Divorce Strategies And Tactics

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Divorce Strategies and Tactics between couples usually happen because one or both become angry and vindictive. Anger along with the desire to get even may happen because of infidelity, dishonesty, abuse, financial problems, or disagreements about a multitude of things. The couple may have grown apart over the years having nothing in common anymore. Communication between partners is practically nonexistent except when they are fighting about something. Feeling shocked along with betrayed can lead to divorce strategies and tactics. Partners may not be able to agree about the children. Even Christian couples deal with these types of issues. Some have tried to reconcile to no avail. Both people need to really want to make their marriage work. God can restore relationships. He can heal broken hearts. However, there are times when adults living in a troublesome marriage lose their desire to make it work 'With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love" (Ephesians 4:2).

Fighting all the time is not healthy for the children. However, a couple might want to work at saving the marriage before they resort to divorce strategies and tactics. A breakup for adults is traumatic but it is much more so for the kids. A son may be tired of hearing his parents fight all the time but he can't imagine them getting a divorce. A daughter has heard her parents fight so much that she has learned to tune them out.. If there were to be a break up she would have to reconcile the situation in her mind. This way she does not because this is something that has become the norm. Kids deal with things differently dependent upon the situation. Parents with kids still at home need to talk to a counselor, find out how to get support for them in case they do split up.

Adults can get unruly when there is a fight over money, property, and children. Divorce strategies and tactics are used when one or more adults are bent on getting what is desired. He may be willing to pay a lawyer a large amount of money just to get what he wants. She can become determined that he will never get the kids then try to keep him from seeing the kids after the separation. People who have lots of money are willing to pay whatever they have to in order to win. Those who do not may have to agree on a few things or else be willing to sell everything, borrow money, mortgage the house, stop all the extracurricular activities, eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday just to pay the attorney's fees.

Sometimes couples use the children against each other during a divorce. This might include brainwashing them into believing that the other one does not really love them anymore. Of course there is the possibility that a spouse will promise the kids things if they will talk bad about the other parent to the judge. Divorce strategies and tactics can get really bad when the kids are used as pawns. Imagine a child's psychological health after going through something like this. Put aside all the hate and put the kids first. Allow them to be children a while longer. Being used as pawns between parents will make young children grow up really fast. This type of behavior sets a really bad example for kids to follow.

A common problem seen in divorce court has to do with money. A spouse may try to get custody of the children so the other spouse has to pay a large amount of child support. In order to avoid this, the other spouse tries to get custody of the kids. Avoid divorce strategies and tactics try asking for joint custody of the kids. Be willing to work with the partner on the particulars of who gets the kids. Show the judge that you are willing to compromise. You may find that things will get much easier. Using tactics might work against you when the judge realizes that the well-being of the children is not being considered.

Not paying temporary child support may cause a primary caregiver to withhold visitation rights to the other parent. This type of behavior falls under divorce strategies and tactics. A temporary court order that is not honored affects the children negatively. When a parent does pay child support then the primary caregiver needs to revisit the issue in court. One parent should never keep the kids from seeing the other parent unless there is a situation where abuse is involved. Abuse issues should be discussed in court so the judge can decide if the abusive parent has the right to see the kids. The judge may order counseling for the abusive adult in addition to ordering supervised visitation.

Another issue that falls under divorce strategies and tactics is where the noncustodial parent decides to take off with the children without the permission of the custodial parent. This is actually considered kidnapping and is a tactic that hurts the kids more than it does the primary caregiver. Adults who resort to kidnapping just to hurt the other person may be blinded by anger. Get some Christian counseling. Learn to deal with the anger in a productive way. Divorce is a painful process. All parties can find ways to curb this type of behavior. Pray and ask God for help. Sit down with the other person and talk out the feelings that can lead to destructive behavior. Make an effort to agree on important issues. Try not to dwell on the negative problems, instead concentrate on productive ways to overcome the negativity.

What Is A No Fault Divorce

What Is A No Fault Divorce but an easy way to end a marriage without having to make excuses. No proof of wrongdoing is necessary because both partners agree to end the relationship. Some states have couples file by reason of incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, or irremediable breakdown of the marriage. What is a no fault divorce but a way for couples who do not wish to live together any longer to go separate ways. Adultery, imprisonment, cruelty, abandonment, abuse, are other reasons that some adults seek a divorce. If there's a possibility that a marriage can be saved then both adults should do whatever they can to reconcile their differences. Counseling is a good idea and seeking God through prayer and attending church services will help tremendously. If your church does not offer counseling services then find a Christian counselor or a Marriage counselor. "But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife" (1 Corinthians 7:11).

Search your heart and seek God before filing for divorce. What is a no fault divorce but an easy way to end the marriage without having to spend a lot of money on attorney fees and court cost. Some people do believe that divorce rates are higher because the court system has made it easier for couples to part. Filing under a no fault divorce may help to eliminate the fighting between parties and makes the entire process much simpler. Many years ago couples who were in an unhappy covenant would have to come up with a specific reason as to why they wanted to split. Now all it takes to obtain dissolution is for one partner to file under the no fault clause.

This goes along with the times we are living in. The breakdown of the family unit seems to be a major problem today. What is a no fault divorce but a way to seek short-term gratification for those who are just tired of each other. People can change and sometimes couples just gradually grow apart. At one time, marriage was a mindset that meant forever. Of course, there are still partners today who believe in the sanctity of marriage and would never give up on each other. They seek help when things get bad between them and some of them go to church, get counseling, find a way to make it work. When you have many years invested in someone else then separating would be like saying all those years meant nothing.

Everyone's circumstances are different. In some situations a couple may have tried really hard to stay together before splitting up. Others stay together until the children are grown and then they part ways. What is a no fault divorce but an easy out after many years of trying to make it work. God can heal a marriage if both people are looking to Him for answers and praying about the situation. There are a few couples out there who have tried going to church and asking God to help save their marriage but their hearts were not in it. Years of bitterness and resentment have caused the two adults to drift far apart. The current legal system makes it so simple and easy for people to dissolve their union so when things get really tough many people take the easy way out.

Teamwork is a popular term used in the workplace today but can also be applied to a marriage. What is a no fault divorce but an easy way to be done with teamwork. A husband and wife are supposed to be a team. They are supposed to work together in absolutely everything. Teams have to work together for a common goal. In a relationship common goals are finances, taking care of the children, household chores, holding down a job, and making decisions about many other things. When partners begin to be complacent about the team then things start to go haywire. If one adult gets sidetracked then a major break occurs. Marriage is an institution whereby both adults must work together as a team. When one part of the team hurts then the other adult needs to help. When children are born then they become part of the team as well. Parents should teach children about responsibility to the family unit. When everyone does not work together then chaos can be the result and in some cases leads to a search online for what is a no fault divorce.

Keeping the fire burning is a process that both spouses must work at everyday. They must find ways to renew that spark that was once there. If one spouse is bored with the union then trouble can be right around the corner. If there are constant fights and disagreements then be certain that things are not going well. What is a no fault divorce but an easy way out of a boring marriage or a bickering relationship. Couples who fight a lot have probably got some resentment going on. Making comments about divorce, separation, leaving, hating, are not going to help settle anything. When you see this sort of thing going on, start trying to turn it around. Make an effort to be considerate, thoughtful, loving, kind, forgiving, and look for the good things that you can be thankful for. Remember the good times and strive to get those back. Take a vacation or go on a couples retreat. Pray together and go to church.

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