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A global database of Christian dating personals may offer faith-filled singles a long-term relationship or a lifelong mate. There is an old adage which says, "There is someone out there for everyone," and that might be true. But how to find that special someone can be a daunting task. When it comes to finding a mate, born again believers take their faith seriously and sincerely want to spend the rest of their lives with a spouse who shares a love for Jesus Christ. Because of strong Christian ethics, believers usually shun the secular means of meeting prospective mates: bar hopping, night clubs, or questionable escort services. And while some churches offer singles social events and outings, many savvy Christians are opting for online dating to form long-term friendships or matrimonial bonds with likeminded men and women. Digital Christian dating personals, classified ads which provide singles with a huge database of potential mates, are breaking the bonds of traditional matchmaking and opening up global avenues for matrimony. "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge" (Hebrews 13:4).

Singles can post Christian dating personals on one or more websites which not only promote excellence in morality, but also provide a forum for individuals who seek to find the will of God in finding a mate. The decision to marry is one of the most important ones a man or a woman can ever make. Most believers realize that God ordained marriage to be a sacred lifelong union between one man and one woman. By becoming a member of a global dating site, especially designed for believers in Jesus Christ, singles of every age hope to find not only Mr. or Ms. Right, but a mate who is also a proponent for righteous living. Members of faith-based dating websites can choose from a vast network of singles, divorcees, widows, or widowers looking for love and companionship with those who share a similar faith.

Joining an online Christian dating personals website is pretty simple. Singles create a profile which indicates gender, personal interests, age or age range, and city, state, and country of residence. New members are issued a user name and password and must submit an email address for accessing the database. Members can upload digital photos which allow them to put their best face forward and share a personal story that just might appeal to that certain someone. Most sites offer free membership with upgrades to paid membership, which includes added features, such as access to chat rooms and blogs, emailing to members, and tips on building lasting relationships.

Administrators strive to keep sites secure, and members are required to read and accept privacy statements and comply with online dating guidelines. Digital dating can be dangerous when unscrupulous individuals with impure motives try to take advantage of unsuspecting believers who tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Site administrators recommend exercising precaution when pursuing an online relationship: never give out surnames, phone numbers, or addresses unless members are absolutely sure that interested parties have pure motives. Members who choose to schedule an actual face-to-face date with an interested party should meet in a safe location, such as a coffee house, at church, or a restaurant, and avoid being alone in an intimate setting. Above all, faith-based Christian dating personals websites recommend listening to the Holy Spirit who leads and guides into all truth, in order to avoid being caught up in an emotional encounter which can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, disappointment and heartache.

The vast difference between worldly sites and Christians dating personals is that web pages are designed to witness and not necessarily to wow. Faith-based sites offer clean, wholesome content which promotes Biblical principles in building relationships. While secular dating sites appeal to sensuality in male-female encounters, Christian providers stress building relationships based on God. Home pages include articles of interest to faith-filled believers who may question today's promiscuous single lifestyle. Wholesome home page content shares insightful information on how believers should conduct themselves with the opposite sex, maintaining a celibate lifestyle while waiting on a mate, or exemplifying Christ when faced with life's choices. Blogs enable members to chat with singles around the globe and share in good clean conversation without the innuendoes and overtones so prevalent in secular matchmaking sites. Faith-based sites also focus on promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and home pages will include scriptural references and inspirational messages interspersed among appealing graphics and testimonials from singles that have had positive experiences with Christian dating personals.

An initial online date is uniquely different from a face-to-face encounter because there is no physical contact and very little risk unless both parties agree to meet or carry the relationship further. Singles can email one another as often as they like, share photos, favorite music, or join others in a chat room discussion of relevant topics. Members can download and send e-cards, instant messages, or videos in response to interested parties or to individuals who are most compatible based on Christian dating personals information. The beauty of digital dating is that members have access to hundreds of thousands of potential partners from across the globe; and those relationships can become emotionally and spiritually satisfying without the pressure of face-to-face encounters or expectations. Members may come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or Asia; and language is not necessarily a barrier. Some Christian dating personals sites offer home pages in other languages, and many members are bilingual. Singles that desire to share their life and a love for Jesus Christ with a mate may subscribe to several faith-based sites which open a world of opportunities to meet new people.

Christian Personal Ads

Many believers use Christian personal ads as a way to meet singles who share the same kinds of concerns on faith and belief that are important to them. There are multiple Internet sites that allow believers to post personalized profiles that can be viewed by other single Christians. The hope behind these efforts is generally to help Christian couples to connect. While many churches offer singles groups and other opportunities for connection, the Internet can also be a very useful tool in this area. Some of these websites might charge a monthly or yearly membership fee while other operate free of charge. A number of online features may be provided in addition to the opportunity to place Christian personal ads. These features could include online forums, Bible studies, chat rooms that incorporate voice, text or web cam, matchmaking, and faith based pen pal options. Members will usually be required to provide information for an online profile. This information may include a description of the member's appearance, very general information on geographic location, and interests. A recent photograph of the member will most likely be required as well. Many services of this nature will allow participants to post multiple photos of themselves. Since these sites are Christian in nature, they will expect that members employ honesty in all areas, including the photos that they post.

While there is no ironclad way to ensure that each person who contributes Christian personal ads is telling the complete truth, most of these organizations attempt to ensure the accuracy of any information that is posted. Should a married individual endeavor to register for membership, and in so doing falsely pose as a single person, most websites state that they will prosecute such individuals for fraud. If a member is interested in contacting a fellow member, there are specific steps that can be taken to initiate this. Usually, a participant can express an interest with a click of the mouse. The fellow member will be informed of this interest and will decide whether or not to reciprocate. There are also degrees of membership that participants can choose from. Free memberships will generally not offer as many feature as more premium packages. Paid memberships may have access to additional features such as video profiles and instant messaging. Many services provide members with a library of informative articles on a variety of topics that are of interest to active singles. Matchmaking options may be available as well. This service can be very straight forward. A member will select from a list of criteria the qualities that they are seeking in a partner. A computer program will then look for suitable matches to the selected criteria. When a match is found, the member will receive an email informing them of the potential candidate. Members may also be afforded the opportunity to send and receive emails through an anonymous online account. In addition to access to a library of Christian personal ads, chat rooms and forums can also be effective means of getting to know other members on the site.

Of course, there can be certain pitfalls that are associated with taking out Christian personal ads. It can be very easy to hide behind a self made mask when seeking companionship online. There is a certain sense of distance and safety that can take hole when communicating with another person over the Internet. Eventually, a face to face meeting will be needed if the relationship is to mature. But long before this can happen, the parties must feel secure and confident that they know the other person well enough to arrange such a meeting. Slow, deliberate steps are generally a good idea when dealing with online relationships. A member of a faith based relationship site will usually begin by identifying and contacting a fellow member that they would like to get to know, usually based on that individual's Christian personal ads. Assuming that both parties are willing to communicate with each other, they may often begin with simple and anonymous emails. Once email communication has become comfortable and the parties are convinced that they have a number of things in common, a more direct form of communication may be called for. Online chatting or instant messaging could be a sound step to take next. When the members are ready to meet, certain safety precautions should be taken such as bringing friends along for the first meeting and coming together in a public location that is neutral to both people.

Websites that feature Christian personal ads will generally make every effort to keep all online speech and activity within the bounds of decency. Unfortunately, bad behavior can occur on even the most well monitored websites. When this is the case, most organizations will provide a way for members to report such activity so that it can be dealt with. Offending members will usually be banned from using the site. The Bible talks about the protection that is offered to believers by God. "The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe." (Proverbs 18:10)

A website may offer special help for individuals who are new to online relationship sites or have questions about posting Christian personal ads. In some cases, a pastor or trained counselor may offer Biblical advice on relationships. The ability to apply Biblical truths to practical subjects such as marriage and dating can be very helpful. This is particularly true for individuals who place faith at a high priority. If pursued prayerfully and with honest intentions, utilizing online relationship websites can make a positive difference in the life of a believer.

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