What Is Delicious

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Curious web surfers might wonder just what is Delicious, the social bookmarking web site that welcomes thousands of visitors each day. Even the term social bookmarking may be unfamiliar to many consumers. Discovering a quality website can be something that web surfers love to share. For this reason, most regular Internet users have, at one time or another, emailed a website link to a family member or friend. This is a form of social bookmarking. Internet browsers will usually have provisions for users to place a tag on a favorite website so that it will be easy to return to the site at a later time. With social bookmarking websites, rather than tagging a site on an individual's home computer, the tags are saved on a website. So the answer to the question what is Delicious can be found in this type of website tagging activity. These sites are popular because users are able to easily recommend high quality or interesting websites to friends and family and visitors to the site can browse through links that have been place there by others. Most frequent users feel that these sites can help web researchers to more quickly find the information that they need on the web. Traditional search engines can yield millions of hits that researchers need to sift through. This can obviously be very time consuming. Some sites of this nature will focus on specific interests such as sports, news, technology or politics. Interactive contact such as blogs and online forums may be available on these sits as well. As with other social websites, the chance to become part of an electronic community has become very popular with many users.

Learning just what is Delicious has become a very popular pastime. Users will generally select a keyword and save bookmarks to websites on the site. If they are seeking a website on a particular topic, they will search by keywords for likely candidates. As with social networking sites, users can add friends and search through their bookmarks as well. If an individual finds themselves away from home and does not have access to their computer or any bookmarks that it may contain, storing such information online can mean that the user can have access to bookmarks when they are away from home. The ability to share interesting sites with other like minded Internet users has a lot of people asking the question, what is Delicious? With the vast amount of information that is available on the web, the ability to quickly and easily organize this information can be a valuable time saver. The way that this works is very simple. If an Internet user also has an enthusiasm for arts and crafts, they will most likely be on the lookout for helpful websites that contain information on this topic. While a site like Delicious can help this Internet user find quality sites, it can also allow the user to post their own favorite online sources of creative ideas. Users will generally create their own tags for a listed site. For example, crafts enthusiasts might list a preferred website under the headings of both "crafts" and "art."

Understanding what is Delicious will also involve becoming acquainted with all of the features that the site has to offer. Any given topic will have certain sites that are more popular than others. A list of the most popular websites in a number of categories can be found on the Delicious home page. It's not mandatory that every web page recommendation be made available to all visitors to Delicious. Users can opt to keep certain postings private or to share with only certain groups of people. Registering to participate on Delicious.com is free of charge. Setting up an account is as simple as supplying some basic information such as the potential participant's name, and email address, and also selecting a user name and a password. Another important part of understanding what is Delicious may be the fact that the site is made up of user content. There are no articles, reviews, or other forms of advice that are made available to Internet visitors. As with most websites of this nature, there are specific terms of service that users must agree to. An account holder may be terminated and prevented from using the site if the website feels that such a step may be appropriate.

Anyone who expresses curiosity about what is Delicious will find that there are many benefits to utilizing this website. The world wide web can be a huge and overwhelming place. Search engines can help web visitors search the Internet, but can do little to help the researcher narrow things down. Social bookmarking websites allow users to find the perfect site with the most definitive answers to their questions much more quickly. The Bible directs believers to trust God and to pour out their hearts to Him. "Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah." (Psalm 62:8)

Physically, any description of what is Delicious will most likely include the words simple and basic. The site is not known for its impressive graphics or visual features. As plain as a dictionary, many users feel that the web site's simplicity makes it more accessible and easy to use. Brand new users can may find that navigating the site can be very easy. Internet enthusiasts find websites like Delicious.com to be both helpful and interesting.

What Is Flixster

The answer to what is Flixster seems to be another of the hugely popular and successful social networking sites that tie people together into large communities of individuals, this time with the love of movies. Once again, like other social networking websites, people can create profiles, inviting friends to come and visit them. These profiles include places to share movies that have been viewed, rate movies, talk to other movie fans, look at celebrity photographs, watch movie clips and get the latest movie news. If a person loves movies, then Flixster is the place to show off that passion. This movie site champions the cult status of movie actors and actresses and provides a place where some can show off his knowledge of the movie business.

When a person is seeking the solution to the question what is Flixster, the answer must first be a great place to meet other people. When getting to the landing page of this website, the profile option stands out as a place where people can really get to know someone through their love of cinematography. This profile structure allows someone to place their name , age (optional), favorite movies, actor and a chance to tell as much personally about the person as desired. Part of the profile asks a person to rate a number of well-known movies so that there is some commonality on which to begin an Internet relationship with others. Building a profile on Flixster includes ratings on movies that the person likes, information on favorite actors, personal photographs, favorite videos and movie quizzes that the person has taken.

One of the answer's to what is Flixster also seems to be a company that uses very aggressive viral marketing strategies to gain new viewership. Flixster has been accused of raiding many new members' entire email address files and sending invitations to join also. This has angered thousands of users who have felt that Flixster violated their trust. However, Flixster's policy appears to ask permission to send the advertisements to friends, but it seems to be done done in such a manner as to fool many new members. Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5) Meekness is not weakness or cowering like a frightened animal, it is rather power under control. You may have the right to say something vengeful, you may have the right to strike back, or you may have the right to sue someone over a wrong; that is power, but Jesus said finding happiness will come in putting that power under control for His sake.

Many people have used the love of movies to find new friendships and even romances. This seems to be the bottom line power of this particular website. Another answer to the question of what is Flixster could be the place to keep track of all new movies that have recently come out or soon to be debuted. For the person who prides himself on being a movie guru, the question of what is Flixster can be answered by "it enables a person to keep abreast of all things Hollywood, Bollywood or Indie." Hour by hour, the website updates its viewers on press releases, gossip on celebrities and new projects being unveiled by studios. In addition, movie trailers can be viewed on demand as well as viewing all movies that are showing in movie theaters across the country. Ratings by all members of Flixster accompany the latest movies in theaters that are displayed on the website.

One of the newest features on this website appeaqrs to be instant messaging, just added near the end of 2008. Another answer to what is Flixster might be a website that enables a person to chat by text to other movie lovers. From anywhere on the website, friends can talk about recent films that have viewed, talk about the latest gossip that pervades the movie scene, and compare notes on upcoming movies that perhaps they want to see together. Using friend's email addresses, one can look up anyone's profile and see what is happening with them recently as well as plan community movie nights with friends as well as take compatibility tests to see how one stacks up against other website users. It's all good fun and all pure entertainment for the one who loves movies.

Under the community headline, this website offers member the opportunity to find people who have very similar tastes in movies and films. Since Indie films are often panned by the majority of theater goers, finding someone who really likes offbeat and slightly weird Indie films may be an amazing experience for some people. Romances have been known to start with less common ground! Under the community option also are a number of forums that allow people to talk freely with one another about all things movies as well as other subjects. With topics ranging in the thousands, general forum conversation can cover discussion about the website itself, serious reviews, sci-fi, movie games, TV, books, music, sports and other subjects. The question of what is Flixster can be answered with a place where people can comment and converse on many entertainment subjects.

What is Flixster? It seems to be a money making machine for its advertisers and another in a long string of social networking phenomenon that has swept the World Wide Web in recent years. It's a place where games abound and lists are plenty and ratings and comparisons and people's opinions are rife. The website appears to be a place where an evening alone can be whiled away watching a movie downloaded for free from the website. The website seems to be also a place where one can find someone who just loved "The English Patient" and the conversation could go on for hours discussing the love the Indian had for the woman he lifted up to view the many paintings. It seems to be a place where, at least for a little while, reality takes a back seat.

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