How To Use Delicious

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Upon learning how to use Delicious, the social networking bookmarking service can be a very helpful skill for those that use the Internet for hours each day and cannot remember some of the great websites that a person has visited. Remembering websites really isn't a problem when a person is on his or her own computer. Using the favorite buttons are perfect for recalling any website while using your Mac or pc at home, but what happens when you are at the library or at work and you can't remember that cooking website where that video was showing how to prepare poisonous blowfish? Learning how to use Delicious means learning how to use this website based service that will enable you to check out your favorite bookmarked sites from any computer anywhere that has access to the World Wide Web. Delicious means that despite all of the hundreds and hundreds of websites that a true surfer sees and likes each week , all of them can be kept neatly and in very logical order for quick retrieval.

Delicious is owned by Yahoo, and is, at least for now, a free service for website organization. It has a lengthy disclaimer page which releases it from any accuracy or infringement claims. The owners of the website make it clear that any misuse of Delicious will result in someone being disbarred from using it any further. Since it is a public website, bookmarks by individuals are viewable by all users of Delicious, but specific bookmarks can be made private if so desired by the user. The strength of the website is its public service. This public viewing ability enables like-minded surfers to share newly found websites with others that also might be interested in the same information.

When a person opens up the website, the landing page of Delicious is pretty plain and easy to understand. Home, Bookmarks, People and Tags are the four main choices that a person has to check out. Learning how to use Delicious mean that one can explore the website quite extensively without logging in as a user, but in order to look at other's bookmarks, a person must develop an account. Learning how to use Delicious is quite simple; the home page invites a person to check out a friend's bookmarks by just typing in his or her username. That may be the one drawback: one must already have a buddy list or username list developed to take full advantage of the service. But even without a username, one can click on Tags, which is the heart and soul of the bookmarking system.

In learning how to use Delicious, a person quickly finds out that the term Tag means a word one can use to describe a bookmark. They are more than folders; they are words that can very quickly identify particular types of bookmarks. And there is no end to the number of tags that can be placed on one's own page. In learning how to use Delicious, a person can quickly change the grouping of tags, called a tag cloud, from an alphabetical list to one that is listed by the size of the tag. The more websites in a tag, the more prominent the tag will look in the tag cloud.

Students at the university level would be prime candidates to learn how to use Delicious, particularly if they were in study groups. Each member could do extensive online research and then post their favorites or most helpful sources on their particular page. The others in the group could then visit one another's sites and pick out the information needed to complete a project or the course. This website could also be used by teachers, who may want to share with one another various helpful websites that could help illustrate particular lessons in the unit in which they are working. Any grouping of professionals could profit from the work others have done to mine the five billion or so pages of the Internet.

Of course, if celebrities ever shared their user name for Delicious, a whole new wave of excitement could grip those with celebrity worship syndrome. Who wouldn't want to know the favorite websites of Barak Obama, Sarah Palin or Katie Couric? But the designers of this website didn't have this particular application in mind. This website was meant to spur on the ability to categorize favorites even when away from one's own computer. Many people look to education, knowledge, money, fame or other typical marks of success as a defense against trouble or "bad luck" but Christians have a different defense. "Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved." (Psalm 62: 1, 2)

Being able to explore the bookmarks of other may prove someday to be of help to police in being able to profile certain criminals. It may be of real value in dating, especially with a very astute single guy learning the favorite website haunts of that special woman he wants to impress. Can you imagine the impression factor for a guy looking into the eyes of a woman on a first date and mentioning four or five of her personal favorite bookmarked sites and expounding on their content? Only an entreprenuerial type person can fully recognize fully the power of learning how to use Delicious. With the website only being a few years old, the potential is yet undetermined.

How To Use Flixster

In learning how to use Flixster, a person first needs to decide just how much he or she really loves movies. This website is a social networking tool for people who are crazy passionate for movies. It's a site for the person who watches every Hollywood news program and has his or her room just filled with movie posters and pictures of celebrities on the wall. If there isn't an extreme passion for everything in Hollywood, then this website just might not be for you. On the other hand, this is the place if you want to meet other people who are just as into Tinsel town, Bollywood and Indie as you might be, and then learning how to use Flixster might be a great thing to do.

The first thing to do when learning how to use Flixster is to become a member, which is free of charge. Email address and password are all that are needed to get started. Once that has been done, the next thing to do is build your profile. When a person writes things about himself, it ought to be interestingly written. Like any other social network, the profile is where a person will be able to get people interested in talking to the new member and finding out more about the new member as a person, so make your words compelling. At this particular website, the new member can add a favorite quote or make one up yourself. And the user will be asked to write something about himself, so come on, and make it interesting. Be mysterious, coy and make others want to get to know the person hidden inside.

The next thing to do after filling out the person profile is get a list of friends posted. As Flixster is fond of saying, it's a pretty useless website without friends to share it with, so a person really needs a lot of acquaintances participating also. When a person learns how to use Flixster to its full potential, it becomes clear that the website must have interaction between people or it has no real value or purpose. Because Instant Messaging is now available on Flixster, a person can talk to his or her friends who are also on the site. Jesus said, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." This is a pretty cruel world that we live in, and the name of the game seems to be only looking out for yourself. Jesus encourages people to extend to others mercy, which means not giving people what they deserve, whether it is an angry retort, an act of revenge or just returning what they have dished out to us.

The strength of Flixster is in the power of community, and there is a Community drop down menu that a person needs to master while learning how to use Flixster. This particular feature allows a user to find people who like the same movies, have the same hobbies, follow the same celebrities and other similarities. There is the ability to find people who are online at the moment and may want to talk through IM. Through the community menu a user can look to see who has used Flixster the most minutes for the month and can contact them if so desired. Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the Community menu is the forum option that a user can employ. Twenty one different forums invite people to come aboard and post comments. These forums are mainly movie based, but they also cover such subjects as video games, sports, sci-fi, TV, music and books.

People can get pretty serious on those forums! You'd think that life and death hung in the balance over the next show of Desperate Housewives. But the forums are a great place to learn tolerance and diversity through the expression of others' opinions and insights. And a person is not limited to the many forum topics that are posted. Users have the ability to request new forum subjects, and part of learning how to use Flixster is seeing what forum topic suggestions are accepted by the site managers. Perhaps the most creative opportunities on the website is the Flixster Wiki, part of the Community menu. This particular option allows a person to build a page that people will want to read about various movie topics.

And what is an entertainment website without quizzes and games and polls just for fun? In learning how to use Flixster, a person needs to take advantage of the Fun and Games drop down menu. First, there are the user quizzes which those who have learned how to use Flixster to their fullest advantage have devised themselves. Various members are continually constructing hip little quizzes to test one's movie knowledge IQ. There is the never ending quiz which tests movie trivia knowledge and allows users to take it at anytime and the questions never run out.

There are the personality tests galore on Flixster, all constructed by various users. In these personality tests a person gets to answer questions like, what animal are you, are you an optimist or pessimist, which X-Men character are you, what is you love color and which celebrity are you? Also under the Fun and Games menu are the lists that users compile for entertainment. Lists such as the best underdog movies, the best car chase scenes, the best sci-fi movies and best movies with a twist ending are included. And of course, there is the ability to actually watch streaming movies on Flixster also, a nice touch to a free site.

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