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Practicing language skills using an English chat room is easy, fun, and valuable to anyone whose is not a native speaker. Originally, from West Germany, the language was brought to Britain by German settlers and Roman auxiliary troops. After the Norman invasion, words from Latin based languages were engrafted into English. Words are regularly borrowed from across the globe; especially the English spoken in the United States of America. Therefore, the language is very flexible. The pronunciation of words in the English language are very different depending on where a person originally learned to speak the language. For example, there is the word "Minot." the origin of the word is a French unit of dry volume. Although this word is no longer used in this context, the word is alive and kicking as a name. In French, the word is pronounced without the "t" sound at the end of the word. Though a common pronunciation practice in the language of French, in English the "t" is usually pronounced. So, what a person will find in America, for example, is a town called Minot (pronounced m'nŏt'). But, the same word used as a last name is often pronounced m'n'.

Learning a language can be pretty intimidating. The English language is so different from many other languages because the origin of the words come from many different other languages. It helps to have a community of people who are willing and able to communicate in order to help a person improve their language skills. An English chat room is just the ticket. There is support from pretty much anyone in the room. If a person is more advanced, they will get lots of practice by correcting the beginner. Conversely, the beginner is helped by this process. The biggest problem with using this system of communication is abuse. There are people that "lurk around" the internet, especially in chat rooms, for the sole purpose of annoying people. It's really kind of sad. That means these people probably have nothing better to do. It is up to the moderator in most cases to ban the person and be able to technologically stop them from wreaking havoc in the the community of learners.

The English chat room is not a place to be abusive, intolerant, hateful, or disrespectful. It is also not a place to promote a person's products or services, a place for lewd or crude language, or a mask for pornography or "sex talk." The environment is educational in nature. Many chat rooms include forums, lessons, and friend finding services. These services are usually designed specifically for people who want to practice and polish their language skills. Lots of people who use English chat rooms are under the mistaken impression that it's a place to find dates. It's not. But, a person can certainly use the skills that they learn in the chat room to go elsewhere on the internet (to a dating website) and find a partner.
A steady stream of practice with native speakers in an English chat room can bring about fluency in just a few months. "Now the whole world had one language and a common speech." (Genesis 11:1)

A chat room can help a person feel more comfortable by connecting them with movies, music, and other cultural elements where the language is spoken. A person can meet someone who actually lives in a country where English is primarily spoken. Normal topics of conversation in an English chat room include things like food, sports, movies, current events, art, hobbies, books, and music. A discussion of food can help a person learn to order food at a restaurant, buy food at a grocery store, and even write a restaurant review. Learning how to speak about sports, current events, and art can help a person build camaraderie with people who can assist them in assimilating into the culture. The more a person knows about the new language, the more they want to know and become more fluent. The essential thing is that a person get lots and lots of practice. Sure a person can study and have the knowledge locked in their head, but unless they use this knowledge by speaking, chatting, or otherwise communicating, there is no way to know how much the person really knows and whether or not they can communicate effectively in the new language.

Although a chat can be run by anyone, finding an English chat room that is run by a school or a non-profit organization is far more preferable than one operated strictly for profit. A school would be much more likely to monitor and even correct the language blunders that will invariably be made by most of the participants. In this setting, a person who may find themselves unable to clearly express an idea, will get to communicate with native speakers. The native speaker will be able to communicate the idea easily and clearly. This will help a person to build a repertoire of words for just about any situation. Imagine learning idiomatic and everyday expressions that will assist in dealing with daily conversations. Daily dialogues reinforce language learning. The pronunciations of some words can be particularly difficult. Because of this, it may be more difficult to learn English than many other languages. Spending regular time in an English chat room will help a person sharpen their English writing skills, as well. It may also help a person get in touch with someone in which they can communicate verbally. Although, learning to write in a language is extremely important, speaking the language will help a person to communicate with a larger variety of people.

Online Chat Community

An online chat community can offer users the opportunity to make rewarding connections with others and even become part of a larger family of like minded communicators. Chatting on the Internet can take a number of forms including discussion forums or instant messaging. But the most frequently used definition will describe a group of people who communicate via text over websites that are geared for such purposes. There can be a number of different types of communities that are open for participation by interested Internet users. A general online chat community will be open to anyone, although there may be age restrictions. Unless the room has been designed especially for children, many sites will not allow participation by chatters who are under thirteen years of age. Some chat rooms and discussion forums may be created specifically for teenagers as well. A discussion board will allow users to read the content that other participants have posted, and add to the discussion if they choose to, or simply remain an interested bystander.

Often an online chat community will be created to cater to the needs of specific age groups or interests. For example, some rooms may be designed for teens and will have very strict age requirements. It can be difficult if not impossible to know for sure that a participating chatter is actually the age that they claim to be. Minors should be made aware of this fact and be careful about the information that they share and the kinds of conversations that they engage in while chatting. Some rooms may be designed for college students while other might be geared toward single adults. But even among single adults there may be certain age breakdowns. An online chat community will often not charge users for the privilege of chatting. But most websites of this nature will have certain rules of use regarding polite and appropriate behavior while chatting. Participants who violate these conditions may find that they have been banned from chatting on the site altogether.

A number of rules of etiquette will apply to participating in an online chat community. These rules of etiquette, or chatiquette, as they are sometimes called, rely largely on common sense and are similar to the rules that prevail in ordinary face to face conversations. Talking in all capitals is seen as the equivalent of shouting and is considered to be very rude. Flooding the screen with text is objectionable as well. Such behavior could mean that a chatter would be suspended or terminated from the chat room. One suggested code of conduct involves basic consideration for the other chatters in the room. One would never walk up in the middle of a face to face conversation and inject something totally unrelated to the discussion. In the same way, it'is considered very rude to jump into an Internet conversation without any regard for the ongoing discussion. It's best to hang back and get a feeling for what is being talked about as well as the general mood of the discussion before making a contribution.

Ignoring other chatters in an online chat community is not a good idea either. Just as this behavior is considered rude in the real world, it is also offensive in the virtual realm. When questions are posed by other chatters, a reply of some nature is generally called for. If another participant has an opinion that differs from other chatters, respect for that person's right to their own opinion is called for. When the time comes to leave the room, it's polite to say goodbye rather than to simply exit without notice. There can be a number of perils that might be associated with written communication. A chatter may assume that others in the group will recognize a bit of sarcasm, but this may not be the case. Since facial expressions are not visible, it's easy to be misunderstood in an online. Remaining positive and relevant to the discussion are also good rules of online communication. And it's always good to remember that no one appreciates a conversation hog.

In spite of the many benefits that are associated with an online chat community, there can be a few pitfalls as well. As with all relationships among human beings, there may be times when participants in a chat room do not get along. There have also been occasions when disagreements and misunderstandings have been taken to the extreme. Anger on the world wide web can spill over into the real lives of chatters. For this and many other reasons, it's very unwise to let a fellow chatter know personal details such as full names and physical addresses. Even personal email addresses should be kept private. Some chatting services will offer users the opportunity to use a separate email address through the service itself so that outside addresses may be kept private. The Bible encourages believers to let go of worry and to have faith. "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me." (John 14:1)

A number of other safety issues should be observed in an online chat community. Meeting a fellow chatter in person is usually not a good idea, particularly for minors. There have also been reported incidents of crude language and inappropriate verbal behavior in some chat rooms. If this happens, participants should consult web masters or site facilitators and report the offending individuals. If used wisely and with common sense, these opportunities for communication on the web can be very fulfilling.

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