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Internet chat rooms are 'rooms' in cyberspace where visitors from anywhere in the world may gather to exchange messages through typed or audio communications. Most online chat sites are topic based, meaning that each room is dedicated to the discussion of a certain subject by people of similar interests. The communications within these virtual gatherings are typically sprinkled with acronyms that mean very little to those who do not participate in virtual chats. To veteran chatters, however, acronyms save time, effort in typing so many words and is a web language all its own. New users can get lost in the prolific use of acronyms when he or she first enters a chat site. Newcomers should be prepared with a note pad and pen as well as maintaining a low profile until the 'language' of chatting is understood. This is generally the best policy for newbies..."TM" (trust me).

Chats are designed to host many people at once and a user can watch a conversation take place on the computer screen in front of them without even entering in at all. The more expert chatters are easily detected through their extensive use of chatter language, their ease of maneuvering through conversational settings and their understanding of general chatroom policies. The most obvious characteristic, however, that denotes a seasoned user is the initialed verbiage that flows from their keyboards. "All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them." (Proverbs 8:8) When something strikes them funny, they are "ROTFL" (rolling on the floor laughing) or when they feel incredulous about something, the reply may be "YGBK" (you gotta be kidding). There are dozens of common acronyms used in typical online chat sites that make some people feel out of place at the start.

A good way to handle the 'education' gap for newcomers is to check out several sources online that offer listings of the various acronyms with their full meanings. Prospective chatters should then print off a listing of the most common words or phrases and read them over to become familiar with them before entering an Internet chat room. For the first few times in a chatroom, it is usually wise for a newcomer to get to know how the other visitors communicate. Users who visit several different Internet chat rooms will find that each one has its own interactive dynamic and some sites may use the special language more commonly than others. Younger users who are late teens or twenties usually make liberal use of an acronym every few words, perhaps because they have become so adept at cell phone text messaging and instant messaging techniques.

Chatrooms that appeal to senior adults or other users may not make as much use of acronyms to communicate with because they prefer to use 'real English' when interacting with each other. There is actually a concern among professional linguists and language specialists regarding the deterioration of detailed communication that may result from over usage of short, symbolic acronyms to express thoughts and feelings. This method of communication within online chat sites has developed simply because it is less difficult to type a few symbolic letters than to type in complete words and sentences in a rapidly interacting chatroom. So, those who enter chats should be prepared to communicate quickly, succinctly and pointedly or they should be quiet for awhile and "CIO" (check it out) first.

There are many chats available throughout the Internet and just about any particular topic can be found discussed somewhere in a virtual room. When searching for interesting Internet chat rooms, the best places to look are in directories or through search engines. The online world is such a big place that there is no specific listing in one location of all the available online chat sites. Some directories offer a good choice of various listings for chatting that make finding the right one relatively easy. Online surfers may also enter a word or phrase that specifies the topic they are looking for in one of the many search engines that may yield the best matches. After finding an interesting possibility, a user should check out the service's privacy policies, account requirements and user guidelines. While most chat rooms have generally the same policies and requirements, some do vary according to the stated purpose of the chatroom. Many chatrooms allow only those over 18 years of age to enter and may strictly impose user chat etiquette that is stipulated by that particular service.

Some sites also provide moderators that keep the virtual experience moving in the right direction by helping people's comments to stay on point and within user guidelines. Other online chat sites do not provide moderators within their services. Generally, chatrooms function much better when there are moderators involved to referee or help direct communication among chatters. New users can look forward to a fun and interesting experience in many types of chatrooms by doing a little homework about a service before logging in to an account. He or she can also enjoy a better interaction by brushing up on a little 'chat language' to give them a head start with communication techniques suited for Internet chat rooms. B4N! (bye for now)

Online Christian Personals

Using online Christian personals can be an effective way to meet eligible singles of the same faith if handled prudently. The anonymity that the Internet affords can help believers meet and take the time to get to know one another in an atmosphere that does not intimidate the user. Many Christian relationship websites will have staff members that work with each new participant and can aide them or answer any questions that they may have. The first step to creating online Christian personals is crafting a profile that will inform other members about certain details such as a participant's profession and life goals. In some cases, website policy will dictate that any new profiles be approved by staff before they can be posted. Once a profile is completed, approved, and posted, it may be possible for the profile to be compared with other members in search of a compatible match. Most websites of this nature will offer a variety of features. Such features could include online chat rooms, search capabilities, private and anonymous email accounts, forums, and profile libraries that include photographs of participants. Some websites will also include clear statements of faith that inform users on the Biblical background of the organization. Common sense must prevail in any use of relationship websites. Unfortunately, there may be participants who do not use the site in an honorable way. Most faith based relationship websites will have certain policies in place that implement severe consequences upon anyone who does not comply with these policies. For example, if a married individual attempts to join the organization, and does so by posing as a single person, many websites will actively prosecute such a violation.

Generally, online Christian personals will include a somewhat detailed profile of the individual. The typical profile will consist of a number of items. The name and address of participants will be required, but will not be made available by the site to the membership at large out of safety and privacy concerns. It is up to the individual member when such information should be exchanged. Most sites recommend that personal data is not revealed too quickly. Members should take the time to become acquainted in an anonymous manner before exchanging names, addresses, and phone numbers. A valid email address is usually required as well. As with names and phone numbers, these addresses will not be made public. Members can communicate using an anonymous email account that is supplied by the website. In addition to age and gender, most sites will also ask participants to supply a written description of themselves. Some organizations will ask members to explain the nature of the type of relationship that they are interested in. Is a platonic friendship the aim? Perhaps a casual dating relationship is preferred or one that is more long term. Is the member more interested in a potential marriage partner? Does the participant wish to raise a family sometime in the future? All of this data is necessary for complete and thorough online Christian personals.

Topics such as educational background and personal habits may be covered in online Christian personals as well. Issues such as smoking and drinking will generally be discussed on a faith based dating site. A potential member may be asked if they area current, former, or occasional smokers. The drinking habits of the individual may be relevant as well. Is the member a non drinker? Does the participant enjoy the occasional social drink? Is drinking alcohol a habit that is frequently engaged in? Questions of a deeper nature may be asked as well. It is in this area that a participant will most likely catch the attention of fellow members. Honesty here is very important if a successful match is to be created. Participants may be asked to supply a description of their spiritual state and basic beliefs. In addition to general questions about a member's employment status, the member may also be asked about career goals and basic satisfaction with their current job. Hobbies and interests will most likely be covered as well as dreams for the future and personal passions. Does the member enjoy going out, or are they a homebody? Is the participant a pet owner or animal lover? What kind of volunteer activities are part of the member's routine? Is the member a regular churchgoer? Such faith related questions are common with online Christian personals.

Most sites that offer the opportunity to post online Christian personals will utilize a variety of safety options. Some of these features might include a private and anonymous email account and the ability to look at the profiles of fellow members anonymously. Other features could include filtering technology to eliminate scammers and the option to block contact from an undesirable member. The Bible tells believers about the happiness that is available to those who hope in God. "Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God." (Psalm 146:5)

Even in the best of situations, there can be a downside to online Christian personals. Safety precautions are always a good idea. Certain situations or behavior patterns may raise a red flag on even the most closely monitored faith based relationship website. Members who insist on knowing personal information such as names and phone numbers from the very beginning may not have the best intentions. Angry communications on the part of a fellow member can raise a red flag as well. In spite of such issues, with care and good sense, this avenue of social outreach can work out well for many participants.

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