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1. Most computers are safe without anti spam software.

Protection is needed for every computer. There are over 30 billion e-mails being sent daily with an estimated 40% of all e-mail marked as spam. This type of spam software protection can help an individual and a business limit the amount of unsolicited emails they receive on a daily basis. One of the features allows the user to delete unwanted emails before downloading the entire message. The ability to see who the mail is from, the subject, and the attachment is possible before deleting. You can also preview the message before downloading it.

2. Many anti spam software programs have free trial downloads.

These spam software protection demos are usually free. Companies typically offer a 30 day trial period. After the trial period has ended, a potential customer is expected to either pay for the software to continue use, or cancel their subscription, preferable with a reason why they have chosen to discontinue their usage.

3. Anti spam software is not advanced enough to be effective.

This type of spam software can be extremely accurate and effective. Users have reported success rates approaching 100%. Packages are becoming sophisticated enough that individuals are having a difficult time defeating it.

4. Anti spam software is easy to install and use.

It typically is easy to configure if configuration is needed at all. It can automatically update its filter rules in the background to maintain its filtering accuracy. The latest software packages require no ongoing maintenance. This is especially important for those with busy schedules. Not only do they need to eliminate time consuming email deletions because of spammers, but they need a protection system that does not require consistent maintenance. The more efficient and functional the protection package is, the more often it will be referred to for purchase.

5. It is wise to compare software that has anti spam capabilities, do some research on different programs, and seek advice on the best one to purchase.

Proverbs 19:20 - Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.

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