of this metal, whether in coins, bullion, or bars, depends on the purity of content. The best is said to be .999 silver. Some common American change is made of copper and silver, so they aren't worth more than their face value. A silver eagle coin dealer will undoubtedly have other items made of the white metal that the collector may want to add to his treasure. Historical and commemorative medallions are popular collector's pieces that can make wonderful heirlooms for children and grandchildren who may want something from a parent or grandparent to remember them by. The fact that these items increase in value over time if they are cared for is another good reason for acquiring them. Investing in one's own future with this precious metal is a wise move that many people prefer to stocks and bonds.

Certain years produced coins that were few in number, which increases their value as collector's items. The fewer the number minted, the greater their value. Proof silver eagles have been minted for a relatively short time, so age is not a value factor for most of them. Some listed for sale on the Internet vary greatly in value for certain years. For instance, one 2006 piece sells for $39.00, and another for $347.00, while a 1994 coin is selling for $220.99. In the face of such variance, rather than buying at such Internet sales, it is better for a person to find a reputable dealer from whom to buy. At least then if a person pays top dollar for something to add to his collection, he can be certain what he's getting is worth the price.

Silver has been used as currency, to make art objects, and personal adornment for centuries. It has been found in the coffers of every civilization for at least 5,000 years, and probably appreciated for its beauty even before that. Men and women alike have long enjoyed bracelets, rings, and neck chains to enhance their costumes. Women enjoy earrings and anklets as well. They may not have had proof silver eagles back in history, but they knew countless other ways to make use of this precious metal. As proof of how early it was appreciated, Scripture includes mentioning its value in the very first book of the Bible. "And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold." (Genesis 13:2)

As mentioned above, the silver eagle coin dealer will carry many other pieces that are significant to the serious collector. Special coins commemorating historical events in our American history are among those the buyer might find among the dealer's inventory. Medallions created for special purposes other than historical events are valuable items for collectors because of their artistic qualities. One such set of medallions was done as a collaboration between the poet, Robert Frost, and artist Norman Rockwell in the 1960s. A stanza from one of Robert Frost's poems was engraved on one side, and Norman Rockwell's illustration of that poem was engraved on the other. There are other such efforts that are worthy of the collector's attentions.

Platinum Coin Dealer

A platinum coin dealer can give some insight on making an investment by purchasing precious metals. Online dealers offer a variety of ways to make purchases of precious metals and research can help reveal the best platinum coin prices. Precious metal purchases can be physically delivered to a place of designation or purchased through certificates placed with banks and depositories, where investments are kept in secure vaults. It is possible to buy precious metals on credit, from various sites on the Internet, with a small down payment. The Web offers some different ways to purchase precious metals and since values are up this makes it a good time to consider this kind of investment.

Platinum is up at $1,092 per ounce and rising, a naturally occurring metal that is rare compared to gold. This precious metal is used in jewelry, catalytic converters that help protect the environment, and in the medical field on various devices. Platinum is also used in dental devices, electronics, glass-making equipment, and throughout history it has been found in Egyptian tombs and various other places as well as being included on ornamental applications in jewelry. A platinum coin dealer online will not only offer various ways to purchase precious metals but can provide valuable information available through seminars and audio or video choices on reasons to invest and how to do so.

A good way to invest in a precious metal is by purchasing bullion or coins. Platinum coin prices vary depending upon the purity and grade. Price ranges online through dealers start at $250 for quality coins and go up to $1150. One of the most popular coins offered on the Internet is the Eagle, available in different denominations. Coin collector's may find it easy to trade or sell their current investments online. With values up, many dealers offer good deals including paying cash for scrap metals.

Collectors will find a variety of choices online of various precious coins dating back to the 1800's. Some of the more recent collections include the Morgan Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Standing Liberty Quarter, Peace Dollar, Barber Dime, Buffalo Nickel, Indian Head Cent, and more. A platinum coin dealer offers a variety of collections in different types of precious metals. Knowing the importance of an investment comes through researching information about the different metals. Platinum is the heaviest metal and is very strong. It doesn't wear down or tarnish and a scratch can easily be polished to reveal new brilliance.

Some investor's find security in investments that provide some substantial and tangible assets through a platinum coin dealer. The best security is found in "Jesus Christ, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). Before making an investment, say a prayer and ask Christ to give guidance on online investments. Consider purchasing precious metals through a licensed commodities broker by buying contracts for futures and options. A futures is a financial contract for buyers to purchase assets at a predetermined future date and price. Options guarantee the buyer the ability to buy or sell the asset upon expiration of the contract. Purchasing precious metals through futures and options are considered a little higher risk than purchasing coins and bullion. It is wise to learn about any and all fees and commissions before making an investment. While checking into futures and options check dealers online for current platinum coin prices.

Investor's look for security in tangible assets that have the potential for future profits that can be accessed for retirement or future cash concerns. The increase of the use of precious metals, especially platinum, is bound to continually cause these metals to increase in value. A platinum coin dealer usually understands the need to look for various types of investments including market uses for jewelry or by purchasing coins and bullion. Many industries count on the use of precious metals to meet government regulations and enhance computer data storage. Even scientific developments call for the use of precious metals in measuring high temperatures and producing laboratory instruments.

The petroleum industry uses platinum to increase octane ratings in gasoline and for better air quality as technology was introduced in 1974 to use the metal to convert noxious gases in automobile exhausts to a harmless substance through a device called a catalytic converter. The metal is also used in the tips of spark plugs. The demand for bullion and coins has increased over the last 20 plus years as people seek to make investments in precious metals. The American Eagle, Chinese Pandas, IOM Nobles, and Unicorns are some coins to consider when researching platinum coin prices.

Since precious metals are valuable, not only to the consumer, but to the government and many industries with favorable outlooks showing future possibilities that the value will only continue to climb. Platinum coin prices can be found online for the serious investor who wishes to make a purchase. There are other ways to purchase the metal on the Internet including certificates, mutual funds, and stock in mining companies. Certificates are for the investor who doesn't wish to store the metal and while stocks can be a good choice it may depend on the stability of the company whose stocks are purchased.

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