Signs Of Infidelity In Marriage

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Signs of Infidelity in Marriage might include a spouse who is withdrawn or depressed, is emotionally distant, verbally abusive, self-absorbed, works longer hours than usual, takes up a new hobby, starts listening to different types of music, and quits wearing his or her wedding ring. If a spouse becomes obsessive about the Internet there could be a problem. Online dating and chat rooms make it easy for an adult to cheat. Using more call and text minutes on a cell phone is another one of the signs of infidelity in marriage. Of course, these occurrences do not always mean that your partner is having an affair but noticing these could be a sign that you need to pay attention. "Then when lust hath conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death" (James 1:15).

A partner who is having an affair may suddenly ask for a divorce. When a person does not have a valid reason for wanting a separation and then just all the sudden one day asks for a divorce then there's a good chance that he or she is guilty of being unfaithful. Signs of infidelity in marriage are not always obvious until something major happens. Then when a spouse finds out the truth he or she may look back over the previous weeks and months and understand why there were changes in behavior. Sometimes the changes are subtle and can even seem like good changes. A spouse may jump at the chance to run errands or may offer to take the dog on long walks. When changes are good we often do not notice or question them.

Losing weight all of the sudden can be one of the signs of infidelity in marriage. Someone who has never worried about their weight before that begins exercising and eating less can be suspicious. There is the possibility that he or she has read an article or a book that helped to jump start weight loss. Primping and changing one's appearance is another clue of something fishy going on especially if the partner has never done this before. He may dye his hair to cover the grey or she may opt for a totally different hair color. The influences for making the change could be coming from a friend who got a makeover and looked fabulous. However, changes like this can also be a sign that someone might be involved with someone else.

Taking up a new hobby does not necessarily mean unfaithfulness but when the hobby is something he or she has never cared to do then you might want to look for other signs of infidelity in marriage. Perhaps playing golf is the new hobby or jogging every morning. These do not seem extreme but if you have suggested jogging and your spouse has made it plain that he would never do that then it might seem quite strange when he starts jogging every morning. If there is suspect of a spouse being unfaithful use wisdom. Do not accuse but pay attention to what is going on. Do not get paranoid over everything that he or she does. The best way to handle concerns is to just ask. Also, do not make assumptions and start letting your imagination run away with itself. Pray, seek advice from a pastor or friend. Make an effort to give a partner the benefit of the doubt until there is a confession or there is proof.

Workplaces in today's world foster teamwork. Men and women work together in the same office and have a lot of contact because of teamwork or just because they sit close together and have a lot of interaction. This makes it easy to get close to peers. Sometimes that closeness can lead to other things if both people are not careful. Signs of infidelity in marriage might include a spouse wanting to spend more time at work. When a person starts entertaining obsessive thoughts about someone else then there is a problem. Wanting or desiring someone other than a spouse is dangerous. If these types of thoughts are entertained then the Bible tells us that we are already committing adultery (Matthew 5:28).

God's word tells us that we need to control our body. We need to go to any extreme to avoid sexual immorality. Christians can fall into this type of sin if we are not careful. Signs of infidelity in marriage should serve as a warning to all Christians to be careful. The flesh can be difficult to manage except that we have the Holy Spirit to help us. If this one sin can put a wedge between partners so much that divorce is the result then this should also tell us that it will put a wedge between us and God. Repent of any thoughts that have to do with infidelity and find a way to take those thoughts and make them captive to Christ. Pray continuously, read God's word, meditate on the scriptures that have to do with sexual immorality and have other Christians pray with you. Seek God and do not allow this sin to take hold of you.

It is a common thing to become bored with one's partner after awhile. Instead of looking elsewhere take a moment and find a way to put the spark back in your marriage. Do some research on signs of infidelity in marriage and realize that giving in to this can ruin a relationship. Find out about couples retreats for Christians. Go on a weekend getaway. Get some marriage counseling. The point is that there are ways to refresh a relationship especially if a couple will submit this situation to God and spend a lot of time in prayer for one another. Don't allow the enemy to deceive you with a pretty face.

Signs Of Problems In Marriage

Overt signs of problems in marriage might include a lack of communication or a lagging sex life; but there are also subtle hints that a relationship might be on the rocks. Inattentiveness; unexpected and unannounced changes in routines or habits; secrecy; unexplained receipts from restaurants, hotels, or department stores; or a sudden desire to workout or slim down are some subtle signs of problems in marriage that should be taken seriously. Cheating requires changing one's normal habits in order to accommodate an adulterous lifestyle. Because an extramarital affair is "outside" of matrimony, a mate who wants to cheat has to go beyond the parameters of family life. A life cloaked in secrecy will produce overt and covert messages that all is not right on the home front. "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil" (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).

With men or women, one of the first omens of ill will might be inattentiveness. Husbands and wives either involved or about to become involved in an extramarital affair may become so preoccupied with the other individual that they simply check out of reality. While it may be perfectly normal for spouses not to be actively engaged in conversation, a mate whose mind is in the wrong place will have frequent instances of inattention. That's because the devil is at work using the mind as a movie screen, playing and replaying possible scenarios with an illicit lover until the unsuspecting victim takes the bait. Inattentiveness may signal the mind's preoccupation with scintillating thoughts of infidelity even before a single act has been perpetrated.

Signs of problems in marriage also include husbands or wives who suddenly change routine habits or make lame excuses for not being on time for dinner or other social events. If a husband who has been coming home from work at the same time every day for ten years begins to call and say he is going to be late, there is just cause to investigate. A suspecting wife should not wait until tardiness becomes a pattern, but do some checking before confrontation. If a man is habitually late and there are no grounds for tardiness, such as having to work overtime; then there are bound to be underlying issues. Something has his attention; and it's not Sunday night football.

While signs of problems in marriage may indicate adultery, other issues can also plague a happy home. Money woes, chronic illness, meddling in-laws, or problematic children may all adversely impact a marital relationship. The pressure of financial woe can cause couples to become irritable and argumentative. Constant bickering or fighting over unpaid bills or overspending can send husbands and wives to the divorce court just as quickly as infidelity. Chronic illness in adults or special needs children is also a heavy burden to bear for families. Trips to the emergency room, medical bills, or caring for an invalid at home can cause couples to lose a desire for intimacy or rob them of a normal family life. Marital conflict can be exacerbated by in-laws that do not respect boundaries, or unruly adolescents. Outside influences can wreak havoc in the home if husbands and wives do not stand against them together. The key word here is together. Couples should view adverse outside influences as a common enemy. If spouses begin early in marriage to draw a stark line between their intimate relationship and input from all other individuals, the marital bond would be stronger and the union would last longer. "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh" (Genesis 2:24).

Other marital issues may stem from blended families. Because there are an increased number of couples with children from previous unions, there can be an increased amount of tension in trying to facilitate harmonious coexistence. Step-parenting issues can create a chasm between newly wed husbands and wives, as they are forced to choose sides between a new mate and children from a previous relationship. Signs of problems in marriage not only include constant arguing, but also spouses who wage a constant cold war over unresolved issues that can plague an otherwise happy home.

Signs of problems in marriage resulting from an adulterous affair, money woes, chronic illness, or a rebellious teen must be dealt with equitably. Addressing a mate's inattentiveness early may prohibit them from making a serious mistake. However, there is a way to confront issues without becoming embroiled in an altercation. Choosing the right time to discuss suspicions of infidelity, address finances, or reprimand an unruly adolescent takes wisdom and discretion. The best time for husbands and wives to discuss apparent signs of problems in marriage is a quiet moment when neither is stressed or distracted. The innocent party should not begin with an accusation, but express concern about what they perceive to be problematic.

Bringing up sensitive topics can be tricky because a guilty spouse may react in anger or an innocent one may be offended. An angry response may mean the discussion has to be tabled for another time. An offended innocent spouse may offer an explanation of why they seem to be inattentive or secretive; and a confession of innocence could open up dialogue that can benefit both parties. No matter what the cause when signs of problems in marriage appear silence is not the answer. Honesty is still the best policy; that is, honesty combined with wisdom and tact. By openly and tactfully discussing concerns about a mate's behavior, financial matters, or suspected unfaithfulness, couples can begin a dialogue that should point to the truth--good or bad! The truth, in any case, will expose Satan's plot to undermine the marriage; while giving couples an opportunity to reassess the relationship or make amend areas that need improving.

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