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The appeal of free live chat rooms is the opportunity to interact with new and interesting individuals without paying a penny. Meeting people online can be an engaging pastime with lots of perks. Singles, students and shut-ins can have immediate and constant contact with chat room members who share similar interests, hobbies, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Chatting fulfills a very basic human need to belong and to have an interchange with others. By becoming a member of an online chat room, individuals join a global community of people they would otherwise never have had an opportunity to meet. Free live chat rooms come in all shapes and sizes: some geared toward teens, others designed for senior adults or the intellectual set. Teens can discuss favorite singing groups or the latest Hollywood heartthrob. Seniors can enjoy hours corresponding and commenting on posts dealing with everything from geriatric ailments to long term care and vacation homes. Academic societies may offer chat rooms to discuss medical innovations or scientific breakthroughs. No matter what format chatting takes, the ease and accessibility of online communications keeps enthusiastic bloggers and online friends coming back again and again. "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother" (Proverbs 18:24).

Participating in free live chat rooms creates an ambiance of community. In fact, rooms are divided into categories of interest, such as women's health, foreign languages, genealogies and family histories, soap operas, arts and crafts, or even live day trading. Bloggers share experiences in women's health "rooms" which can add insight and sensibilities to common or uncommon ailments. With the high cost of health care, some women can get a second opinion without having to shell out cash for a doctor's consultation. However, healthcare site providers are quick to advise bloggers that using online advice is no substitute for a professional diagnosis. Soap opera fans can surmise on the plans and schemes of daytime drama queens, or try to guess when the next villain will be written out of the script. Arts and crafts enthusiasts have an opportunity to chat about the latest tools and techniques for painting, scrapbooking, quilting, or beading. And live trading rooms invite novice traders to get hot tips from skilled investors, while making some trades on their own. There are blogs and chat rooms for almost any age group or interest, from interior design to gourmet cooking, creative writing, or coin collecting. All that anyone has to do is just browse the Internet for rooms with interest or appeal and sign up.

Once members complete online applications, they are issued a password-protected user name to access rooms. Live chatting utilizes instant messaging technology. As each member responds, postings are available for review in real time. Regular participants in free live chat rooms may respond to the initial topic posting or reply to another commentator. Sometimes threads go on for days depending upon the nature of the topic. Two or three respondents may dominate a thread if the discussion gets hotly debated. Postings are cataloged according to the time received and are labeled as current, oldest, or most recent comments. Members can click on and respond to comments made hours ago or add a personal response to real time conversations. People all over the world are commenting, comparing ideologies and opinions, and having a great time. Studying real time conversation in free live chat rooms reveals popular opinions about certain topics. It is surprising how many diverse beliefs exist among certain sectors of the population -- both at home and abroad. But the disparity between opinions seems to heighten the popularity of chatting. While most site providers stress adherence to certain chat room courtesies, users may tend to express themselves rather vehemently on hot issues.

Chat room etiquette includes refraining from using profanity, derogatory or defamatory remarks; keeping surnames, home addresses, and personal data private; and refraining from uploading nude or sexually explicit photos, videos, audio tapes, or other objectionable materials. Talking in all caps is also considered rude, since typing all capital letters can be interpreted as shouting responses or arguing with other bloggers. Entering free live chat rooms is similar to entering into a physical space. Visitors will usually introduce themselves and be polite. Users may which to log onto a schedule and indicate what time they plan to use the room; and password-protected user identification allows participants to have access to personal accounts. Site providers also stress being considerate when chatting to make the experience a pleasant one for all participants. Name calling, cursing, or ridiculing other users may be grounds to have a guilty party's account terminated without notice.

Interactive free live chat rooms also offer instant messaging, video chats using personal video cams, screening rooms to view clips from independent films or family videos, and live televised programs featuring everyday people or Hollywood celebrities. There is really no reason to sit home lonely and alone! Participating in free live chat rooms opens up a whole world of possibilities to meet interesting people and engage in stimulating conversation with new acquaintances from around the world. The information highway is full of facts, fun and figures to enlighten, entertain, and encourage people of all ages to follow dreams and fulfill desires. Individuals can learn how to create art, discover new cooking methods, learn about advances in medicine and healthcare, or get the latest tips on commodities futures and day trading. The world is a beautiful place filled with fascinating people ready and willing to share information and encouragment via online chatting; and friendship is as close as your fingertips.

Free Online Chatting Sites

There are a multitude of free online chatting sites available on the world wide web that provide real opportunities for connection and communication. These services employ text and may involve a simple conversation between two people in different locations or a group of individuals who are all logged on to the same chat room at the same time. Websites that offer chat rooms to users may be available free of charge or may require a membership fee. There are also websites that offer a combination approach and may allow members access to certain features free of charge while setting a fee for the use of more advanced features. But there are a number of free services that provide quality services to users completely free of charge.

Certain rules of etiquette will apply in most chat rooms and chat room activity is usually monitored. If a webmaster feels that someone is out of line, they may eject that individual from the chat. Profanity, rudeness or threats might serve as motivation for ejecting a participant. Websites of this nature will often offer various games and activities to users in addition to chatting capabilities. In addition, a number of free online chatting sites will also offer participants the option of creating their own personal profile page. As with other social networking websites, these profiles will consist of general or generic biographical information such as a member's favorite movies, music, foods, books, or other preferences. Photographs and comment options may be included on the profile as well. Members may also have the option of writing their own blog.

Most participants on free online chatting sites will want to observe certain rules of etiquette. When joining a chat, it is always a good idea to offer some kind of introduction rather than just jumping in. As with face to face conversations, polite and considerate behavior is important. In any kind of discussion, there will be individuals who don't agree. Allowing other participants to hold a differing viewpoint is simply a matter of common courtesy. No one enjoys dealing with an argumentative person, even in an online conversation. The use of all capitals is considered the equivalent of yelling in chatting circles and is considered to be very rude behavior. Chat room participants often pose questions to fellow chatters. When offering an answer, it is a good idea to type the name of the inquisitor first as in, Tom, that's an interesting question and I think... If a chatter finds it necessary to leave the chat room briefly, leaving without informing others in the room or utilizing the away setting is a breach of etiquette. As in emails, sarcasm can be easily misunderstood online and should generally be avoided. No one enjoys being brought down. Chatting should remain positive and upbeat whenever it is reasonably possible.

Safety can be a big concern in free online chatting sites. If for any reason the chat starts to become uncomfortable, the wisest option is to terminate the conversation and leave the chat. A decision to meet a fellow chatter in person can be a risky one. If participants feel that a face to face meeting needs to take place, a public location with other friends along for the meeting is the best option. By the same token, sharing personal information on free online chatting sites can be dangerous. Anything that could help a predator identify a fellow participant such as full names, addresses or telephone numbers should be avoided.

In some cases, chat rooms are broken down by age limits. Observing these limits honestly is not only good form, but respects fellow participants. By the same token, it is a good idea to keep in mind that not everyone met in a chat room is really who they claim to be. Threats of physical violence should be reported to the webmaster or local law enforcement. Most free online chatting sites will post a list of user conduct rules. Failure to observe these rules may result in expulsion from the site. Most websites of this nature will not tolerate defamatory language, hate speech, profanity or obscenity on the part of users. In addition, users are generally not permitted to sell goods through the website or solicit credit card numbers from other participants.

There are a number of abbreviations and slang phrases that are frequently used on free online chatting sites. Some of these phrases might make new users feel that they need to learn a whole new language before they can participate. For example, "BTDT" means "been there, done that." "GMTA" translates to "great minds think alike." More obvious abbreviations might include "L8R" or "later" and "THX" or "thanks." The Bible encourages believers to love and do good to their enemies. "But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil." (Luke 6:35)

After a while, a participant on free online chatting sites might desire to start their own chat room. Many websites will offer users this opportunity. There will usually be a monthly or yearly fee for room owners. The room owner will be responsible for moderating discussions and keeping conversation rolling. In some cases, "bots" or automated participants can be utilized. These programs can offer new chatters any needed help, negotiate games or even joke with fellow chatters. Handled wisely, these communication opportunities can be both fun and entertaining to educated users.

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