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Free Christian Internet dating services abound on the World Wide Web, ready to help someone find that special person that would want to have in their life. A person can spend all day and night perusing the many websites and their profiles and pictures of the various persons who are also looking for a match. Thousands of persons are available and there are many possibilities awaiting someone who wants to trust God to lead them to the right person. Free Christian Internet dating services might be considered a crutch or even "non spiritual" by some people who believe that if a person is supposed to date or to seek a marriage partner that God will do the leading to the right person. That way of thinking can lead to believing that cars could also be considered an unspiritual conveyance and that whatever traveling or moving about needs to be left to the feet, the natural God-given conveyance. God has unlimited power and can certainly open and close doors quickly when a person is walking into a situation that is not part of His will. The key to using a dating service for Christians is to be spiritually sensitive to His leading and willing to obey His closed and open doors.

Getting ready to date or seek a mate for the first time or after a divorce is different for the Christian. This is because the biblical admonition for any relationship that is close, such as a business, dating or marital relationship is "Be not unequally yoked," an old fashioned term that means don't be in a relationship with someone who doesn't have the same lord as yours. Lords come in a lot of shapes, sizes, colors, prices and fabrics. Lords can be money, pleasure, cars, church, houses, business, music, profits, shopping, education, lust, egos and any other object one can experience. They all can be quite easily worshipped and when one person in a close relationship places Christ as Lord and the other person worships a different lord, the dating and perhaps the ensuing marriage cannot have the God honoring effect that is supposed to take place. Christians understand that dating and marriage should be a witness to the world of how relationships should be conducted and experienced. Free Christian Internet dating websites might be a way to find someone with that same mindset.

"Might be a way" to find someone with the same mindset is important to say because not all free Christian Internet dating websites are the same. Sadly, many people can make the mistake that everyone on a Christian website are Christians. In fact, many websites that are supposed to be Christian are operated by companies that have other websites that definitely are not Christian in commitment or philosophy. This lack of commitment by some free Christian Internet dating websites to the Lordship of Christ leads to not thoroughly screening or vetting those wishing to post pictures and profiles on the site. The result can be a number of persons who may claim something that is not fully lived out. Listen, pretenders can get on any site, make no mistake about it, but sites that do not ask for a written witness of a daily walk with God are not legitimate sites. When reading about someone's "new creature" (II Corinthians 5:17) experience, allow God to tell you whether or not this person is the real deal or not.

Many people who use free Christian internet dating websites are not yet ready to date. When reading through a number of personal profiles on the various sites, one is struck with the thought that many people are carrying a lot of personal baggage that ought to be dealt with before looking for someone to help carry it for them. Sometimes desperation comes through, and sometimes lack of discipline or the unwillingness to change comes through the profile like a headlight at midnight. These attitudes and emotions come out clearly on a free Christian Internet dating service website and so the responsibility of the person using one of these sites to look for the right person is to be sure back issues are clearly dealt with either through counseling or through spiritual healing. Don't be afraid to ask trusted friends, a pastor, or some other neutral party to help you decide whether or not the baggage has been jettisoned. First time dater, widowed or divorced, it makes no difference; get the junk cleared out before asking someone else to come and sit on a cluttered chair for a chit-chat.

The wisest people on the planet are those Christians who are looking for a soul mate with the same commitment to Jesus Christ that they possess. While one out of two marriages end in divorce in this country, the divorce rate when two persons share the lordship of Christ can be in the one of hundreds category. Even Christians are not immune from divorce, but the grounding that faith in Christ brings makes a night and day difference. When looking for someone to date or perhaps be matched with through the use of a free Christian Internet dating service, don't be fooled with church attendance or Bible knowledge. Neither one has much to do with a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, although those things can be a result of such a relationship. Remember that Jesus declared some who went to church like clockwork and who knew the scriptures backwards and forwards spiritually bankrupt. "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto white sepulchers which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness." (Matthew 23:27)

Free Christian Matchmaking

Free Christian matchmaking services attempt to bring together those persons who have a common allegiance to Jesus Christ and possess interests and personalities that are compatible. These matchmaking services that are free allow anyone to join the network and place a personal with a picture so that others can respond with an email. Many people, living the Christ centered life out in everyday life circumstances, believe strongly in the principle of being equally yoked (a biblical term). This principle, based on New Testament scripture, commands a Christ centered person to only have a romantic/marital relationship with another Christian. Unfortunately, many young people ignore this particular admonition and divorce is the result later. Differences in values, goals and religious commitments often are the core reasons for the marital breakup. Many divorced individuals, having learned hard lessons from the past, search for a person who has had a life changing encounter (II Corinthians 5:17) with Jesus Christ for their second mate.

The wisest use of free Christian matchmaking services is before one ever begins getting serious about getting married the first time. Statistics reveal that while almost one out of two marriages end in divorce, only one out of several hundred marriages end that way when two committed Christians are involved. It is the wise person that early in adult life seeks to obey the command to only date, fall in love with and marry another Christian. Free Christian matchmaking services can be a possible route to making that happen. In order to begin the process, a person must fill out a profile that paints a verbal picture of who he or she is, and it always pays to be upfront and honest when doing so.

Free Christian matchmaking services typically do not provide in-depth personality profiles in a number of different dimensions as some nationally known "for profit" matchmaking services do. Typically participants send in a picture and their profile. Visitors to the website are then invited to scan the profiles to look for those who might be appearing to be a good match. Sadly, many free services allow poorly written profiles to be placed on the website which can reflect negatively on the person being presented. And some websites that are free Christian matchmaking services will assume that a person is Christ centered without asking for an in-depth Christian testimony, which can lead some website participants to make assumptions that may not be correct. But others take their responsibility quite seriously and attempt to screen those who are blatantly not interested in spiritual matters. Keep in mind that some of the sites that are advertised as Christian are actually run by companies that have similar websites in a number of other genres, often advertising certain types of matchmaking that clash with what would considered to be traditional Christ centered values.

Let's understand here that the word "Christian" does get thrown around a lot. It is certainly not defined by a denomination nor is it defined by someone's work or philanthropic endeavors, but is rather defined by a life altering relationship with Jesus. "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold all things are become new." (II Corinthians 5:17) This new man or woman is then given, over time from God, qualities not naturally found in humans. These qualities include, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and gentleness and long-suffering. These qualities, when found in both marriage partners, dramatically lessen the possibility of future marital shipwreck. Free Christian matchmaking services might be a way to find the right partner who has these values in his or her life.

If a person is astute about this whole Christian dating and matchmaking thing, it will not take long to see whether or not high quality and sincere Christians are on the website in question. Some sites do indeed take time to profile their clients in such a way as to expose shallowness or insincerity in the various participants. Free Christian matchmaking services may or not be a bargain when it comes to help in finding a life partner and with a decision so important weighing in the balance, taking one's time and seeking out the best websites is the most important component in finding that special person. Even if the services have a cost to them, they may well be worth the investment. Of course for the Christian person looking for that special one, there is one thing to keep in mind: being single isn't nearly as painful as being married to the wrong person.

There are those who question whether or not someone should even use free Christian matchmaking services, somehow confusing God's control over us and our circumstances (His sovereignty) and our own responsibility to move out and act with the belief that He is there to guide us. This can best be left to the theologians, but few have ever seen God allow a praying person who has plenty of money in their pocket and an empty gas tank pass a gas station without consequences. God in honored when we move out and do what we can for ourselves, asking Him to intervene when necessary. There are a couple of rules when using any matchmaking website and the first one is to use a real picture of you. Looking at pictures of fifty something's on these websites that look like they are twenty five is laughable. Imagine the horror of the woman who opens the door for her first website date, expecting Antonio Bandares but getting Col. Sanders! And listen, if you like to wrestle alligators, put it in your profile; he may get to liking it also!

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