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There are many free popular chat rooms that offer stimulating online conversations about a variety of topics with other people around the world who have similar interests. Chatrooms number well into the thousands throughout cyberspace and can be found easily through search engines or directories. Personal web pages and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) are the two types of chatrooms that are supported by online systems. IRC was developed in Finland in 1988, but did not gain prominence until the early 1990's when online chatting was the only way reporters could relay messages about a coup attempt in the Soviet Union during a media blackout. Many service providers use IRC to offer various chatrooms to the public. Individual web pages also host cyber chat room options that are open to anyone who wishes to log in for an account at a commercial or personal site. Many of these are targeted at specific users such as single's and those interested in romance.

Each chatroom on the Internet has its own format for users that provides a certain level of structure and supervision according to the policies of the service or web page. Some free popular chat rooms provide a high level of monitoring which can include live moderators or electronic scanners that monitor all chats. Live moderators are trained to help keep conversations on topic while also keeping a check on unacceptable interaction. Electronic scanners are used to periodically scan each user's text messages for language that is not allowed. Both moderators and electronic scanners can issue warnings for infractions that may lead to banning of users who continue to misuse their privileges. Some cyber chat room services may provide a group discussion leader who will direct conversations among users. Other chats may use a monitoring system that requires each message to be reviewed before it is posted. "Discretion shall guide thee and understanding shall preserve thee: To deliver thee from the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things." (Proverbs 2:11-12)

Then, of course, there are online sites that do not exercise any controls over chatrooms and users are free to express themselves however they choose without fear of banning. Generally, the best free popular chat rooms are those that exercise some structure and controls that allow users to more likely enjoy a better experience. Chats that are very positive in nature can offer participants the ability to interact with people from all over the globe. Users also have the opportunity to converse with people they might otherwise never be able to meet. Some chats even host rooms with special guests such as celebrities or professional people that will answer questions and provide advice. Chatrooms offer all participants the opportunity to interact with others in an environment that levels the ground for all in regards to appearance and other personal attributes.

For those who choose to engage in online chatting, there are several broad guidelines to keep in mind in order to insure a safe, fun experience every time. As mentioned earlier, the best free popular chat rooms are generally those that provide some sort of monitoring system, preferably live monitors. Next, always stay within the public area of a cyber chat room and refrain from accepting invitations to enter into a private chat with anyone. Always maintain control of all conversations with anyone and if need be, do not respond to comments or questions that are prying or offensive. Users should not allow any person to bate them or trick them into providing personal information. Unfortunately, there are users who are adept at extracting personal info from others that should not be divulged.

Perhaps the single most important thing to remember when in any chatting situation is to never, ever provide personal names, addresses or locations to anyone and that includes email addresses. Participants should also be very tentative about agreeing to meet anyone from a chatroom without first verifying their identity as well as informing several people about the offline meeting. Those meeting someone for the first time outside of a cyber chat room should take a friend with them as well to insure added safety. Lastly, keep in mind that there are various ways to further insure safety and access information about someone else within the chatting environment.

If there is a user that seems to be interesting and a friendship seems to be developing, a wise participant can access previous threads of a chatroom that may archive their conversations. Checking on the earlier conversations of a user is helpful in finding out whether or not the current conversational tone is a typical line for them or if it is genuine. It is even possible to check out the IP address of a user's computer if they provide an email address. Saving the IP address of an acquaintance can be helpful in case the online interaction turns negative or begins to be of concern. Remember, however, that everyone can use technology for negative or positive purposes and it remains imperative for users of free popular chat rooms to be on guard while entering the fascinating world of cyber chat.

Free Singles Chat Sites

Many free singles chat sites are offered through Internet service providers or through other online sources that provide specialized services for romantic purposes. Singles chat rooms are perhaps the most sought after options within the wildly popular online chatting phenomenon for social interaction that has come along in the virtual world. There are chatrooms for just about any interest that pull in users from around the world, but the singles social group is the most aggressive in interaction. Perhaps some of this is accounted for by the fact that the 18 to 30 year old age group is the most naturally computer savvy and has found an easy outlet for their romantic searches through global online connections.

It is rare to find any single who does not know the possibilities of meeting people online from similar backgrounds and interests. Some, however, are more adept at it than others depending on their offline social skills. Sometimes, socially stunted individuals attempt to use free singles chat sites as a cloak for their inability to socialize in the real world. This can present a danger to themselves as well as others, if for no other reason than offering a much too easy way to 'pretend' to be someone else. In order to make an accurate presentation online that will more likely yield the best results for all concerned in singles chat rooms, it is important to know how to meet people in cyberspace.

After joining one of the chatrooms that are specified for singles within a service, check out the various chats that are offered. There are some free singles chat sites that are specified by age or others characteristics. Users should try to find the right room that most closely identifies his or her personal requirements. Always be aware that there may be some in any chatroom that are not really who they portray themselves to be. Unfortunately, many people have developed a penchant for role playing and may present themselves through a deceptive persona. Users should never stoop to becoming someone they are not, even in virtual single chat rooms. This can be 'trickery' at its height especially when the fact remains that some people will actually develop an emotional attachment to a false persona.

Even though most participants may not become aware of the role, if it comes time to meet someone in person, this 'game' could become a problem for both participants. A participant that represents himself candidly is much more likely to find someone of similar interests even if it takes a bit longer. A viable, prospective relationship is worth the wait while users develop sensible, social skills within singles chat rooms. "But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it." (Romans 8:25) When entering chatrooms for the first time, there are a few tips that can help anyone get started in the right direction. First, remember that developing friendships should happen as a natural occurrence rather than by deception or assertive tactics. Sometimes people just hit it off and that kind of friendship is always the best. Secondly, a newcomer should interject a low profile in chatroom exchanges especially for the first few encounters.

There is always a particular dynamic in all chatrooms that occurs from the pre-existing participants. Take time to understand that dynamic as well as to listen carefully to exchanges between users. As a newcomer becomes familiar with everyone in the room, he or she can begin to interject comments more confidently and interact more productively. Thirdly, as a newbie gets to know everyone in a room, he or she can ask participants to recommend a match for them. The longer users remain in free singles chat sites, they obviously become familiar with longtime members and can recommend a possible romantic match. Fourthly, a new user should always maintain an amiable presence rather than interjecting combative or hostile comments along the way. Kindness is always better for all concerned and certainly sets the tone for any user's presence among future interactions.

At such a time when a newbie finds a mutual romantic interest, the use of email and private chats may be the next stage of interaction. A person should use a disposable email when exchanging email addresses with someone they really don't know. That way, if things don't work out, the email can be deleted and there will be no chance of future contacts in any form. Private chats can be set up between two users who want to spend time online getting to know each other more personally. This allows people to exchange ideas, interests and personality distinctives without any distractions from group singles chat rooms. Again, use care in divulging certain items of personal info even when in private chats. Exercising informational restraint is always best until online couples have actually met in person two or three times and then feel comfortable in providing more details. Taking advantage of online free singles chat sites can be the start of a rewarding relationship for many who want to take part in the virtual, romance revolution.

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