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Those in search of free Chinese dating websites may have to search a bit before they find sites that cater to only one nationality rather than a number of heritages and interests. That is not to say that such sites do not exist. They certainly do. Online relationship websites have grown in popularity in recent years, as have sites that cater to specific interests and backgrounds. Communication and socialization has changed dramatically with the advent of the world wide web. Utilizing the Internet as a tool for finding potential romantic partners can be successful if approached in the right way and with the proper motives. Language issues can be overcome via the Internet as well. Many free Chinese dating websites offer users the opportunity to communicate in English or in traditional or simplified Chinese. Of course, what works on the web may not work so well in person. If both individuals do not speak the same language, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to sustain a healthy relationship in person. As with traditional dating sites, websites that cater to those of Chinese descent will generally offer levels of membership. The first level is usually offered without charge to anyone who wishes to participate. Expanded levels will usually require participants to pay a membership fee that can vary with each organization. Registering on these sites will usually require filling out a basic profile that can be used to inform other members about the interests, profession, general location, and other pertinent information pertaining to a fellow member. Also included in this profile will be a photograph of the individual. This photo should be a recent one that accurately reflects the member's true appearance.

As with any kind of online communication, there can be certain pitfalls that are attached to pursuing relationships through free Chinese dating websites. Trust can be a major issue here. While most sites of this nature will take pains to make sure that the information that is provided is correct and many will even prosecute any married individuals who claim to be single, there is no way to ensure that every participant is being completely honest. Many people will, in fact, make misrepresentations when registering on relationship websites. Others may claim to be interested in long term relationships or even marriage, but actually have other, less honorable interests in mind. For this reason, a wise participant will proceed with caution and not reveal too much information too soon. Of course, there are also many honest individuals who turn to free Chinese dating websites. Additionally, a major advantage of utilizing these sites is that they allow participants to get to know a potential romantic partner from a distance before they actually meet them. This can add a little objectivity to a process that is generally chock full of emotion and irrationality. As in most life issues, fairness and honesty can end up paying big dividends in online dating.

When participating in a free Chinese dating website, a good idea may be to plan out deliberate steps ahead of time. If a member should come across a profile of a fellow member that seems to be compatible and the other party is willing to begin communications, slow and steady may be the best approach. Keeping initial communications on the website itself through forums or anonymous email accounts is usually a good idea. If things feel comfortable and the fellow member still seems to be a good potential match, instant messaging or participation in a live chat rooms may be a sound next step. Some free Chinese dating sites may offer these features as a part of a participant's membership. Eventually, both parties may wish to speak on the telephone in order to get to know one another better. As a next step, this is certainly preferable to a face to face meeting. When the time finally comes to actually meet, safety precautions are generally in order. Both parties may feel that they already know one another well enough to forgo such precautions. But since the origin of the relationship came about strictly online, taking a friend along for the first meeting, and meeting in a public place is a wise move.

With any online relationship, including free Chinese dating websites, it is always a good idea to do a little homework before signing on as a member. When a potential participant has specific qualities and priorities in mind, it can be a good idea to find a website that caters to that particular need. This can save a lot of time and effort when it comes to narrowing down the pool of candidates. Additionally, if can also be wise to simply draw on the quality of patience. It can take a while to find a compatible match. The Bible talks about the value of a true friend and the harm that can be done by those who do not have the believer's best interests at heart. "Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." (Proverbs 27:6)

When putting together a profile on a free Chinese dating website, there are certain things to keep in mind. Most sites will advise members to keep profile information light and positive. This can give the impression that the potential romantic partner is a fun person to be around. Also very is for important for participants to simply be themselves rather than trying too hard or assuming a false facade. With a combination of honesty and good sense it is possible to succeed in online dating.

International Matchmaking Service

An international matchmaking service allows clients to be introduced to men and women from all over the world as possible marriage mates. These services are typically more involved than standard online dating services and are often used by those who have higher than average incomes. There are some international matchmaking providers that do offer lesser services with the same basic intent: find wives from various countries around the world for single men. In almost every case, these services are attempting to link women to men. There may be a number of reasons why a man would want to choose a non-American wife.

Whether it is fair or not or true or not, some men believe that American women have become more interested in careers than in building and nurturing a family. These men may see in women of other countries a more earthy or simple approach to life; perhaps they even envision an opportunity to dominate or somehow take a strong role in the relationship that would not be possible with a so called "liberated" American woman. In reality, men's motives for seeking international wives cannot be clearly known from man to man but it does open some fascinating questions. It is for certain that God knows our motives. "The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity." (Psalm 94:11)

Knowing the motives of the women who are looking or at least willing to consider foreign husbands may be easier to ascertain. In most cases, women from Russia and Asia who make up a great deal of the international demographic come from economically depressed countries. Their motive for leaving their country and marrying someone that is a relative stranger in a strange land is all too often economic and not romantic. Those inside this international matchmaking service industry that put together about six thousand matches a year say that the figures are grim in terms of international marriages lasting with some experts estimating between 0 and 4% success rate. When marriages are put together with men from around the world and not with men from America, the statistics go up. The more expensive and involved international matchmaking service providers attempt to match incomes, education, experiences and sometimes spiritual values, upping the probability that the marriage will last over time.

The international matchmaking service providers that operate in the United States are not regulated in this country except through the Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. This Act prohibits the recruitment of persons for nefarious purposes such as slave trafficking or prostitution. What this means for the American man that uses this kind of service is that what appears to be true may not be true at all, for example, costs may be higher than advertised. For the women coming from abroad, this may mean that their matched men have not been screened even though the company providing the match may claim that the screening process has taken place. There could be times when this particular omission jeopardizes the well being of the woman.
The high roller international matchmaking service providers spend a great deal of time getting to know the client. Some very exclusive services have a team of well trained counselors and PhDs to help assess both the client and the woman chosen. This may lead to some quite out of the ordinary pairings that would not have been considered under ordinary circumstance, but can also at times bring about conflict between the advisor and the client. For the less economically endowed client, an international matchmaking service may provide a preliminary interview with the client, but in most cases the client is left to "choose" from a catalogue of pictures and descriptions.

Costs for the men will vary from company to company. Email addresses may cost as little as twenty dollars, while catalogues or videos may be as much as two thousand dollars or more. Choosing from a catalogue may prove to be quite difficult and there are situations in which there may need to be a trip to the country from which the woman is from. Traveling to Russia and other distant countries could be quite expensive but may be required when more than one woman is being considered. Men will have to pay for access to pictures, profiles and other contact information. Unlike free domestic matchmaking sites where information is often quite accessible, these international matchmaking service providers keep most details close to the vest until payment is made.

On a strictly logical level, it would seem that a matchmaking agreement of this sort has lots of downsides and few upsides. It can smack of the arranged marriages of old, yet the woman certainly has the choice of whether or not to even participate. A woman taken from her native country, away from family and friends, even when she agrees to the whole concept can be a very traumatic experience, not to mention trying to manufacture some kind of feeling for a foreigner. True love is never about a feeling or an emotion, but sadly many people are looking for that "swept off the feet " exhilaration so often mistaken for love. True love has always been and always will be action. It is unconditional and it is dedicated to doing whatever it takes for the welfare of the other person. If a relationship can built on that kind of love, then any awkward international matchmaking service agreement has hope.

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