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1. The purpose of accounting software and payroll software is to enhance your business's productivity.

This type of program can streamline and synchronize all aspects of a company's accounting and payroll needs, therefore increasing the productivity without having to buy third party products. It usually covers more than one aspect of accounting and or payroll. Depending on the package that is purchased, it can cover accounting, inventory control, sales, order entry, marketing, purchasing, e-commerce, payroll, point of sale, shipping and receiving, RMAs and more.

2. Accounting and payroll software vendors charge a small fee for a consultation.

Vendors will usually not charge a fee. They typically offer a free consultation to see how their package can help meet an individual's business needs. As with any computer program purchase, both the hardware and software requirements needed to install the package should be checked before buying. Most software packages are non-refundable once opened. At best, it may be replaced for the same item only (this is the case when receiving defunct packages).

3. A fully-integrated accounting software package eliminates having to do other people's work.

Software that is fully-integrated can synchronize information from other departments, so that the information they enter automatically shows up on your database. It eliminates the need to enter accounting and or payroll data more than once. Many problems of inaccuracy due to having to enter the same data multiple times can be eliminated with a good accounting and or payroll package.

4. It is easy to compare accounting software packages online.

Vendors online allow you to download trial versions of their packages and offer comprehensive comparisons of products. These vendors are eager to provide you with more information. Many software package vendors with a website will also allow you to purchase by paying over the Internet and immediately download the latest version of their system.

5. It is a good idea to get advice and do some research before purchasing accounting and or payroll software.

Proverbs 19:20 - Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.

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