Romantic Tips For Men

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When the sizzle has fizzled, romantic tips for men can help add some spice to an otherwise dull marriage! Some men really do come from Mars when it comes to keeping the home fires burning; but a lack of libido can be remedied by applying some homegrown common sense to put the twinkle back in a wife's eyes. God ordained the holy institution of marriage for the purpose of providing sexual fulfillment for husbands and wives and as a method of producing offspring. "And did not He make one? Yet had he the residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That He might seek a godly seed" (Malachi 2:15a).

A little known fact is that intimacy begins outside the bedroom. Many husbands assume that lovemaking should be a single act limited to the hours between 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight; but true intimacy begins from the moment couples wake up and continues throughout the day. By bedtime, sexual intimacy is only a beautiful ending to an all-day rendezvous. It is the culmination of a series of non-sexual acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, closeness and communication that ultimately lead to a physical relationship. "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge:" (Hebrews 13:4). Husbands who follow these romantic tips for men throughout the day will reap the reward of a happy wife:

Accept her for who and what she is. Sure, the years have added extra pounds and the hair is a little grayer; but women need to know they are loved just the same. Letting a woman know that she is still loved in spite of physical and emotional changes and challenges is one of the most romantic things a husband can do. A word of reassurance, comfort, and acceptance can renew and rejuvenate a marriage quicker than a dozen red roses or a gift with a big red bow!

Wait until Mother's Day or a birthday to treat your wife to a day at the spa. Most salons offer gift certificates throughout the year. Why not drop by and pick one up? Offer to baby sit the kids and let her have the entire day alone! In return, you will have a wife who is refreshed, renewed and ready to give anything asked, including sharing some romantic tips for men's massages gleaned from her spa experience. Later, the two of you can enjoy a couple's spa in the privacy of home.

Speaking of massages, what about those dainty little feet? Women love to have husbands take time to gently and lovingly soothe those tired toes. Apply a favorite lotion or balm to the palms of your hands and carefully begin rubbing away the tiredness with circular motions, beginning at the base of the feet and gradually progressing to the ankles. That's just one of dozens of romantic tips for men that are sure to rekindle the flame.

Write a love letter. The key to a woman's heart is heartfelt expressions of love. When couples date, a day doesn't go by without them expressing how much they care. Why not pick up a pen and share some innermost feelings? Husbands who feel uncomfortable writing can always find beautiful greeting cards at the nearest gift shop or grocery with just the right words to set the mood for a romantic evening.

Perhaps one of the most neglected romantic tips for men is the art of being a good listener. Sometimes women simply want to be heard! Set aside time to sit and let your wife talk. Husbands will be surprised at how much they can learn about themselves and their wives when they are allowed to really express intimate feelings. Take an afternoon and turn off the television, unplug the telephone, and don't answer the doorbell. Pull your wife into your arms and ask, "Honey, tell me about your day? What are you feeling? Let's talk about it." After the initial shock, she will be pleasantly surprised and eager to release some pent up emotions that could lead to a romantic interlude. Tip: Don't allow the conversation to become hurtful or dwell on past mistakes, or the afternoon could erupt into an avalanche of accusations.

Give a gift that keeps on giving. A lot of husbands don't have a clue as to what women really like; and some don't even know dress and shoe sizes, or favorite colors. Some romantic tips for men might take the help of the wife's best friend or close relative to make a list of likes. Order a gift basket filled with favorite fragrances, lotions, and bath salts, all color coordinated. Each time an item from the basket is used, the thought of your thoughtfulness will warm her heart.

Finally, the greatest romantic tips for men are those that don't cost a dime. Be the best husband you can be. A Christian woman wants a man who will give his heart first to God and then to his wife. If you do not have a personal relationship with God, find Him and allow the Lord to lead your life so that you can be a good, God-fearing husband and rear children to know the Lord. An unsaved husband can find God by regularly attending church, growing in a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and learning how to live as a born again believer. The husband who is totally submitted to Christ will soon discover that a fulfilling spiritual relationship is the most important foundation upon which true marital love is built. While applying romantic tips for men play an important role in keeping the passion in marriage, a couple in love and united in Christ is incomparable.

Romantic Tips For Women

Romantic tips for women involve spending quality time with your spouse, being attentive to what he has to say, showing that you cherish time together. Do not hesitate to give a mate compliments. The men in our lives need affection just like we do. The lives most of us lead today are busy. So busy that we neglect ourselves and those we love. Try having at least one meaningful conversation every day with loved ones. Let the man of the house know that you have been thinking about him all day. Romantic tips for women should include making eye contact and nonverbal communication that lets a man know he is desirable. Put on some romantic music. One night each week put the kids to bed a little early and snuggle with him in front of the fireplace. Play some romantic music and sing to him. So what if your voice isn't as good as others, he will get the message well enough. "O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely" (Song of Solomon 2:14).

Couples should never go to bed at night without saying I love you. It is the little things that a lady notices which could make all the difference. Maybe hubby came home really tired and not feeling well. Even though hubby was really tired he insisted upon cooking dinner. Well, that would make a lady feel good. Romantic tips for women may include ways to make him smile. What is his favorite meal? Draw him a hot bath and light some candles by the tub. Put on soft relaxing music and let him enjoy. The things you would appreciate may be the same types of things hubby will appreciate. If the man of the house prefers taking a shower, get the water running for him. Heat up a towel in the dryer and give it to him to dry off.

Romantic sentiments go a long way in making someone feel loved. Write up a note and stick it on the steering wheel of his car or in his lunch bag. Have flowers delivered to the office. Other gifts to consider depend upon the likes and dislikes of ones mate. Romantic tips for women can come straight from the man of the house. Get him to open up and talk about likes and dislikes. Take notes and figure out how to surprise your guy. Maybe he's the type of person that enjoys eating chocolate. If so, eat some chocolate together.Take a tube of lipstick and write a sweet sentiment on the bathroom mirror, where it can be found. Let there not be a question in his mind about how you feel. Never hesitate to share those feelings. Any man should appreciate a wife or girlfriend who shows affection and makes him feel special. Romantic tips for women are all about giving attention and then in retrospect getting attention. The more time spent in taking care of one's spouse will never be lost. It will just keep adding up to your way of showing that he is the greatest person in your life.

A man who loves to watch television will really appreciate a woman who takes the time to watch a favorite show with him. Even if there is something else on television you would prefer to watch, do not let your man know. Sit down beside him and hold hands. Pay attention to the show or movie and try to be interested in watching it. Romantic tips for women are about showing one's mate that his desires are important. Even if a lady does not like what is on television she can still let her man know that she is willing to watch it just for him.

Plan an outing together. Let inhibitions down and really have a good time. Let your mate suggest somewhere to go. Be open-minded and go along with his idea. This gesture alone shows love and sacrifice. Fix yourself up, put on some romantic cologne, and act excited. Romantic tips for women are all about making him feel good. A woman who takes out time for a partner will probably realize that a partner will take out time for her as well.

In order to have a really good relationship couples must spend quality time together. They need bonding time. Often after being married for many years, couples lose the romance and the spark they used to have. The only way to get the romance back is to work on spending quality time together. Communication is very important. Romantic tips for women apply to men as well. Pay attention to each other and do not neglect spending time together, even if it's just running to the grocery store together. Partners who work on a quality relationship will find that is what they will get. Whatever one puts as most important in life is going to be the thing that prospers the most.

Maybe your mate just doesn't want to cooperate. You have tried romantic gestures and he is just not responding. If this happens try communicating and find out why. A partner may be too tired or depressed. A trip to the doctor might be in order if his health is bad. This could be an opportunity for a woman to do something for her mate that shows love and devotion. Make him a doctor's appointment and go with him. If there is nothing physically wrong then maybe the problem is mental or spiritual. Go to church together and pray together. Get some Christian counseling or see a marriage therapist. Do not ever give up. Keep trying to get to the root of the problem.

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