Executive Business Coaching

Providing executive business coaching to company executives in one of the best investments a business can make. Without executives and employees who understand what is to be done and why and how to perform jobs well, the business will not flourish. There are a number of goals that can be achieved with executive business coaching, depending on what difficulties are being experienced by the employee. These goals can be achieved utilizing various means and venues, but all will yield the desired results upon follow-through in the program. Coaching can be utilized by small and large companies alike, and both will realize improved performance not only with the student, but with those who also interact with the student. Results may even filter down through the organization in a positive way.

Many executives experience at one time or another, burn out. High level employees have a lot of responsibilities to carry and may feel like family and personal life have to suffer in order to achieve the kind of performance expected of them. This does not always have to be the case. Employees can learn to balance work life with personal family responsibilities so that balance can be achieved in both areas. This results in a happier more satisfied employee at work and at home. Perhaps even an exercise program can be incorporated into personal time or early morning, lunchtime or evenings at work to help ease pressure and improve health. Doing so may even result in lowered physician visits for those who actively take charge of personal health, resulting in lowered health costs for the company. Executive business coaching can assist employees in achieving all of this.

To ensure high level employees stay engaged in the program, consultants implement strategies to ensure accountability and that all the goals are met. Focus is on positive reinforcement, working one-on-one either face to face or even over the phone. Meetings typically last anywhere from half an hour to one and a half hours. Coaches stay in touch utilizing emails and telephone and ensure that everyone who has contact with the employee receiving the training has input into the process. Three hundred sixty degree feedback provides a balanced perspective of the executive's performance. From this information can be gleaned key variables to add to the program as objectives and goals. Including everyone in the executive's sphere of influence improves working relationships and tends to reduce any conflicts that may exist prior to coaching.

Some executives may feel unequipped to handle supervisory responsibilities on teams, and therefore project a gruff personality when interacting with individuals around them. Others may feel inadequate or inferior, giving rise to power plays. All of these negative actions have deleterious effects in the work place. Executive business coaching provides new ways of looking at these challenges and shows employees tools and positive approaches to dealing with problems of the emotional kind. Personality and work-style tests can be administered that gives a window on how other people handle stress and conflict. For example, everyone reacts differently under stress. If a supervisor understands the behaviors of others when under stress, processes can be developed that take advantage of these behaviors to get the most out of them. A person may become very productive when upset or angry. This anger can therefore be channeled in a positive way to get projects done. Others in the team will realize when stress is encountered and can then utilize behavioral tools to further the work. Subordinates will also be able to understand how to deal with a boss exhibiting stress behaviors. Wisdom is profitable for anyone wishing to succeed. "Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding" (Proverbs 3:13 KJV).

High level business leaders may find that business coaching certification may be in order so that greater understanding can be obtained about how better to lead and organization or to transition into a new position within the company. If moving to a higher level position, key tools must be mastered to discover how to gain more influence over subordinates and peers to affect positive outcomes. Business coaching certification is the answer in these difficult situations, and the outcomes are pretty much the same as for normal executive coaching, except there is the added focus of holistic management of an organization. Business coaching certification can be obtained in a time frame of as little as two months to as many as six months, depending on the abilities and time constraints of the student.

Regardless of the time frame needed, the outcomes experienced will put the student in the best possible position to meet objectives of superiors in the short term. Teamwork will improve, relationships with vendors and other company clients will be more positive and productive, the employee will find that going to work each day will become more pleasant and will be more committed to the work. Respect will also increase as the student's knowledge of how to manage increases. These outcomes are invaluable for executives when change must happen in a short amount of time, as when a merger is taking place. The company bosses will find that the return on investment will be well worth the time, effort and money invested.

In today's business environment where businesses quickly go under or are bought out by other corporations, change management is crucial to the success of these ventures. Investing into the talents of corporate professionals will never be a loss if management and students understand what objectives must be met and why. Do not wait until the merger has already taken place to send executives for business coaching certification. By then it may be too late.

Life Coach Training

Life coach training is an essential part of a college graduates job and career search. One to one personal coach training can help a new graduate to assess their personality traits and their career goals to apply for an entry level position that is not only in an industry that would be satisfying, but in a specific area of that industry that would best suit the individual characteristics they can use on the job. Many who do not seek the help of someone experienced in placing new graduates with appropriate positions will typically find themselves job hopping until they discover on their own which area of an industry will be most satisfying. With many students graduating from college today being the norm, there are a tremendous amount of people entering the workforce in industries that they are not well suited for. The main reason for this is that most college graduates are choosing careers that will make them the most money.

While the amount of money one makes is very important, people have found that no matter how much they make, if they are not satisfied with their employment one of two things will happen: they will either quit their job, or they will live unhappy and unsatisfied lives. The purpose of life coach training is to find a balance between earning a high enough income to be comfortable and work in a satisfying environment. Personal coach training can be done while the student is still in college, shortly after graduation, or during a time of career change. There are also many books being sold that address the same issues and can help a graduate get off on the right foot. Most of the time, people learn from example, and through others' personal experiences and testimonials.

A good life coach training program will evaluate a graduates strengths and weakness, match them with industries in the employment sector that they not only show an interest in, but that are conducive to elaborating on their strengths so that the graduate can grow in their knowledge and experience in a certain industry area. This, in turn, will satisfy them more and bring them a higher paycheck. The more experience one has in an area, the more money he/she is expected to make. Personal coach training is not, however, a guarantee of satisfaction or success. It is merely a way to explore all the options an individual has in order to correctly match them with a career. Sometimes, a graduate can already be keenly aware of where their strengths and weaknesses lie correlated with their interests, and finding a career is not a problem; other times, a person may search their whole life for a career they truly love.

In addition to graduates receiving life coach training, there is a demand for personal coach training for mid-career level employees. These mid-career level employees are discovering that they are not satisfied in their jobs, and are seeking a change, but don't know where to turn. They already have their education and experience in one area, and the thought of starting over again from the beginning is daunting. Some are advised to enter a different area in the same industry they are already in so they can capitalize on their years of industry experience. Others are advised to return to school to re-educate themselves in a subject that they may not have experience or previous knowledge in. Mid-career level changers have a benefit, they are typically already employed. They aren't desperate for income. They can attend school part-time, even from home, in order to brush up on old skills, or learn new ones, without fear of loss of income. The fear of not having an income is what renders a new graduate to become desperate, accepting any job that comes along. Especially if they have student loan debt to pay off. The pressure that comes with the requirement to pay off thousands of dollars 6 months after graduation can certainly steer some graduates into a career they were not intending to enter.

It is important to remember that all the planning in the world will not guarantee success. Life coach training is not provided to students, graduates, and mid-career level employees so they will definitely be happy. It is offered so they can enter certain employment with an understanding of how their own characteristics will coincide with the demands of the job. They can understand how to grow their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. They can develop an appreciation and recognition for how they may be able to gain lifelong experience and a larger paycheck through their career efforts. Personal coach training can also be costly if it is not offered through a college or university. There are private training programs that can be purchased. If it is affordable for someone looking to embark upon their first career or their third, experts highly recommend going through at least a couple of training sessions. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge gained about any subject, including oneself, the more power they have to achieve their career goals. "Through wisdom a house is builded, and by understanding it is established." (Proverbs 24:3)

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