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Professional matchmaking services separate themselves from the rest of the online dating and matchmaking services by the in depth analysis and service they provide for their clients. These agencies are usually quite expensive and often are reserved for those in particular income and/or occupational strata. These services are often defined by the fact that they offer profiles directly to their clients, rather than the clients having to pore over pages of personal ads themselves. Professional matchmaking services also are defined by the care taken in exploring the client's personality, temperament, goals and dreams in life. This is often done by long distance over the Internet, and with the most exclusive agencies, in person.

Professional matchmaking services are often used by very busy professional people who do not have the time to spend looking for suitable marriage partners. Those who are single and make the finding of dates and possible long term relationship candidates an important part of their life can attest to how much time such a quest can take. These exclusive services do all of the ground work for the client, allowing him or her to concentrate on those persons that the service recommends for consideration. Professionals in the legal, medical, business and other fields are typical candidates for these matchmaker providers. The services can be expensive, allowing for the exclusivity of the clientele.

The highest end professional matchmaking services will require an in-depth personal interview to ascertain exactly the needs and demands of the client. Expectations are explored, meaning that full disclosure must be made in order not to have any disappointments in the initial meeting process. Exclusive matchmakers often do discreet advertising, looking for well-heeled or well educated prospects. Of course, referrals from past and present clients are also used. Additionally, many of these high end services do a great deal of networking at local events that are attended by well heeled residents. Business functions, charities, galas and other events are prime places to discover singles that are looking for long term relationships. Out of those networking efforts large databases of names are produced, giving these providers a number of resources for finding singles.

There are a number of issues that go into the matching of various clients together. Common experiences, family background, education, religion, location, physical attributes and future aspirations are all a part of the screening process in high end professional matchmaking services. These high end services typically have counselors and coaches ready to help with any questions, problems, or other issues that may arise in the dating process. Even fashion coordinators are part of some providers' services giving guidance on the right clothes for certain dating occasions. For some people, the most important acquisitions in life are money, power, and perhaps recognition. Yet when all is said and done, none of it really matters as far as God is concerned. "For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Mark 8: 36, 37)

The one thing you will not find on professional matchmaking services websites are pictures of available prospects. The elite service providers in this industry make quite sure that all of their transactions and clientele are protected from the public eye. This caution is quite necessary for many individuals in the business and professional world where private life can negatively impact what happens in the workplace. Discreteness enables participants to feel quite comfortable in the sometimes long search for the right person. This private searching is certainly not available through free matchmaking sites online and cannot be because of being cost prohibitive.

There are dozens of professional matchmaking services online and all of them may be confident about finding compatible matches for their clients. It is difficult to ascertain whether or not guarantees for fidelity or long term commitment come with any of the website's services, but just as certain is the reality that real love cannot be artificially generated between people. Attraction and chemistry can often be manufactured, but unconditional love between a man and woman is a rare and amazing thing in today's "what's in it for me" society. The cold analysis of psychology and human relational experts cannot produce nor measure the ability to put another's best interests and desires before one's own. For the Christian, there may be some question as to whether or not God can work through a paid matchmaker.

And the answer is that He worked to bring His will about through an ass, so it is certainly possible that he can work through a highly paid marriage or relationship consultant. Through history God has used evil kings, disobedient servants, dysfunctional disciples and a young virgin to bring about His will in people's lives and in history. God has never had any kind of limit on where and how and through whom He brings about His will. So if a Christian does decide that somehow God needs some help in finding a lifelong marriage partner and wants to spend oodles of money to help God along, go ahead and do so. But consider also that God has granted people the desires of their heart when those desires were not in their best interests, so there is a lot to consider when a Christian is considering the use of professional matchmaking services to find that special someone.

Executive Matchmaking Service

Financially successful singles utilizing executive matchmaking services in order to find their ideal mate is a sensible trend that is on the rise. "And Michal Saul's daughter loved David: and they told Saul, and the thing pleased him." (1 Samuel 18:20). In fact, it is not surprising that busy professionals would take a business-like approach to this matter, as well. And too, an executive matchmaking service can make the process of finding a suitable mate an experience that simultaneously provides some much-needed fun in their lives. These upscale companies deal with matching either male and female professionals, or matching male professionals with a beautiful woman capable of complimenting their lives which otherwise contain everything else they could desire. Admittedly, many successful people are too occupied with their professions to be in a position to know where to find an appropriate mate. Therefore, these clients appreciate the knowledgeable guidance that these companies provide. And upscale matchmaking services have an ever-increasing supply of attractive, fun, polished, intelligent potential mates who are also searching for someone with the whole package, so to speak. Generally, these matchmakers guarantee a certain number of introductions along with image consultation. Further, many of them provide dating and relationship coaching in order to improve the client's chance of success.

Preferably, these service companies should be certified by the Matchmaking Institute which opened in 2003. The formation of this institute that is based in Manhattan has really caused this field to grow and expand. And an executive matchmaking service is able to apply for certification subsequent to completion of the home study kit that the institute makes available for purchase. So by no means should a potential client assume that a service can be judged by the website alone. Instead, experts recommend looking for the combination of Matchmaking Institute training and certification. However, one should still bear in mind that the search for a suitable matchmaking service must be thorough and discriminating even when choosing among certified companies. In other words, certification guarantees neither honesty nor success with finding the sought-after mate. Especially since clients with wealth, fame, or upscale occupations make an excellent target for the unscrupulous, guarding against a dishonest executive matchmaking service is as important as guarding against a devious potential match, so as not to fall victim to exploitation.

One of the major advantages of an upscale matchmaker is the provision of highly customized services. As opposed to regular matchmaking services, there are no photos or profiles set out on their website for perusal. By the way, setting pictures and profile information out on the website is partly why the cost is normally so much less: there is much less work for these regular companies to perform. But at this less expensive end of the dating assistance business, a wealthy client is made widely accessible and therefore much more likely to fall prey to unscrupulous candidates standing ready to exploit the emotional vulnerabilities of financially successful clients. By contrast, an executive matchmaking service closely guards a client's confidential situation, especially since successful people usually don't wish it to be made pubic knowledge that they have been unsuccessful in love. Instead, these clients receive what is known as personal, confidential concierge service. This service usually includes detailed planning, upscale accommodations, as well as fine dining and entertainment experiences. And in particular, men used to constantly performing on a high level appreciate the experience of sitting back for a change and being taken care of within a pleasant, non-pressure atmosphere.

The process usually begins with the completion of a confidential questionnaire. Here, the client can clarify the situation, for example, whether the problem with finding a mate is that they just don't meet enough qualified people or if they simply don't meet enough people. Often, elements of this questionnaire include selecting the desired qualities of a mate such as preferring their profession to be anything from managerial to self-employed to retired. And too, upscale clients can require potential mates to have an education ranging from a high school diploma to a professional degree. Of course, they can also indicate that these things are unimportant in relation to other aspects. In addition, indicating an interest in a candidate's annual income is possible as well as selecting cultural interests prospective mates must possess. However, for those who demand even more discretion, an initial phone call to the company may be the answer. Subsequent to that, a psychological profile, usually based upon an interview with a staff psychologist, is constructed. After this, assessing and discussing the collaborative goals is possible. At the end of this discussion, fee arrangements are usually finalized. And these fees can range from $10,000 to $500,000 and sometimes the fee comes under the heading Whatever It Takes. Besides, these fee arrangements may also include the negotiated assignment of a so-called success fee which is paid only after a romantic relationship has been formed. So although some states, for example New York, set a limit for the cost of social referral services, an executive matchmaking service can get around this by utilizing items such as criminal background checks, date coaching, consultations, psychological assessments, financial background checks, and various aspects of image consulting under separate contracts.

In conclusion, upscale matchmaking is an increasingly trendy occupation which accounts for its expanding growth all across the country. In addition, this growth is assisted by reality TV shows that follow this process. Naturally, well-educated, sophisticated, wealthy people are grateful for the guidance and protective nurturing a discreet executive matchmaking service provides. And so, whether the problem is fatigue with the nightclub scene or simply not enough hours in the day for socializing, commitment-minded affluent singles, ranging from 18 to 80, searching for the ideal mate can rely with confidence upon a qualified, ethical executive matchmaking service.

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