Business Ethics Training

Loss of conscience has made business ethics training a high priority for corporate America. Since ethics is the study of what is right and wrong, sometimes in the moral sense, sometimes in the circumstantial sense, and often in combination of the two aspects, its principles are a highly sought after commodity in the commerce community. Companies have fallen under the loss of conscience and many lives ruined from the failure to recognize a moral dilemma or a conflict of interest. The Judeo-Christian values that underpinned the moral fabric of the United States for two centuries have been replaced by a new acceptance of amorality as the benchmark for decision making. In other words, right and wrong have become subjective, opening up society, and in this discussion, business, to a new world of unprincipled decision making.

Ethical conduct in the commerce sector has its own set of distinctive parameters for discussion. In many employee ethics training seminars, the true story of an early twentieth century auto maker is given as an example. The auto mogul wanted to begin providing a benefit to his workers, a moral decision the owner felt was an obligation. His stockholders felt differently, reminding the manufacturer that ethically the decision could not be made without stockholders' approval, which they did not give. His moral duty was trumped by ethical considerations. Another case in point with a different twist is a company employee who has had his per diem travel expense and mileage reimbursement lowered substantially is now hurting financially. The employee has found a loop hole in the company expense reporting process and has made up the money that was lost through the company edict.

The worker may feel his actions are morally justified because the lowering of expense account allowances has affected the well being of his family. The extra money from the expense account was helping to support the worker's loved ones. But is the action taken ethical? Does morality take first place over ethical behavior? The value of employee ethics training cannot be overvalued. Giving employees tools to make good decisions at work, and perhaps also at home can only strengthen the platform on which commerce is conducted.

It is a truism that says as the head goes, so goes the body. In business ethics training, a strong principle is repeated over and over again. If the top of the food chain, meaning those who occupy the executive suites, are not committed to ethical behavior, the disregard for decency will seep into the minds of hearts of the rest of the company's workforce. Even if unethical behavior is hidden from the general public's eye, the atmosphere that breeds disregard for principled actions will permeate an establishment's aura. "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat." (Matthew 7:13)

When developing a way of introducing employees to a system of thinking in the right manner to make decisions, the typical starting point is creating a Code of Ethics. In employee ethics training, this code becomes the benchmark for all other teaching topics. This statement includes not only the company's stand on behavioral issues from the company's point of view, but also what standards have been mandated by federal law. Consultants about these matters suggest that before drawing up a code, the core values of a company be revisited and included in the code of ethics to be created. It makes sense that employees from all levels of responsibility be included in the creation, because in the end, all employees have to personally embrace it as a viable document. It is also helpful if many drafts of the code are written, with input from all employees included along the way towards a polished product completion.

Important tools have to be given employees in this ongoing crusade of awareness. As part of business ethics training, a one page model, such as a flow chart, ought to be given to each worker to assist in making hard decisions at work. Typically, a flowchart begins with the issue needing to be decided, and then through a series of guided questions that are formulated to spark ethically correct responses. A good suggestion would be to have this one page chart laminated so that it will not be destroyed by spilled coffee or a greasy hamburger. Such a tool is not totally without flaw, but can be a good way to engage otherwise careless minds to consider all options before action is taken.

Presenting ways to ethically make decisions is no small cottage industry. Dozens of companies, hundreds of books and video presentations, countless white papers, seminars and conventions have been created and held on the topic of business ethics training. Even the government has a committee to investigate unethical behavior by its members and other entities. Unethical behavior, closely linked to an attitude of amorality, can be traced easily to the rise of wealth, consumerism, media portrayals of heroes displaying decisions without scruples and other contributing factors to the unprecedented needs for employee ethics training. Such amoral behavior is the result of individuals growing up without a strong moral compass being instilled in the mind and heart. The crumbling American society, once united by biblical standards born out in the Old and New Testaments, is trying to be shored up by teachers and consultants in business ethics training courses, who are basically regurgitating the Ten Commandments in a manner that can be accepted by a pluralistic society.

Team Building Training

There is professional team building training available for small companies and corporate industries alike. These enterprising support agencies exist to help businesses of all sizes and shapes find productive ways to keep communications flowing. Successful enterprises recognize the value of team concepts. When groups of people work together, they utilize a variety of skills, impacting any company project with well-rounded talents. And, not only will good group interactions get productive results, positive group dynamics will also yield happier employees, as well. Everyone wants to be a part of a winning team and most have discovered that going it alone has little reward. To boost sales, increase productivity, create positive work environments, and utilize all talents on board to the fullest, businesses that are on the cutting edge of human resources will want to invest in team building training and team leadership training for the future of their business.

As industries become more sophisticated and knowledge of the human intellect and will continually increases, enterprises are taking a close look at how employee health and satisfaction can effect an over-all bottom line. Research is proving that when an employee feels like a valued part of a professional and productive group, he or she will work at higher levels of creativity and energy. A sense of ownership accompanies members of group projects that are setting goals together. So, to address the needs of thousands of companies in getting the right kind of management and team leadership training, specific agencies have been developed to scrutinize what are the best methods to accomplishing these objectives. In other words, group dynamics have become so important to industries, there are professional training programs that will teach companies how to get people to work positively together.

A team leadership training course can be a number of different instructional methods. There are professionals that will come into a business and evaluate moral needs and identify company problems, if any. These instructional agencies can spend weeks or months working with employees and accumulating data for review. Once there are areas of the business that are targeted for improvement, trainers will put together custom programs for team building training and management skills. There are also various courses available online. These courses can be bought and distributed to employees, giving the employees resources for reading and studying. There are also online group development studies that offer a variety of good topics for study. Whatever manner of help is chosen, companies should involve entire departments and all management in the entire process. To get people working well together, the process should begin with learning together. The results will be very encouraging.

Today's business climates are changing rapidly. Technology is replacing many positions that were once held by humans. But, with the advancement of the Information Age there has come a true need for large numbers of departments and workers to interact. The more society turns to technology, the more need there is for human interactions. Effective and positive inter-company communications are central to all profitable ventures. Now is the optimum time for equipping employees and managers alike with team leadership training and team building training. As workers begin to understand objectives, create team goals, and bond with one another, the spirit of community will reign in any ambitious enterprises.

Many of the agencies offering these services can be found online through the Internet. Browsing the options online will be a great place to begin discovering the different types of programs available and what costs are involved. Those investigating team leadership training courses will want to conduct thorough background checks on any company under consideration. It will be wise to get all contracts reviewed by an attorney, when using a professional agency that comes into the business. When utilizing software or online programs, ask the agency selling the program to provide samples and also references. Business leaders will want to get the very best results for their money.

Even the Bible teaches us about the importance of positive communications. The Bible also address the need for people to help each other, sharing wisdom. "He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he. The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and the sweetness of lips increaseth learning." (Proverbs 17:20-21) When businesses apply God's truths to their decisions and operations, wisdom abounds all the more!

So, why not get started and give employees the tools of wise team communication skills. A training course for all employees may be just the added motivation a company needs to take their goals and production to the next level. Log onto the World Wide Web today and discover the many different options in team building training seminars and courses, and enjoy a future full of the true sense of company community.

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