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The best free chat rooms are generally those that offer a no cost account, a private log in and a virtual environment that is guided by a moderator as well as management policies for proper user etiquette and safety. There are many popular chat sites throughout the virtual landscape that offer various features and environments to users who are looking for instant opportunities of communication within a particular community. There are religious, hobby, ethnic, age, career, dating, friendship and other specialty chatrooms available to those who are seeking a special interest group with which to interact online.

Most users prefer to use no cost sites when entering the world of chatrooms since many fee based sites require monthly payments that are automatically withdrawn from a user's bank account through credit card payment. Online participants generally wish to try out seemingly popular chat sites without having to invest financially in something that they are not sure they will enjoy. Some networking sites offer free chatrooms to users, but then require them to join up for a fee in order to use all their services. For those looking for matchmaking services or other personal accommodations, this may be acceptable, but most users would rather find the best free chat rooms to patronize since there are so many from which to choose.

Completely no cost chat sites can be found through many sources that provide great services and excellent community participation without the hook of having to join for more user features. A user may join such a service by simply filling out a simple questionnaire and submitting it to the service. The site will record the selected user name and log in password so that participants may return at any time without having to go through the sign up process again. So, for many who are looking for popular chat sites, why purchase an account when there are so many free available? "Free" does not mean less quality as is evidenced by many no cost Christian and family formatted sites, since the purpose for these sites is to provide a service that will help, challenge, inform and encourage participants.

A user can remain completely anonymous to the service as well as other participants while still jumping into a group of chatters at any point in an online conversation. Some of the best free chat rooms can host any number of participants in a room. While some rooms are moderated and others are not, some of the most popular chat sites do offer expert moderation by a particular person. The moderator can be someone from the service that is logged into the room to provide structure and direction for on point conversations, or a moderator can be a frequent user who is approved by the service. Some services offer interested users the option of applying for moderator position and will train those selected. Moderators are equipped with particular service policy guidelines and protocols so that a chat environment operates within the stated purpose.

Each service develops its own guidelines for proper etiquette and will enforce those guidelines to the point of expelling an offender. Many popular chat sites require that users remain courteous and refrain from irritating or offensive interaction within their environments. Activities such as 'flaming' (insulting or offensive language that is interjected in a chatroom simply for the shock value), highly argumentative or disruptive language and advertising commercial ventures are usually off limits in most rooms. Some people use chatrooms to introduce their business concepts or to market MLM products. This is highly offensive to other users who are there to converse on a topic and get to know each other. Other users may feel used by those who are attempting to hawk their wares in a room and a chatroom service will also not allow this activity on their turf. Other activities such as repeatedly interjecting the same comment over and over again in a site may result in a user being banned for a certain period of time.

Users who are banned can be expelled from 10 minutes to permanently, depending on the offense. Also, if a user is found to be underage or is found to be misrepresenting himself in anyway to other users in any of the best free chat rooms, he or she will also be expelled from the site. "Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour..." (Ephesians 4:25a) Safety is of the utmost importance to services that offer chats to the public since there is an increasing propensity for harm to other users and abuse of the service. In fact, some services have actually shut down their chatrooms in light of the worldwide difficulties with crime that has seeped into their sites. This should not deter users as well as good chat sites from operating throughout the cyber world, but it does mean that users as well as services should take certain precautions. There are many interesting and helpful chatrooms that are offered through reputable services for users who want to take advantage of the virtual, chat environment for healthy socialization.

Free Chat Sites

Virtual chat rooms are here to stay as cyber space provides a high tech environment for groups of chatters to communicate with each other in a real time format. There are many types of free chat sites that provide visual as well as text based formats for tech sensitive participants. As more and more people become computer savvy, there is competition among services to provide the most challenging and stimulating environments for a wide range of activities including gaming, conversations, information swapping and other interests. There are many methods of online communication available today, but chatrooms by far offer the broadest opportunities for large groups of participants to interact with each other no matter where they reside throughout the world.

There are many types of services that may be of interest to online participants. Gaming is one of the hottest concepts for users that engage in high tech interaction through virtual chat rooms where several users can compete. Games are offered through many types of services from dating to gaming only sources. Many dating services provide games as an icebreaker for singles who want to interact on a safe level that does not necessarily require in-depth conversations. This is an easy way to get to know others without putting anyone on the spot as well as provide a fun way to spend an evening. Other typical chat options are those that provide a format for conversations that are topic oriented. Participants are encouraged to stay on topic within the free chat sites and there is usually a moderator to help move discussions in the right direction. The range of topics is unlimited and there is likely a topic somewhere online that is of interest to a user.

Swapping information within a room is one reason that many people search for topic based sites. There are many knowledgeable people involved in chats that can provide in-depth content for other participants. Some businesses, educational institutions and non-profit groups offer many free chat sites to help others with various informational material. When anyone decides to enter the wonderful world of chatrooms, they should consider several issues before become a user. Many sites have age requirements and have mandatory policies that anyone entering must be 18 years of age or older. A new user should always check to see what the age requirement is before entering. Most adult users would rather be in chatrooms that are age specified in order to more easily converse with others of like interests. Checking out a service's policies concerning privacy, etiquette and banning is also important for users to consider before becoming a regular at any of the free chat sites. Most sources provide written notice of privacy policies that assure users that their email addresses and log in information will not be shared with any other party.

Some would-be users hesitate to participate in many online services that require log in information because of the danger to their privacy. While it is necessary for sources that offer virtual chat rooms to retain the IP addresses of all users, most guarantee that none of the information gleaned from them will be passed on to another company for any purpose. Users should always check out the fine print when using any chatroom service as to their policies and guarantees concerning privacy. Online etiquette is another issue that should be investigated when considering the use of chats. Most sources require the obvious when it comes to user chatting behavior. No advertising, no flaming, no blitzing rooms with the same information over and over, no insulting remarks and no misrepresentation of a user for criminal purposes are among the common requirements for good, social behavior. When all users adhere to basic etiquette within a room, the environment is much safer and offers an enjoyable place to spend some time meeting new people. "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that with is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." (Ephesians 4:29)

Policies on banning should also be checked out so that a user is aware of what will constitute an offense in any particular room. Even though many people will not intentionally do anything to warrant a ban, there may be some innocent activities that can cross the line with some services. It's best to know what is expected when chatting online in order to make the interactive climate as pleasant as possible. There are a few safety tips as well that can make using free chat sites a better experience. Always use a 'handle' or alias rather than a real name in order to maintain anonymity for security purposes. The probability that some people are not who they seem to be is relatively high, so guarding a user's identity is important. The best policy for any participant is to be honest, to enjoy the interaction and to never really trust anyone that is not known. Check out the many virtual chat rooms that are constantly springing up around cyberspace...there's bound to be one that will pique the interest of a newcomer as well as a veteran chatter.

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