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A free virtual community can offer a means of connection, friendship, education and an exchange of ideas through the use of the world wide web. The word virtual comes into play since participants in these communities are meeting in something of an indirect manner and not face to face. But as with written letters in times past, an unfettered sharing of thoughts and reactions can work to build connections between individuals who may never end up meeting in real life. The vehicle of connection for these communities will usually be a website that is dedicated to offering participants the opportunity to participate in online discussion forums or live chat rooms. The website may be a vehicle for social exchange or it could be dedicated to a particular subject, hobby, sports team, television show or any number of other topics. Professional sites unite individuals with the same occupation. Hobby enthusiasts could find each other through social networking sites that center on a particular area of craft of activity. United by a common interest, many participants in a free virtual community look forward to hearing the views of others who claim a like passion.

Sharing tips and opinions can be another motivation for logging on to these sites. Fans of a particular television show may enjoy sharing reactions to weekly episodes through live a chat or discussion forum that takes place as the show is aired. This combination of media and technology can end up adding to the level of enjoyment that many enthusiasts experience. Other websites are may center on social connections. Account holders on these sites will usually create personal profile pages that feature biographical information about the member. Friends can leave comments or greetings on the profile page. Photo albums that feature pictures of the individual and their friends are also popular features. The popularity of a free virtual community can hinge on the features and security that the website offers.

Websites that are dedicated to forging romantic connections can be popular as well. Unfortunately, the presence of online predators makes it necessary for members to be careful about the information that is revealed online. There are some basic security guidelines that the wise participant in a free virtual community will observe. Personal information should not be shared with online connections. Allowing a stranger to have access to a participant's street address, phone number or even full name can end up being a tragic mistake. Some websites will supply moderators who can supervise online conversations and take action if necessary. Most websites that create a free virtual community will have specific rules of conduct that participants are expected to follow. Rudeness, inappropriate language, threats or harassment are generally not permitted. Members who engage in such behavior may find that they have forfeited the privilege of participating on the site. If the threats are of a violent nature, local law enforcement may also get involved.

Many schools will used the technology employed by a free virtual community to provide learning opportunities for students. As with online chat groups and forums, participants will attend class by logging on to the Internet at a specified time. Other students will join in the discussion if asked to do so by an instructor who is also logged on to the the forum. With a face to face class, the students may form a bond over time as they learn together. The obvious limitations of communicating via the web can make this kind of camaraderie much more difficult. A skilled instructor will use the strengths of online communication to draw students in through questions and student participant. Many young people are accustomed to building relationships through these communities. Transferring these skills into educational opportunities can be one of the benefits of online communication technology. The Bible talks about the great blessings that God reserves for those who endure temptation. "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." (James 1:12)

In an ironic combination of the real and the virtual, many brick and mortar communities are setting up websites that provide a free virtual community to home town citizens. Similar to the role that small town newspapers once played, these websites offer a city's members opportunities to post information on local happenings and share news, as well as view and contribute to a classifieds feature. As with other online communities, these websites unite citizens through discussion forums and chat groups. What was once discussed over the backyard fence can now be shared on the world wide web. Information on the community including real estate statistics may also be available. Some websites serve as a research tool for those who are looking for a site that features their home town. Logging on will simply involve listing the name of the city and the state that the participant resides in. Local merchants can advertise to their neighbors on these sites. If an individual is seeking a particular club, listings of local organizations will frequently be featured. Need a babysitter or someone to mow the lawn or shovel snow? Many of these sites offer contact information for these services. A neighborhood recipe exchange can be a fun feature for cooking enthusiasts. For young people, online after school homework groups may be a popular feature. These features of the free virtual community make connecting via the web a popular pass time.

Free Virtual Chat Rooms

Individuals using free virtual chat rooms benefit in a variety of ways. "Then Hezekiah answered and said, Now ye have consecrated yourselves unto the LORD, come near and bring sacrifices and thank offerings into the house of the LORD. And the congregation brought in sacrifices and thank offerings; and as many as were of a free heart burnt offerings." (2 Chronicles 29:31). According to experts, one of the most important things is remembering to be genuine from the start, especially where personal ad networking is concerned. However, it is only natural to expect that commercial representations and so forth within these rooms are also straightforward, in other words, on the level with consumers. Also in both personal and professional cases: being exposed in any way as a phony or a sham results in lasting blows to a person's reputation, as well as a person's future attempts at interaction within these free virtual rooms running a high risk of being negatively affected as a result of 'tell all' global online posts from those who had poor experiences with a person or business, for example. In addition to this, despite the fact that users pay no fee to participate within these free virtual chat rooms, pretense and misrepresentations online, for instance physical or emotional victimization, can result in the offending user being involuntarily and abruptly barred from chat room participation. And finally, on the personal level, a person who misrepresents their character, circumstances, etc. will probably end up with a poor dating experience, as well.

But then again, there is a somewhat lighter aspect of using free virtual chat rooms. Namely, a user can decide to 'playact' using an avatar during interaction with other users within the rooms. Further, the definition of avatar is as the user's graphic identity which can participate in chats as well as in a multi-player game session. Incidentally, this personal avatar does not display the user's actual picture, and the identity can even be a fantasy figure. In other words, a person supplements the profile information with an animated online representative. Interestingly, users are able to select and control the appearance and behavior of their personal representative figure. One advantage is the opportunity offered chat room users to create their own personal virtual environment on the site. To begin with, an individual is able to choose the interactive furniture, hang window drapes and lay down carpets. And too, a person is generally able to decorate the space with lamps, tables as well as the wallpaper of choice. It is not uncommon that self-portraits of the user also hang on the walls these rooms. Last but not least, a person can also choose from a wide and amusing range of attire and accessories for the chat room avatar. Furthermore, within their own personally crafted virtual world an individual maintains control over privacy matters. In addition to this, only the user may decide who can and who can not enter their room.

One important task a new user should undertake when utilizing free virtual chat rooms is assembling and posting appropriate photographs to comprise part of the profile. According to experts, a new user wanting to succeed with this endeavor should plan to post at least four photographs. And it should be needless to say: but an individual who posts flattering pictures which no longer accurately portray their current appearance will most likely experience failure within the dating arena just as soon as personal contact has been actually made. Even when this physical misrepresentation occurs unintentionally as a result of time passing, it is best to make a personal note to evaluate updating the photographs at regular intervals. Also, experts in this field generally recommend that the majority of the photographs assembled for this purpose display a person's entire body from head to foot. In this way, an individual is simply recognizing the universal fact that a candidate's actual appearance, bearing etc. will be of significant importance to those utilizing free virtual chat rooms.

So then all that remains is for an individual to select someone they feel possesses one or more appealing attributes. In other words, the user simply clicks on the listed candidate's name and contact has been made. And remember, with an avatar involved, within free virtual chat rooms a person is able to shake hands or laugh or otherwise choose to perform a wide range of life behaviors. Further, on these virtual date encounters users from all over the world can choose to make use of webcams and their voices during the exploratory process of getting acquainted with each other. Perhaps this helps explain the apparent fact that some users of free virtual chat rooms have ended up 'virtually' falling in love and then getting married to each other. But first, usually subsequent to some initial contact via email and/or phone, it is vital that the first meeting place in real life is a relaxed one. In this way, the potential couple has a chance to actually meet each other on a much deeper and more genuine level. Therefore, they have the chance to better assess each others true character. And based on the result of this vital first in-person meeting, decisions will quite naturally be made regarding any further contact between them in the future. Also in connection with that first meeting, it is wisest to avoid setting up anything, such as consuming the course of a meal, that makes it awkward to gracefully end an unsuccessful encounter. So in conclusion, provided individuals participate in the free virtual chat rooms on a frequent and regular basis - having found an appealing way to present themselves - success within the dating world is virtually impossible to avoid.

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