What Is MySpace

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The answer to what is MySpace appears to be "another in a long string of social networking websites that have become the Internet phenomenon of the early 21st century." The site has become a cyber space gathering place that took over the singles bar and club scene years ago as the place to meet other singles. This particular website along with Facebook and YouTube have become the preferred spot for meeting, talking, and dating for the Gen Y crowd, those born after 1977. In terms of outright numbers, MySpace has become the largest of the networks and has a large lead in total pages views and time spent on the site, almost 2 to 1 in ratio compared with Facebook. However, Facebook use appears to be growing globally at a faster rate than MySpace and threatens to become numero uno by 2010.

As in most social networking websites, this website appears to be providing an opportunity, mostly for members of Gen Y, to communicate with each another. The answer to what is MySpace is a large gathering place for people to get to know one another and to find new friends with similar likes and tastes. The commonality of all social networking websites is the ability for a person to craft a profile of himself that shares as much about that person as comfort allows. Profiles often contain as much information about a person as would a half an hour conversation over a cup of coffee. They are filled with details such as favorite music, movies, television shows and celebrities, as well as likes and dislikes, turnoffs, and many other types of information.

Opening up a profile on this website, a person can only say that one of the answers to what is MySpace might be a gigantic billboard filled with a conglomeration of pictures both moving and still, favorite videos, all kinds of personal details, graphics that the profile owner can put together and many other opportunities to express oneself. It appears to be such an incredibly large and expansive information opportunity that even politicians are getting involved with profiles. Washington congressmen and senators are inviting the public to visit them on MySpace to learn more about the proceedings in the next session of Congress. With over sixty five million page views a month and at least twenty six minutes per visit spent on MySpace, the answer to what is MySpace seems to be an advertiser's dream. Jesus said, "Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." (Matthew 5:6) God honors those persons who have a hunger-like desire for Him. Since the word blessed here also translates happy, hungering after God is a prescription for genuine happiness.

One of the things that stand out on all of the social networking sites are the often poor quality pictures of the person featured on the profile. They often appear to have been taken at a state fair picture booth or with almost no light in the room. A person would think if an individual wanted to meet other people for dating or a long term relationship, more care might be taken in the "Hello world here I am" picture, which can be quite large in the MySpace profile. Many people also want to wax esoteric on their profile talking about the consummation of the sun and the stars coming together in some universal harmonious dance of the planets or some other gobbledygook, but people really want to just know who people are as humans, and not as wannabe space aliens. Because of all this diversity, the answer to what is MySpace can be a gigantic cyberspace parking lot where almost every walk of life and way of thinking can be represented.

Many people wonder what the difference is between MySpace and Facebook and the answer might be similar to the difference between riding the bus and driving it. There isn't a whole lot of control issues with riding the bus other than getting on board and paying a fare if there one. Driving the thing can be a whole other issue. Facebook is a very organized, very precise social networking website and one has little control over what goes on to the profile page. It appears to be all pretty well mapped out and one need only fill in the blanks to get up and running. The answer to what is MySpace could be a blank canvas on which to put anything a person desires within reason. From the background to many different designs for personal information and the freedom to add favorite videos and so many other options that on could be dizzy looking at all the information in one profile.

What is MySpace? It seems to be a place, like the many other social networking sites that offer people a real alternative to meat locker single bars and clubs. In a culture where time is speeding up because of technology and where the world has gone insanely cruel, the Internet, if used properly, offers a place of refuge to quietly and privately hunt for old friends and find new ones. And if, in the process love is struck, then all the better. The answer to what is MySpace just may be a place where life can start all over again with a new love, or where classmates from fifty years ago find one another or a place where interminably lonely nights can be passed meeting and laughing and talking on the Internet and that has to be a good thing.

What Is Friendster

People may be asking what is friendster because the community website no longer dominates the social networking industry. According to industry professionals, friendster was among the first to offer people an online opportunity to connect with family members and friends. From some accounts, it appears that the company's primary model was to provide an online mechanism for an individual to stay in touch and reconnect with people the person already knew. However, it soon became a way for people to meet new friends, too. Despite blazing the trail for social networks, the company is no longer as popular as it once was. Competitors were able to attract more users and even many of those who were members of the friendster community opted for the competition. Industry experts attribute the decline in popularity to the company's management and user frustration with the site. These problems allowed competitors to ask, what is friendster, and then improve on the model to develop social communities that are now household names.

Social networks are a very popular internet pastime. Though kids, especially tech-savvy teenagers, drive their popularity, older people are also getting in on the fun. Most of these communities operate pretty much the same way. An individual opens up an account by providing limited personal information, such as a name and perhaps gender, age, and city or state. On one of the most popular sites, users use their real names, but other sites allow users to make up names. The individual also chooses a password and privacy settings. A profile is created that allows the person to tell something about his interests, occupation, and hobbies. The individual is almost always able to control who has access to the profile. In asking, what is friendster, a potential member should evaluate this company's policies regarding privacy with that of its competitors. Even as people voluntarily share details of their personal lives on community sites, they still need to know that some protections are in place to protect them from cyber-stalkers or identity thieves. Often, these communities have mechanisms in place that allow members to choose what other members they wish to have as friends. The same feature allows a member to block any other members that she doesn't want viewing her profile or updates.

In asking a member, what is friendster, that member will probably talk about its advantages. Individuals usually want family members and friends to be a part of the same networking community so that profiles and updates can be shared. Like the vast majority of community sites, friendster's members can upload photos and give updates about what is going on in their lives. Faraway relatives and friends who are also members can log on and access the updates. For example, many families are separated by hundreds and even thousands of miles as people move throughout the country. Adult children may even be in other countries, perhaps serving in the military or as missionaries. Maybe the adult son or daughter is employed in another country. Online communities help these faraway loved ones stay in touch with the family left behind. Grandparents can view photos of the grandchildren they seldom get to see and read all about the kids' cute antics when the parents post the photos and write the stories online. So when a grandparent asks, what is friendster, the adult child who is a friendster member, may do more than talk about its advantages. He may even set up the account and show the grandparent how to access and use it.

Another feature, common to many communities, is the ability to form groups with others of similar interests. In evaluating, what is friendster, potential users may want to know something about the demographics of the site's users. According to some industry experts, two-thirds of the community's users live overseas, namely, in southeastern Asia. Anyone who has an interest in the Asian culture or who may be planning a trip to the region might appreciate this opportunity to connect with individuals who live in the area. The apostle Paul preached in this area centuries ago. On one trip, Paul was hurrying to reach Jerusalem, but sent for the elders of the church at Ephesus: "And when they were come to him, he said unto them, Ye know, from the first day that I came into Asia, after what manner I have been with you at all seasons, . . . And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified" (Acts 20:18, 32).

So just what is friendster? It's a community of members who have familial, casual, and business relationships with one another. Users can spread the news about social gatherings, give advice on restaurants and movies, and even help each other find jobs. An individual may be able to join a group with other members who interested in training dogs and learn techniques for teaching Rover new tricks. A community within the larger community may have members that attend or are alumni of a particular college. Perhaps a group will center on a specific town so that residents can meet neighbors and find out about local events. The connections can increase as friends become friends of friends and so on. But before signing up, potential users should get relevant answers to the question, what is friendster, and compare their findings with that from other social networking sites. Because updating and uploading takes time, most people prefer to limit the number of communities to which they belong. Making a careful choice upfront will lessen the need to change and start over if the network turns out not to be such a great match after all.

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