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Free Internet dating services abound on the World Wide Web like policemen at donut shops. These free services can help a person find that special someone, or perhaps just a companion for certain events someone wants to attend. There are free Internet dating services for almost anyone's relationship interest. There are sites for those just looking for companionship, those who want a long term commitment, and unfortunately those looking for a quick hookup. One cannot help but think that these websites have become the new shape of window shopping for the 21st century. Sometimes when visiting the websites it feels like one is in a butcher shop, picking out slabs of beef for the next night's big gala. But these dating sites are here to stay, unless or Face book runs them off in their tsunami of social networking.

Since there are websites for any relationship desire, any person of any age can join many of them without costs. Often after putting in a profile and picture, free websites then become sites where costs are involved. Many websites often allow a few days to peruse the pages, but often will not allow chatting with anyone until after certain fees are paid. All free Internet dating services websites will eventually want a visitor to give them some personal information in order that they can build more names into their databases. This request for information may not be very extensive or intrusive, and if the information does border on the too personal, a person can always opt out.

When considering dating, especially Internet dating, there is always the tendency to believe the person in the chat room or the one on the phone that looks so good in the picture and so interesting in the profile is going to be that amazing one always dreamt of. There is some real excitement for many who date online and there can be plenty of giddiness when racing home each day to see who can "discovered" them. In many ways, free internet dating services can just be another form of rejection, or a steady stream of meaningless relationships. How a person handles rejection or non-interest is important, because it is a distinct possibility that it will occur when using the Web searching for the right relationship. Since anyone can post on the Internet, there are many people who are attempting to find dates and marriage partners who are not healthy enough to even be seeking relationships. Far too often, people who haven't gotten over bad break-ups, heart breaking divorces and other personal issues.

The Internet is a perfect place for liars, tellers of half-truths and sickos to hide out and take on the presumed identity of a whole person. Dysfunction among the users can reign supreme on many free Web dating services sites, something to keep very much in mind when using them. In fact, many free Internet dating services do no screening and as a result, even criminals can post on their sites. One of the things to keep in mind is whether or not a site posts a disclaimer about screening users and viewers. If little or no care is taken to screen those who look at your profile or who are allowed to post, that ought to be a huge red flag when considering those websites. For the Christian, there is a place to go to pour out one's lonely heart. "Hear my cry, O God, attend unto my prayer; from the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I." (Psalm 61:1, 2)

When a person chooses to post a profile on one of the many free Internet dating services sites, the profile needs to be interesting to read. If a person likes to cook, describe the smells and sounds of the kitchen when cooking your favorite dish. If a person likes to ride bikes, describe the perfect day for biking and where you would like to go. Flat, dull, uninteresting words send the signal, fair or not that you are one dimensional. Get someone to help you write the free internet dating services profile if need be but for goodness sakes, don't exaggerate or lie. Nothing will end a date quicker than finding out you aren't an American diplomat but rather an American diploma maker. And send in your own picture because if she's expecting George Clooney and you really look like Regis Philbin, then this date probably isn't going to get past "My vet just called because my Schnoodle is refusing to eat; I have to go."

If you are looking for a relationship because you believe that it will somehow complete you, the disappointments will be deep. People were never meant to fill the God-shaped hole in someone's life. Believing that if somehow a person has a date every week, a ring on the finger or a marriage license he will have value and self-worth is believing a self deceiving lie. A free Internet dating services website may seem like an answer to that knawing hunger to be loved and accepted, but no matter how much we believe that other people can complete us, people will always let us down. If a person can grasp that truth, and go into Web dating with a healthy attitude, free Web dating services can provide a person with one way to help locate that special person. Remember: it's much more painful to be with the wrong person than to be single.

Free Internet Dating Sites

Free Internet dating sites abound on the World Wide Web, awaiting those that seek to find friendship, companionship and in many cases, a lifelong partner. Many singles felt uneasy at singles clubs and bars, and sometimes even at church singles groups because so many people attending or frequenting those locations seem at times to be dysfunctional. From the safety of their own residence and in anonymity a person can carefully screen, meet and get to know those who are also looking for the same kinds of people. Free Internet dating sites can certainly be a beginning place for many who are looking to find those of the same interests, occupations, hobbies, faith and other similar passions. This kind of virtual date window shopping has opened up new possibilities for those too busy, too shy and too afraid.

When a person looks at the hundreds of sites available for finding persons, one is certainly struck by the reality that there are so many people who are desirous of locating quality dating and hopefully marriage partners. When a person is married and living out life away from the "going out" scene, that insulation keeps him or her from knowing how difficult it can be to find suitable dating candidates. The pace of American living is moving by so quickly, and the demands on people's time so strong that being able to find the energy and the extra hours in the week for the "hunt" can prove to be daunting, if not impossible. Thankfully, many people have come to realize that being single is not a disease, but rather a circumstance of life to be embraced. Free Internet dating sites can help foster that attitude of acceptance by providing a forum where people can safely converse and share their same feelings and frustrations.

Advertising as a free site doesn't mean necessarily that the service is free. The phrase may only mean that a person is free to browse the postings. The use of the site may cost money to actually be able to email or contact those that interest a visitor. When a person joins free Internet dating sites services, the spectrum can run from just being able to post a profile and picture to actually filling out a personality questionnaire which is used to help match people up with similar traits and interests. With so many free Internet dating sites offering varied services, a person will have to visit a number of them in order to find one that meets their particular needs. For Christians who are single, there is a promise that when God is sought more than any other ambition in life, other needs, such as the need for friendship, companionship and intimacy will be met by God. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)

Matchmaking and date sites can be also be a place where dysfunction reigns supreme. Any person can post on most free sites, opening up the possibility of many persons on the free Internet dating sites carrying a lot of emotional baggage from previous relationships and other difficult circumstances. The sheer enormity of the number of persons looking for others to date compounds this problem exponentially. This makes it highly important that the searcher be a person who has found healing himself or herself before searching for someone else. Whether we will admit it or not, most people who go through life get settled into habits and attitudes that can be relationship killers. This can be true even for young singles that may bring negative childhood and early adult experiences into a date relationship.

So it is highly important that in an environment so rich with potential date and marriage candidates as free Internet dating sites, a person know himself well before ever seeking to meet someone else. This keenness of awareness will enable a person to work through many people who might be quite attractive yet quite unable to maintain a healthy relationship. Some readers of this lens might be tempted to think that because they are just looking for a date, why go to all the trouble? Yet too often, our hearts can be given away in a dating situation and before realizing it, enmeshed in an unhealthy relationship. The question would be, why ever date someone that wouldn't be a good candidate to marry?

Just as free Internet dating sites provide safe places for looking, considering and then perhaps gently "dipping one's toe in the dating pool," it also can be a dangerous place for the unaware. Many websites do not screen anyone who posts, so that there may actually be criminals who pose as dating candidates on various web pages. Those who create free dating websites also warn users to be very careful about meeting potential matches in unsupervised areas for the first few encounters. It is highly important to keep a record of all email encounters and begin to compare the facts from each email, seeing if the details match each time. A liar cannot often keep his or her stories straight so be detailed in keeping records. Remember that one of the good things about cyber dating, that is getting to know someone through online chatting is also one of the drawbacks: it can make someone feel that they know the other person already when first meeting in person. Some cyber dating safety experts admit that most people lie just a little bit online, but you don't have to be dishonest to find that honest love.

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