Christian Speed Dating

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Through a Christian speed dating service, an individual can seek a compatible mate with whom they can share Christ's love using a modern technique. "And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." (Acts 11:26). This latest meet and greet trend eliminates the stress of complications that are usually part of first dates, such as long awkward silences. Accordingly, an individual need not spend more than a few minutes in the company of someone who may prove to be uninteresting for some reason. Furthermore, if the date proves to be incompatible, there is no need to watch the clock - the speed date host takes care of that for the participants. In short, it is an improved form of the classic risky blind date. Generally speaking, a participant will only spend as little as three minutes or perhaps as many as ten minutes with each potential match. Subsequently, a person moves on the next, and then the next participant. And because there is a concentration of available singles interacting at the event, the chance of a Christian individual finding an appropriate partner is increased.

This Christian speed dating process may take place either online or through real time dating. To clarify, the real time form requires a person to pursue their interests while physically present. Obviously, real time dating has advantages over online speed dating in that an individual is able to personally check out whether the potential matches actually possess the qualities, in particular the physical qualities, they claim in their online profiles. After all, it is very common for people to misrepresent their appearance online. Moreover, the individual is able to make these verifications within a safe and secure Christian environment. These real time sessions may take place within a church but other possibilities are cafes or clubhouses. This growing phenomenon is chiefly found in larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. However, this phenomenon is spreading all over the United States. In addition, Christian speed dating can be found in several other countries including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK. One common thread is that the meeting places provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Here, singles can conduct a search for that special someone who attracts them both physically and spiritually. There are a number of websites purporting to be Christian offering additional services such as dating tips, singles blogs and newsletters. Also, it is common for these sites to offer either free browsing or a free trial membership. Besides, there are usually special dating categories such as single parents, seniors, Hispanics, Blacks, Catholics, Christians over 30, or 40- and 50-somethings.

Naturally, although Christian speed dating follows the same basic procedure, there are some variations. For example, in one case upon arrival an equal number of men and women may be asked to write down their name and contact information. After this, the men would be seated on one side of the room and women on the other. Then, when the host blows a whistle, the males may move down a seat. During this process, an individual is expected to write down the number assigned to the participants in whom they have an interest on an event form or scorecard. Following this, the form is handed in and the Christian speed dating event has come to its conclusion. Or for instance, the women may sit in a circle, and the men will sit inside that circle. Then, after each one has an encounter with the person opposite them for a few minutes a whistle, or perhaps a buzzer, will sound and this signal initiates a circle rotation. Another common thread for these sessions is that after the event's conclusion the host or organization notifies participants if there are one or more mutual matches. In other words, a mutual match is both people having expressed an interest in getting to know each other better. Therefore, anyone who is part of a mutual match will receive the other interested party's contact information, and vice versa, either via text or email message.

To begin with, one benefit of this kind of event is that a Christian single can meet someone who is not only Christian, but someone interested in exclusively finding a date who also loves the Lord. Another benefit is the amount of time a person saves in the search for a relationship that is potentially rewarding. Further, not only those who have had previous bad experiences with blind dates, but also those who are generally shy have a chance to meet and tentatively explore the possibilities within a structured framework that takes full responsibility for the interaction. In short, the Christian speed dating process makes interaction with the opposite sex both fun and stress free for any type of personality. And the niche websites that cater to Christian dating are reviewed online as to which ones offer the best services. And too, online reviews of the sites detailing how many people actually utilize certain sites are also available. Often, there are testimonials on the dating websites that one can read in order to evaluate them better. However, an individual should quite naturally be on the alert for fraudulent presentations as well as fraudulent people.

In conclusion, there is a much better chance of meeting and dating someone who lives a similar spiritual life by participating in Christian speed dating events. Of course, everyone needs a companion either as a trusted friend or a marriage partner. But finding an attractive person who also lives according to God's principles is more of a challenge. So this latest and increasingly popular trend serves a valuable, time-saving purpose for those wishing to be part of a couple bound by their faith in God. Therefore, enrolling in a Christian speed dating event could very well be the answer to a person's romantic prayers.

Christian Matchmaking Services

Some Christian matchmaking services are less risky than traditional dating websites, but potential clients should still proceed with caution. Some of the better and more popular online matching services are actually run by Christian organizations. Although cyberspace dating is an impersonal way to meet people, the method does have many advantages. Online services can help reduce the anxiety and fear of meeting someone new. Cyber dating also allows a man or woman to expand their search range. However, even Christian matchmaking services can be dangerous, if common sense isn't used. A person never knows for sure what he or she will end up with. Basically, a client is asking a third party to arrange for them to meet a complete stranger. The results can be good, bad, useful, or nothing more than garbage. There are greater than 9 million websites dedicated to arranging dates. Many of these services operate under the Christian banner. Use caution and don't fall into these traps. "A righteous man hateth lying: but a wicked man is loathsome and cometh to shame. Righeousness keepeth him that is upright in the way: but wickedness overthroweth the sinner." (Proverbs 13: 5-6) Amazingly, married people looking to date other married people have a plethora of sites to choose from. These services are not faith-based and are inappropriate. Many agencies facilitate adultery. Unfortunately, Christians are not immune from such temptations.

With all the temptations and choices available online, people looking to find the best Christian matchmaking services have a difficult and intimidating task before them. Just because a site is advertised as Christian, don't automatically assume legitimacy. Cyberspace is public domain and people can say just about anything they want with very little oversight. But there are good sites to choose from. They just need to be rooted out. According to one online source, Christian matchmaking services do limited background checks to verify the veracity of information provided by their clients. Some check a person's marital status. Additionally, the better agencies attempt to discover if a person is incarcerated or has a criminal record. But it's unlikely that all online dating services do background checks. As part of the enrollment process, clients develop profiles. These profiles usually consist of a multiple choice questionnaire and a short essay of some sort. This is where the honor system comes into play. Embellishment, exaggeration, or outright lies can make anybody look good. Even photographs can be misleading.

But there are things a person can do to find legitimate Christian matchmaking services and protect themselves from frauds and scams. Start by reviewing as many dating websites as possible. Look for at least three things in each site. First, the site should allow a free membership trial so visitors can scan client profiles before becoming a member. No service will permit trial guests to respond to other clients until they become a paying member. Second, verify that the service expounds positive moral values. Quickly discard the sites that don't or aren't appealing in anyway. Finally, the service should arrange dates only between a man and a woman. Discriminate to a fault. Pass websites that don't seem right for any reason. Websites with poor graphics or ones that just don't have a clean appearance should be avoided. Sloppy or difficult sites to navigate are a sign of poor management. Whether a person is looking for a lifelong mate, friendship, or casual dating the consequences of stumbling into a poor dating service can be dire. Determine what is needed from the service and what is expected from a date. Generally, the best online services charge more. Decide beforehand how much to spend.

While researching the Christian matchmaking services, bookmark the ones that are appealing and come back to them for a second or third look. Make notes about what is appealing or unappealing about each site. Check copyright dates of the website to help determine if the service is new or well established. Gradually narrow the choices down to a manageable number. Aim for a dozen or fewer websites. Once a workable list has been established, research each one thoroughly. The best thing to do is talk to other people who may have used these types of businesses. Decide on one or several of the Christian matchmaking services before filling out profiles. As part of the profile, clients write one or more paragraphs describing themselves and what they expect from a date.

Essays can be incredibly revealing. In fact, essays are much more revealing than a cold questionnaire. Writing a powerful profile and posting a flattering photograph is the single most effective method of generating responses. Also, online sources suggest that clients avoiding using one-liners, clichs, or catch phrases. Don't try to be too cute or sexual. Doing so may give the appearance of rushing into sex. When reading a prospective date's essay, scrutinize the quality of writing and look for inconsistencies in the person's story. Keep in mind, that no matter how good a person represents him or herself, online dating is a risky hit or miss proposition. Even the Christian matchmaking services can't eliminate all the risks. Get to know the person through email or other online chat rooms before arranging a date. Be cautious, and don't settle for the first person who shows interest. Instincts are important. If a person seems wrong, he or she probably is wrong. Don't compromise personal safety for a date. Arrange for the first date to be in a safe public place that is conducive to good communication. Focus on the date's words and body language. Keep personal information private. Talk about beliefs and interests. According to online sources, ending the date with a prayer is entirely appropriate.

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