How Mothers Win Custody Battles

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Just how mothers win custody battles is pretty obvious. Unless fathers can successfully prove that a woman is unfit, the courts will likely award physical custody to a child's mother. Even women who are not the perfect stay-at-home Mom have an advantage over men applying to become a primary caregiver. The nurturing nature of most females goes a long way in convincing a judge that the children will be properly cared for. Since the beginning of time, a mother's love has been acknowledged to be the strongest bond in human relationships. Even in nature, the female of the species will die to protect her young; and so it is with most human beings. From the time a child is conceived, its mother provides physical and emotional nurturing to help the baby thrive. It is no small wonder how mothers win custody battles--they are just presumed to be a better nurturer than fathers.

How mothers win custody battles is due, in part, to God's divine purpose and plan for the female. Women are anatomically, emotionally, and mentally designed by God to care for children. Not only did He give the woman the capacity to conceive seed and carry a fetus in the womb for nine months, but also to nurse a newborn from the breast. A female's physiological makeup provides nurturing that most males are incapable of giving. Very few women can carry a child to term without establishing some sort of bond; and that emotional bond is what enables most mothers to carry children from the cradle and sometimes to the grave. A woman's forearms are gently curved to hold a sleeping infant as her breasts suckle. A mother willingly sacrifices time, gives love unconditionally, and will pay the utmost financial price to
ensure that the infant borne from the womb develops into a mature being. "Can a woman forget her sucking child,that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee (Isaiah 49:15).

Unlike mothers, men were created to be warriors, providers and protectors. They are analytical, but sometimes impatient with little humans. Most fathers have the capacity to love but not nurture; and they may easily grow weary of being the sole source of care for a growing child. As a provider, a man is also more absorbed in making a living rather and bringing home the bacon, not cradling a crying infant. Aware of the distinct differences between the male and female psyche, most judges have no problem awarding custody to a fit mother. How mothers win custody battles, therefore is simple: they only have to prove their capacity to nurture, protect and provide for children and disprove any allegations of impropriety, insobriety, or promiscuity. A woman has no problem building a case to demonstrate good parenting. A good mother plays a prominent role in a child's life. She is a constant presence in the home and at the kids school. In addition to proving primary caregiver as a custodial parent, a good mother will usually have the support of family members, neighbors, teachers, clergy, and employers when called upon to demonstrate an active involvement in a minor's life.

How mothers win custody battles requires documentation of the child's
every day activities. A calendar full of doctors appointments, parent/teacher conferences, visits to the zoo, or shopping for school clothes demonstrates to the court that the mother is actively involved as a primary caregiver. Typed testimonies from neighbors, clergy, or teachers as to how children interact with their mother are also helpful in how mothers win custody battles. The judge will want calendar dates, scheduled appointment dates, and testimonies to substantiate a woman's claim for custody.

Women seeking to become a custodial parent should also document times and dates that the father was either late or failed to pick up the child from school or for scheduled visitations. Dads who are not involved in their children's lives will find making a case against mothers nearly impossible. How mothers win custody battles may depend largely on whether the father is a stable, stay-at-home dad or a carouser. Men who want to frequent the dating scene may appear to be unstable, untrustworthy or incapable of providing sufficient and consistent child care on a regular basis. The judge will want to determine whether the father or mother can provide a safe home environment free of negative influences, such as live-in companions, drugs, or alcohol. The playboy lifestyle is not conducive to child rearing; and the court will likely defer to the mother.

Women seeking to know how mothers win custody battles should seek legal counsel. Filing a request to become a child's primary caregiver or custodian is not difficult. Forms can be downloaded from state government websites or picked up at a local office of the Department of Family and Children's Services. Mothers should document all activities spent in the company of the children, including doctors appointments, and after school events. A woman should also be sure not to be seen partying or keeping company with several men. "For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication: That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honor; Not in the lust of concupiscence, even as the Gentiles which know not God"(Thessalonians 4:3-5). Dating should be put on hold to demonstrate to the court that a female is not immoral. Custody battles can get nasty; and the last thing a mother wants is for an ex-spouse or the child's father to have proof of any impropriety. By exercising discretion and continuing to exhibit exemplary behavior, winning a custody is almost certain. Be determined to be the best mother the child can possibly have. Live a life above reproach. And exercise discretion and godly judgment.

How Fathers Win Custody Battles

How Fathers Win Custody Battles requires preparation, determination, the understanding that there will be challenges, and a knowledgeable attorney. Make prayer a priority and trust in God for the best outcome. If a child is in a bad situation and a father knows he can provide a better home for her then he should do something about it. Some information online may be helpful in finding out how fathers win custody battles. Finding out what the state requires on the subject of custody, visitation, and support will be very helpful. One of the most important things is to find the right attorney and to have a definite strategy. Pray for wisdom and favor with man and God. "Happy are Thy men, happy are these Thy servants, which stand continually before Thee, and that hear Thy wisdom" (I Kings 10:8).

Discover the right questions to ask an attorney about how fathers win custody battles by doing a search online. Some sites have newsletters one can subscribe to. Blogs where people have shared what happened to them will be helpful as well. If you are a dad who truly loves your child and wants to give him a better life then start doing some research and find out what the chances are in winning a court battle. If there are doubts because the mother is a very upstanding person then fight for joint custody. If there are some things in the past that will cast a shadow over your chances then find out what can be done to show the court that there has been a change for the better.

Working with the other parent has its own rewards. A parent needs to be willing to put aside all bitterness and unforgiveness in order to provide a better life for a child. When the court sees the willingness of both parents to work together then things can work out much better. If a father is willing to work on a resolution but the mother is not the judge will be able to see that. How fathers win custody battles has a lot to do with putting the interests of the child first and showing the court that this is so. A dad is never stuck but can always sue for custody at any time. Even after the judge has given full custody of the child to the mother a dad can try again.

Perhaps your situation is one that looks hopeless when it comes to gaining custody of a child. A dad who has had some issues in the past with substance abuse may not think that he can ever gain custody of a child. How fathers win custody battles requires some dedication and making positive life changes. Go to rehab, get clean, and stay that way. Continue to see a psychologist and prove that substance abuse is no longer part of your life. Have the psychologist testify on your behalf. Things are never hopeless when a person is willing to do what is necessary to be a better person and a better parent.

Have a plan on how you are going to take care of the child after winning in court. If a daycare is something that will be needed then find the best one in the vicinity. A child may be older and have to attend public school. Do some research and get the process started to enroll her. At least find out the name of the school and the reputation of the school. If the judge asks you will have the answers. Another alternative that will help when learning how fathers win custody battles is to employ a live-in nanny. Choose one that has excellent references and show those to the court. Be prepared for any questions the judge might ask. Also, there is the choice of just having a nanny who comes in while you work. Be willing to provide the best care possible for the child.

Children should always have their own bedroom. Everyone needs private space. If a dad can provide a good home for the child especially with her own room then this will look favorably to the court. If the mother has custody and the child has to share a bedroom then be sure and bring this fact up in court. How fathers win custody battles is by appearing as the better parent before the judge. Remember to always keep a cool head, never make accusations about the mother before the judge. Instead show what you have to offer the child as a concerned and loving parent. Let an attorney do the job of presenting your side to the court.

Make a household budget showing all assets and liabilities. How fathers win custody battles is by showing a proven budget to the court on financial capability. Children need a lot of things. They need a bed, clothes, food, entertainment, and most of all they need love. When the court makes a decision about custody or visitation the outcome is about what is best for the children. If a father can show that he is the one who can best provide for the kids then he has a good chance of winning his case. This is what the court would normally see as best for the children. Children need both parents but not when they are fighting each another. They need parents who are working together as a team.

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