MCSE Boot Camp

Microsoft's MCSE boot camp provides IT professionals intensive, hands-on training in installing, configuring, supporting and troubleshooting MS 2003-based networks. A highly structured 14-day MCSE ((Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) boot camp totally immerses systems administrators, network administrators, network engineers and IT techs into an accelerated course designed to prepare students to pass MCSE certification tests with flying colors. In two intensive weeks, students focus on acquiring the knowledge to qualify for further Microsoft credentialing. MCSE certification enables computer professionals to analyze, design and implement solutions for businesses based on MS Windows and Windows 2003 Server operating systems.

A demanding curriculum, custom tailored for today's fast-paced business systems applications, MCSE boot camp packs seven certifications in one powerful course to ensure an almost 100% pass rate for MCSE certification tests. Preparation kits contain textbooks, illustrated instructional guides and practice exams to help students ace the test the first time. Online students can progress at an individual pace prior to enrolling in the 14-day intensive boot camp. Microsoft Certified Trainers encourage students to delve into the materials without distraction, focusing on understanding and applying principles of designing, planning and implementing security on Microsoft platforms.

The demand for knowledgeable systems engineers, IT techs, and network administrators has never been greater. Large corporations, small enterprises, and mid-sized companies are on the lookout for qualified technical personnel to keep network servers, workstations, and remote PCs up and running. Networks are the heartbeat of any business, large or small; and no business, especially those with extensive global connections, can afford to have systems down. Extensive customer and employee data, asset and information management systems require constant monitoring and upgrades to function optimally; and techs are often called upon to assist personnel at individual workstations on a regular basis. MCSE boot camp prepares a battalion of certified network troubleshooters and managers available to provide seamless Intranet and Internet business communications and safeguard sensitive corporate data.

Healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, educational institutions, automobile dealerships, food chains, retail department stores and outlets, warehouses, heating and air conditioning companies, daycare centers, plumbing and electrical suppliers, banks, credit unions, and drugstores all depend on computer networks to conduct day-to-day business; maintain customer, employee and vendor records; manage account receivables and account payables; and track assets. Without network systems and essential technical personnel to maintain them, most businesses would cease to function. Some things are almost impossible to live without, especially spiritual fulfillment in Christ Jesus. Students spend years mastering new skills to prepare for gainful employment, yet many do not take time to prepare for eternity. "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works" (Matthew 16:26-27).

Enrolling in MCSE boot camp is not for the weak hearted. Students spend classroom hours immersed in an aggressive curriculum designed to help IT professionals pass certification proficiently and with few errors. Enrollees gain hands-on experience and learn by doing under the guidance of Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) with years of career experience consulting with major corporations and small businesses. Much like a military boot camp, students eat, sleep, and live near the training site for two weeks, devouring the latest troubleshooting techniques, discovering how to install Microsoft 2003-based networks on multiple servers, and learning how to provide information security for businesses. Within the two-week time frame, students participate in day-long computer labs gaining hands-on knowledge of how to install and configure Windows XP and the newer windows-based Vista operating system. Intensive study hours are spent poring over an up-to-date curriculum which provides essential resources for the classroom and future careers.

MCSE boot camp curriculum also includes network troubleshooting and optimization; systems analysis and design; optimizing server performance; troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution of workstations; and resolving connectivity problems. Advanced network installation, routing, and error checking are also included in hands-on lab exercises. Curriculum instruction may include learning how to service larger networks for government institutions, colleges and universities, and manufacturing plants. Large networks present formidable challenges since thousands of machines can be interconnected across states and continents to provide a seamless flow of electronic information. MCSE certified are invaluable in keeping mega-networks maintained.

To prepare for MCSE certification tests, boot camp enrollees must first have master basic networking skills and have at least two years working with servers and business infrastructure. Students are offered optional, comprehensive online training towards the CompITA Network +Certification in preparation for MCSE coursework. IT techs whose careers require knowledge of Microsoft PCs, laptops and servers have the opportunity to fine tune skills and gain valuable insight into troubleshooting, configuring and installing new platforms. MCSE curriculums also include classroom discussions and feedback to clarify technical principles and ensure that every student, regardless of individual learning curves, grasps and comprehends curriculum materials.

The future is bright for anyone entering the field of systems engineering. Due to the worldwide usage of computer networks at small and large domestic and foreign enterprises, IT technicians, network engineers and network administrators are in high demand. Nearly every public and private corporation requires the services of personnel to help keep computer systems up and running. A core of highly skilled, certified technicians must be available to meet the increasing demand for installing, troubleshooting and repairing network systems. The goal of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer boot camps is to prepare individuals to pass MCSE certification tests and become highly marketable to companies which require skilled technical personnel.

MCSE Training

MCSE training (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is available as a two-week course or online using disks provided by one of the computer companies, and the end result is certification for a position that pays well. One such school has students come to classes at a hotel for two weeks, and the instructors are housed in the same facility. Their advertisement states that instructors are available to students for answering their questions 24/7. This is an intense course where everything takes place in one location so there is no time lost traveling from one place to another. The core classes include installing, configuring, administering and maintaining several Microsoft Windows programs, plus designing, implementing and administering security in those systems.

Online computer training classes fit with the current trend of people learning a lot of things on their home computers. College courses are available online, as are job training classes. Taking the MCSE training online is easier than going somewhere for weeks to take the training, and less expensive. It could be argued, however, that having an instructor in the room with you during class time and available anytime outside of class is an advantage. So there are several factors to consider for the student looking for this particular kind of schooling: Cost, convenience, and excellence of training. Searching the Internet for the companies offering these courses will help determine which of them is best.

Microsoft has introduced a new field of specialization in it MCSE training, which is called MCSE: Security. This course gives the engineer the skills to design, plan, and implement security on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 for a secure computing environment. Security design and implementation skills are increasingly in demand, according to the course information. Apparently, graduates have little difficulty finding employment. There are no prior educational requirements mentioned for students signing up for these classes, so apparently someone with no more than a high school education and an understanding of computers is eligible. Today's young people usually have a solid understanding of how computers work by the time they finish high school, so these courses are probably not too difficult for them.

Once a person has decided that computer proficiency is the career to pursue, online computer training may be the best way to achieve that goal. Unlike going to a campus, learning can be done during off hours from a job, so that income doesn't stop while getting the training needed for this new or upgraded career. Whether the student is a youngster who needs to work to pay for the course, or is a family man or woman with responsibilities that preclude going off to school, online computer training fills those students' needs.

There are numerous campuses for students to choose from in every state in the Union, both technical schools and colleges. Upon checking the Internet, there are even more schools offering online computer training. Of course, those colleges and universities offering such courses on line or on campus don't stop with certification classes, but offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees as well. That satisfies the needs of those people who want a well-rounded education in addition to the specialized education they seek. It's an American ideal--something for everyone.

Once the MCSE training is completed, there are tests that must be taken to prove a person proficient in the skills taught, and those are administered on a campus somewhere, hopefully nearby. The charge for taking the test is approximately $125 US. For the student who wants help in preparing for the exam, there are resources available online or in books, and they can be found through the Internet or by contacting the campus where the test will be taken. These test aids will be different prices from different sources, so it is to the student's advantage to shop around for the best deal.

Specialization of skills usually gives a person an advantage in the workplace. A legal secretary who becomes a paralegal increases her value to the firm, and a cabinetmaker that can add fancy decorative work to his product can charge a higher price. There are a number of studies a person can pursue in the mastery of computing that will allow advancement, whether it's MCSE training or some other specialty connected to the Microsoft systems. Specialists aren't mentioned in the Bible except when Jesus offered some very special training to his disciples: "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19)

Another advantage of online computer training is the fact that it is self-paced, so if the learner is particularly adept at learning, the course may be completed in less than the anticipated time set by the course planners. On the other hand, the person who requires more time isn't holding up the rest of a class or falling behind. Learning at one's own pace makes learning of any kind more pleasurable.

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