Unsecured Christian Loan No Credit Check

An unsecured Christian loan no credit check offer from one of many online lending companies may sound like the perfect answer for the person who has a sullied past in regards to his/her borrowing history. What could be better than not even having anyone check to see how poorly one has handled money issues in the past, and still offering to give more money out as another trial balloon? For the person predisposed to late payments, defaulting on lending agreements or getting to be golfing buddies with the local debt collection agents, an unsecured loan no credit check offer is a very sweet deal. But the sad truth is that even if a person has no idea what a debt collector is or does, one of these offers is just an invitation to more financial gasoline on an already raging fire, with one very real exception which will be discussed later in this article. So where do these offers come from?

As sure as the moon is not green cheese a bank will never offer anyone except the bank president's mother and maybe Donald Trump and maybe not even him, an unsecured loan no credit check offer period, end of story. Getting a bank lending agreement will provide a person with the lowest interest rates, but only with the most highly qualified customers. Even with all the stories of late regarding banks failing over some questionable banking practices, an average Joe person has no chance of getting such a highly speculative borrowing agreement because banks are notoriously conservative. Banks have stockholders who demand safe and conservative financial dealings so that dividends can be counted on each quarter. Where a person will find such a lending agreement is with a lending company which is backed by investors looking for high returns on the investment dollar and who welcome the opportunity to take high risks in order to get huge returns.

In many cases, high risk pays high money, such as the Alaskan fishermen who have what is called the most dangerous job in the world and can make thirty thousand dollars or more for a few days work. The workers on offshore oil derricks, Indy race car drivers and dozens of other high risk occupations can make pretty good money because the job has a high risk of severe injury or death. So also the risk is high of losing a lot of money when offering an unsecured loan no credit check deal to someone that probably has a checkered past when it comes to handling borrowed money and little to no investigation is being made into the details and no collateral is being fronted for the loan! For the lending company, though the risks are high the numbers are with them because they do make a lot of money. But for the borrower, this type of unsecured loan no credit check offer can be a financial nightmare if not handled correctly. A small unsecured lending agreement may be a positive thing if the person uses it for one purpose only: to begin to repair an injured borrowing history. Resolving to payback a small loan with on time payments each month can go a long way to bringing healing to one's credit reputation.

Consider first the no credit check part of the loan agreement. An unsecured loan no credit check offer means that the lender knows exactly who is coming in to their office to borrow money: someone who has failed to handle money well before, or someone who has a very poor debt to income ratio. Late payments on a credit report are a killer as well as defaulted loans. Most people would recognize that as being credit problem. But just as much of a problem is having too much debt for the amount of income a person has, even if that person has made most or all of their payments on time!

So when a company makes an offer to lend money without considering a person's track record, knowing that very high interest rates for that loan will be expected is a no brainer. Then add to the mix the fact that the lending company is giving the borrower money without collateral and the interest rate is going to go through the roof. A car title, a boat title, jewelry, equity in a house, a coin collection or maybe the family dog could be collateral but none is asked or even expected so what else can be probable but exceptionally high monthly payments to pay the loan off? And in most cases the person taking the unsecured loan no credit check offer, a someone who can least afford for this to happen, becomes an even more committed slave to the world of debt. "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them for this is the law and the prophets." (Matthew 7:12)

Before getting such a very expensive lending agreement that make take years to pay off, check all the resources available. If a person is a child of God by having trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, that individual has the most favorable resource of all, the God of the Universe. Scripture reminds its readers that God actually knows when each and every sparrow hops on the ground. Wow! For the believer, an unsecured loan no credit check offer is the last thing God wants HIs children to get involved with because He wants and longs to provide for all of their needs, but not their greed. If the reader is a Christian, wait and let God handle your financial problem. He already knows about it but wants for His child to trust Him for the right answer and not seek a self destructive loan.

Unsecured Christian Loan With Bad Credit

An unsecured loan with bad credit is one of the most costly lending agreements any one can secure, and might be one of the main causes for bankruptcy filings in the United States. Whenever a person chooses to get an unsecured loan with bad credit, it can becomes a financial nightmare, especially if the lending agreement has monthly payments that stretch a family or person's budget beyond its reasonable limits. Lenders that offer these kinds of loans take very high risks that the lending agreement might default, or go for several months without payment being made, so recovery fees must be built into the loan in the form of high origination fees and interest rates. In some cases, a person taking out a borrowing agreement of this kind may pay twice the amount of the original borrowed amount by the time the agreement is finally paid off. "And Jesus looking upon them saith, 'With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.'" (Mark 10:27)

A further examination of an unsecured loan with bad credit makes it obvious as to why the agreement can be so egregious for a person's fiscal health. In very sound borrowing transactions, collateral is routinely offered as a hedge against the loan defaulting. The most solid collateral is some sort of real estate entity. A place of residence, a parcel of land or places of business are all examples of solid collateral. In addition retirement accounts, high quality jewelry and stocks and bonds are also considered as useful collateral items. Using a new car as collateral for a lending agreement on that car is the main reason why car dealerships are so anxious to find a loan for almost any borrowing history. If a default occurs, just sending a wrecker in the middle of the night to haul the collateral away is the best insurance in arranging fairly risky lending agreements to those with poor borrowing track records.

But many people are renters and have no real estate collateral, and have no high quality jewelry or retirement funds or a newer car that has been paid off and thus there is no offer of collateral as insurance against a loan default. When there is no security for the potential lending agreement, the very high potential for the lender being left holding an empty wallet causes an unsecured loan with bad credit to become very expensive for the borrower to have. The risk is entirely the lenders and none for the loan receiver. But in actuality, the danger is quite high for any pone receiving such a lending agreement. Consider what further damage could possibly be done to an already bad borrowing history.

When a person seeks this kind of unsecured loan with bad credit, he or she already will be paying more because of the fact that the agreement is without collateral. Usually with just a stroke of a pen someone will put their name down promising to repay an expensive loan. But the lender knows that this loan is being offered to someone who has proven from past actions that the ability to wisely handle credit is not a high priority. A bad credit score can be a ball and chain around someone's neck for the rest of their life if not wisely dealt with and a plan developed for a full recovery. After all, an unsecured loan with bad credit does not have to be something that a person has to settle for the rest of his or her days. Complete borrowing history health can be restored in as little as seven years. How can that happen?

If a person or family is totally committed to getting their financial house in order, the first place to go is to a credit counselor. There are many non-profit agencies just waiting for people to come and get the expertise to help pull themselves out of the quicksand of bad credit. But a long term solution to ending the cycle of debt slavery is to stop the practice of getting an unsecured loan with bad credit! Credit counselors will tell clients that no more credit lending agreements of any kind can be tolerated. Often these counselors will help negotiate lower interest rates on all existing credit accounts so that the overall monthly commitment is lowered sometimes by half. Clients are then instructed to use the newly found savings to help pay down existing credit accounts. Little by little, the entire debt can be eliminated, but the process takes real discipline on behalf of the debtor.

All Christians have made poor choices in life, some with relationships, some with educational opportunities and some with financial matters. As a person gets older, he/she begins to realize that the decisions made in the teens and twenties have a profound impact on the quality of life later on in the fifties and sixties. This reality cannot be fully appreciated while living out the early years, but becomes fully evident as life unfolds. When the issue is poor money management early in life, often the only resort becomes one unsecured loan with bad credit after another and the debt slavery becomes more and more entrenched not only with the parents but the children also, for they have learned just how to become debt slaves from watching their parents. The Bible is God's road map for traversing life's varied topographies and has answers to all of the issues people face, including financial management. As a person spends time exploring its vast pages and applies the principles and precepts learned there, one becomes not only wise, but also aware of how much God loves all mankind.

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