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Browsing Christian Internet dating personals offers thousands of opportunities to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Surfing the web to find a potential mate is fun, easy, and inexpensive. Faith-filled singles of nearly any age or geographical area can find long term friendships or a lifelong partner online in their spare time. All it takes is browsing any number of websites which offer an opportunity to post Christian personals. Sites feature huge databases of eligible men and women from around the globe. Singles can meet a friend or a future fiance from the comfort of a home or office PC. Travel online to France, England, Belgium, or anywhere in the United States without paying airfare or running up an international telephone bill. Today's savvy singles can chat with men and women who share a love for Jesus Christ and a desire to develop a meaningful relationship. "Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God" (Ephesians 2:19).

Sites which feature Christian Internet dating personals provide singles with a forum to express their faith, interests, and personality online. Initial membership is free and open to adults age 18 and up, with added features for a nominal monthly fee. Personals are web-based classified ads which include password accessed profiles, photos, instant messages, and chat rooms. Active seniors can find mature singles that love the Lord and seek to celebrate the fullness of Christ with that special someone. Young hopefuls who are tired of the secular dating scene can browse online Christian Internet dating personals for likeminded singles who want to settle down, raise a family and build a Christ-centered life.

Enrolling on a Christian Internet dating personals website is as easy as one, two, three. Singles can locate a site, review usage requirements and apply for a unique password-protected user identification. Members fill out a personal profile, information which will place a singles in a specific category and make it easy for interested parties to narrow down choices. Site administrators require members to keep surnames, home addresses, and telephone numbers private for safety reasons. Next, upload a few favorite photos, especially those which display a playful personality or pet pooch. Of course, Christian dating sites frown on seductive poses or nudity, so it's best to keep it clean. Administrators monitor sites for offensive language, improper or sexually explicit proposals, or activity which might invite predators or stalkers.

Once member profiles become active, Christian Internet dating personals participants can begin receiving email alerts from interested parties. Members simply log onto the site to access emails, instant messages, download photos, or respond to eligible believers in chat rooms. The online Christian community fosters lasting friendships that have the potential to result in marital bliss. Personals allow singles the opportunity to discreetly search for a mate without running the risk of face-to-face rejection or a fear of intimacy with a perfect stranger. Participants feel less inhibited and free to wander in cyberspace to find that special someone. And while browsing online is less provocative than cruising nightclubs and bar hopping, faith-based sites have a code of ethics secular home pages may not adhere to. Members are encouraged to exercise truthfulness, honesty and Christ-like values when communicating with other singles. Lying or misrepresenting oneself is a moral judgment; and site owners require a signed statement which absolves them from any guilt in the event that litigation arises from cases involving issuing false information.

Site members can look forward to receiving regular entries and inquiries which have the potential to develop into romance. Although faith-based matchmaking sites which post Christian Internet dating personals offer access to hundreds of thousands of single believers, it is really God who guides our hearts to the right individual. An online encounter can be led by the Holy Spirit as much as a face-to-face meeting or blind date orchestrated by a caring friend. Even as members meet new friends online, it is best to be spiritually led in deciding whether or not to respond to certain inquiries, emails, or instant messages. The Lord will place His heart in the minds of His children in order to help them make the most prudent decision and maintain true to their Christian faith.

The key to having a great time browsing Christian Internet dating personals is to remain truthful and to just be yourself. Participants should not try to hide their faith, but remember that others do not like to be preached to. Respect for those who might express certain doctrinal beliefs in chat rooms or instant messages that may or may not coincide with personal teachings is the best rule of thumb. After all, God is a multinational, multicultural, multifaceted God. "There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism. One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all" (Ephesians 4:4-6). By exercising cyberspace courtesy, members will be more apt to make friends and meet potential mates. Reading blogs and chat room comments that use vulgar or insulting language is a poor way to represent Christ; and even if doctrinal differences exist, Jesus is the common denominator.

Reputable sites which publish Christian Internet dating personals may also offer matchmaking services or personalized assistance with searching through databases to locate that special someone. Online advisors match eligible bachelors and bachelorettes according to age group, interests, geographical area, and preferences stated within member profiles. Gospel music lovers, children's ministry leaders, or believers with similar interests can find a long distance companion or a forever friend. Thanks to web-based wedding sites, Christian singles seeking romance and a fulfilling life in Christ have the whole world at their fingertips.

Christian Internet Dating Services

The goal of most Christian Internet dating services is to bring men and women together who share a personal faith in Jesus Christ. When it comes to compatibility, believers who share similar denominational beliefs and common ideologies about life are most likely to make good friends and potential mates. The purpose of an online matchmaking service is to help individuals find their soul mate, someone who is divinely ordained to walk by their side for a lifetime. Some singles discover faith-based sites after having gone through secular dating, including blind dates with marriage hopefuls from church, school or work. Many may have even tried meeting people in non-Christian settings, such as nightclubs, sporting events, or social gatherings, only to find that life in Christ makes the difference when choosing that special someone. Christian Internet dating services enable singles to see through the eyes of God when searching for that divinely-appointed mate. "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord" (Proverbs 18:22).

Not all matches are made in Heaven, but some Christian Internet dating services may claim to solicit a higher Power in bringing together men and women looking for genuine love. The bonds they form in cyberspace are based on Biblical principles, rather than sensual attraction. Online services host global sites which provide members access to a world of opportunities to form meaningful relationships. Personal matchmakers are available to help singles find just the right companion or friend to share in the love of Jesus Christ. Online counselors help determine member's preferences, access global databases and suggest close matches, based on user profiles.

To participate in web-based searches via Christian Internet dating services, singles begin by creating an online profile with a unique user name and password. The profile includes information about personal interests, basic spiritual beliefs, hobbies, age range, and city or country of residence. Members can upload photos, videos, or audio recordings to enhance dating personals files and hopefully, attract members of the opposite sex whose interests closely mirror their own. Most sites offer free membership with options to upgrade subscriptions to access chat rooms, instant messages, or access to paying members. Singles can experience friendships across the globe, developing long lasting relationships which may or may not lead to a walk down the aisle. Bonds formed via the Internet may open the door not only to matrimony, but also to international travel or career opportunities in other countries or in the company of likeminded believers.

Safe Christian Internet dating services also offer self-help suggestions and articles on how singles can maintain faith-based ethics while searching for a marriage partner. Not all eligible singles are interested in getting physical, and some are waiting patiently on Mr. Right. Faith-based matchmakers stress the importance of adhering to Biblical principles while pursuing a meaningful relationship. E-newsletters, chat rooms, instant messages and blogs offer a place to discuss issues with anonymity that might be intimidating in a one-on-one session or church study group. Singles can hear what others have to share about hot topics, such as avoiding the pitfalls of premarital sex or discovering Biblical requirements for becoming a godly husband or wife before "jumpin' the broom." Singles can also chat or send instant messages, e-cards, or videos to interested parties without a face to face contact. Developing a fun online friendship takes the pressure and worry from meeting and getting to know a total stranger. And if members decide to pursue the relationship, they can do so with confidence and the comfort of knowing that potential mates share similar beliefs and expectations.

Christian Internet dating services not only offer a worldwide database of hundreds of thousands of potential marriage partners and special friends, but also an opportunity to hear what successful participants say about programs. Sites include real life testimonies from participants who have discovered long-term love and a lifelong partner to share hopes and dreams, or make birthdays, holidays, and special events more memorable. Widows and widowers, divorcees, or young adults don't have to spend a lifetime alone. Christian Internet dating services offers a lifeline to a world of online companionship and fulfillment with someone who could be as near as the next town or as far away as the next continent. But the real benefit is that eligible bachelors and bachelorettes don't have to run the risk of dating in person or in the blind. Online communication offers safety, security and acceptance, as singles gradually build trust and find mutually fulfilling relationships. As an extra measure of safety, Christian matchmaker sites usually prohibit members from using surnames, addresses or personal emails to avoid attracting members with wrong motives.

The world we live in has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Worldly dating has become more like mating and an exercise in futility for so many singles who really do want to settle down with a good husband or wife. For the Christian, finding a suitable mate can be a harrowing experience, especially when faced with reconciling romance with religion. True believers are led by the Holy Spirit, especially when it comes to choosing a life partner. Reputable Christian Internet dating services not only suggest that participants be led by God, but also provide personal consultants who understand the importance of putting faith first in a lifelong relationship. Counselors are there to help singles who have complementary profiles find each other, but the decision to continue dating is purely theirs. By perusing global databases full of eligible men and women from around the world, dating service personnel can assist members in selecting just the right potential mate or long-term online friend. Member profiles, opt-in emails, online interviews, and telephone conversations are all modes of matching singles who may eventually choose to embark on a new life in Christ together.

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