Small Business Management Training

Getting small business management training can be done online through course providers or at a local community college. Of course, if a person is really serious, a four year degree in business administration can also be achieved either online or at brick and mortar college or university. Over half of small businesses that are started end up failing, often due to poor management skills on behalf of the owner. And with the winds of business shifting almost daily, the need for savvy and trained management is needed more than ever, even for the smallest of commerce ventures. Knowing one's weaknesses and charting a course to shore up those weaknesses is the sign of a commerce owner who has the make-up to succeed.

One of the most resource rich places to go for training can be the vast resources of the Small Business Administration. This government agency is tasked with the responsibility of helping small businesses not only get started correctly, but also avoid the failure trap so many entrepreneurs could not avoid. The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides courses on starting a commerce enterprise from scratch, including the all important business plan formulation, preparing a request for a loan, developing a successful franchise, introduction to accounting and many more courses right online. Since these are all free, the opportunity to receive management training is almost a slam dunk situation. The drawback to these online courses is that there is no feedback from live instructors. However, the SBA does provide small business management training mentors who have run successful businesses themselves and who are willing to make appointments to talk and advise on all commerce matters. Again, these mentoring sessions are free.

But there are limits to the training the SBA gives to individuals, because most of the information is of an entry level mode. The next step would be to look at online small business management training courses offered by various companies. Each program is handled by each provider in a different manner, so the depth and the subject matter will vary. These courses go beyond the introduction mode of the SBA, and take on subjects like negotiation, employment law and understanding licensing and permits as well as business tax liabilities. The real plus for courses online from various online educational providers is the ability to do the work at one's own pace, so family and perhaps a regular job can be easily scheduled around the study. Because many people need help paying for these course, most online providers giving small business management training do have resources for finding and securing student loans.

Since most small enterprise owners are interested in the knowledge received and not the pedigree of the online course provider, there is little concern for whether or not the course training is accredited and by what accreditation body. If a person is planning to perhaps use the online small business management training one receives as part of a future college degree program from an accredited college or university, accreditation then becomes an important issue and should be fully explored before investing money in an online course. Since there are dozens, if not hundreds of online providers of courses on small business management training, care should be taken on choosing one of high reputation. Conduct some research on the provider and look for blogs or other resources that can give a 360 degree look at their reputation and course content. The most revealing information will come from former students, so look for them and the comments they might have to offer.

If the desire is to actually get formal small business management training, then perhaps a community college offering a two year associate's degree in management might be in order. Again, there are online schools, many of them in fact, all offering associate's degrees in business administration or management, but the question truly now centers around accreditation. Most online schools are accredited by some body of education certification, but that accreditation body may not be accepted by many two year and four year colleges and universities. If choosing to get training from an online school, ask about advisor availability and faculty interaction. Additionally, ask about the kind of library they have and see if they offer access to any large college or university libraries as part of the tuition fee.

Once a person has finished whatever training that one has received, there should be a marked difference in how that person approaches his management responsibilities. Small business management training should give confidence to a person who needs to interact with franchisors at the company headquarters and ask intelligent and forthright questions. The manager should be able to deal with the basic financial paperwork that surrounds the operation of a small business, including statements, balance sheets, inventory, sales and payroll. Additionally the newly trained manager should have an increased appreciation of managerial skills when it comes to handling and dealing with employee issues. In terms of hiring, a trained manager should be able to have adequate interviewing skills and a method by which to evaluate candidates for potential positions that come open within the company. Perhaps the most succinct and helpful advice for a new manager comes from the Bible where the writer talks about a godly mindset. "Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things." (Philippians 4:8)

Business Manager Training

Getting business manager training is often accomplished through the school of hard knocks, but it doesn't have to be that way; the opportunities abound with plenty of online providers offering training. A good commerce manager with well rounded skills is an extremely important asset to any company owner who depends on that manager for a number of different responsibilities. Getting formal business manager training does not, however, make a good manager anymore than living in a garage makes a person a '76 Buick Riviera. Typically a manager of this type must supervise others and managing those persons can be a challenge for the person who may be a fiscal whiz but a relationship challenged dud. The owner who can find a fiscal administrator who not only saves him money and streamlines business procedures but also has other employees who will go to war for him is a true gem and all the courses taken and diplomas earned can't guarantee that kind of 360 degree appreciation.

But neither does just a good guy make a good manager either so first things first. The best business manager training may come from a four year bachelor's degree with a major in business administration or management. One of the strengths of a four years degree comes from the fact that it requires some core courses that will enhance any administrator's skills. Communication skills such as writing, problem solving and understanding types of personalities through a basic psychology course can help tremendously in aiding an administrator in becoming a well rounded part of the management team. Online educational providers of strictly managerial training usually skip core types of courses, making the education less expensive but perhaps also less effective than a well rounded educational approach. An initial option for training might be the free classes that the Small Business Administration offers online providing much insight into small business function and administration. These courses may not answer all questions and provide all the skills desired, but can be a good foundation for course work later.

Online business manager training can offer most or all the same courses that traditional brick and mortar colleges do. Courses such as management theory, operations management, accounting, employment law, human resources, critical thinking and systems thinking as well as performance measurement are all subjects that can be done at home in front of the computer while balancing family and perhaps job related responsibilities. The requirement for taking these online courses strictly for the experience is simply the money to pay for them. The requirement for heaven is simple also and does not include trying to be a good person and feeding the hungry, although those are wonderful things to aspire to do. Jesus told a very religious man these words, "Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." (John 3:3)

When considering using an online provider for classes, make sure and first think about the long term goals that you have in mind. If a great deal of money is going to be spent on business manager training, makes sure that one's schedule and home situation can support the time and effort one will need to make to successfully pass each required course. A person will need a private place away from regular family traffic to study and complete assignments. Make sure that the provider of training, especially when it is an online entity, has strong faculty interaction availability as well as the opportunity to talk with other students. It is extremely important that there be access to a large enough online library to not only find help taking courses, but to answer further questions one might have about a subject not addressed in the course.

When a person seeks to better him through the application of knowledge learned from training, particularly when that person is not forced, coerced or paid by the employer to do so, the results cannot help but begin to ooze out of that person in the everyday application of that training in the workplace. The motivation is the right one, and the employer will soon see a more confident and skilled administrator. But a person seeking business manager training to rise up in a corporate setting or larger company ought to consider the implications of not choosing an accredited provider of training. If a person wants to obtain a degree and spends a great deal of time and money on online courses in business manager training and then seek to use those courses as part of a bachelors degree in business management, they may not be allowed by certain brick and mortar schools. All this denial could be the result of studying non-accredited courses.

Rising up through the ranks of a company without education is now almost unheard of except in family owned businesses. The ever changing swell of economic tides makes it more and more important that someone desirous of managing the business affairs of an enterprise be fully trained and ready to meet those challenges. Business manager training is highly detailed work and can be an all consuming pursuit. But the commerce reality of the 21st century makes the educational pursuit absolutely necessary and few businesses will hire without it. Taking courses after having been out of school for a while may open up areas of interest and new desires to seek even more education in perhaps heretofore unconsidered directions.

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