How To Meet New People

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Anyone can learn how to meet new people easily, naturally, and with confidence. One of the biggest dilemmas in meeting new folk is the initial contact. This is such an intimidating prospects for so many, that they often prefer not to meet people than feel the discomfort of the initial contact. This situation really does not have to be so uncomfortable. The best and easiest thing a person can do has a two fold benefit. Volunteer. There are many other ways of meeting individuals, but volunteering is the absolute best solution to surpassing the intimidation. In volunteering a person helps someone else and at the same time puts themselves in the driver's seat in meeting people. When a person volunteers, the ball is in their court. Individuals come to you. "The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground. "My lords," he said, "please turn aside to your servant's house. You can wash your feet and spend the night and then go on your way early in the morning." "No," they answered, "we will spend the night in the square. But he insisted so strongly that they did go with him and entered his house. He prepared a meal for them, baking bread without yeast, and they ate." (Genesis 19:1-3)

Think of something you feel passionate about. Perhaps it's animals. Go to the nearest animal shelter and volunteer your time. Those who come to the shelter will be individuals with whom you have something in common. This is one of the keys to how to meet new people. Be helpful in every aspect of the assignment. Talk about the animals. Volunteer to transport animals. Just be genuinely helpful. Let the conversation grow naturally out of the specific situations. When an opportunity to ask a question comes up naturally, ask it. Keep everything in context. People will see you as a helpful, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate person. If a person is not already all of these things, this would be a good time to practice adding these attributes to your personality. People like to be around likable people. If a person seems snobbish or uninterested, do not force the issue. Allow them to go their way. These individuals will probably be trouble anyway.

Though volunteering is an easy way, there are other ways to meet someone. Another thing a person can consider in how to meet new people is to offer general assistance. Maybe it's not a volunteer situation. Perhaps, it's a neighbor who is taking groceries from the basket at the grocery store and putting them in their car. Offer to assist. But, don't just sit back and ask from across the parking lot. Come up to the basket. Greet the person with something like, "Hi, let me help you with that." As you are speaking, pick up the groceries and start to help before the person answers. Insist on helping. Make this a regular practice in how to meet new people. Eventually, doing this will be easy to do. And each time a person practices this habit of helping, they have another opportunity to open their mouth and meet a new person. Along with the ideas above, a person might find more suitability in joining a group. One caution: Do not join a group just for this purpose. The organization must be one in which a person feels it's worth their time. Although there will be individuals to meet instantaneously, it may take months before rapport and relationship can be developed; depending upon how often the group meets. Again, don't forget the concepts above. A person's volunteerism should be helpful, happy, and assistive. This is not a show to be put on. It is a way of getting into places where a person can determine how to meet new people.

All of these activities may seem forced at first. The key is to be natural. That is why it is important to be involved in things that an individual already likes. If a person is an avid reader, a library is a good fit. If a person loves the theatre, try a local theatre group. When cars are a passion, find any car event that is specifically for charity. When faced with the prospect of how to meet new people, there are always plenty of places that are looking for someone to help. When a person shows up innocently asking to assist them, there are usually nothing but feelings of gratefulness. The goodwill that a person develops by helping goes a long way; when it comes to finding someone special to spend time with. That special person will respond to the helpfulness like a magnet.

Now that a person has learned how to meet new people, of grave importance is that they not "turn-off" others by arrogance, pride, and belligerence. The best policy is to listen. Do very little talking. Ask questions and allow the person to answer. While listening to the answer, do not formulate a response. Only ask follow-up questions. People love it when they talk about themselves. However, when trying to meet others, it's not as good an idea to talk about yourself as it is let them talk. The tips suggested are very easy, very natural, and they boost confidence. There is nothing intimidating or difficult about asking people if you can help them. If it's not already present in a person's nature to be assistive, then meeting people probably would not be a good idea anyway. But, if the idea is to have companionship, this is a character strength a person would want to exercise. Anyone can learn how to meet new people using these tips. Remember to keep it natural and don't forget to smile

Meet Local People

One person may want to meet local people in her own community. Another individual may be planning a trip to Europe and wants to go behind the tourist trap curtain. A third person may be going to a foreign country as part of an international business meeting. His goal is to make connections with business people in that area. All three of these people have the same objective even though their reasons are very different. For each one, the internet, not unsurprisingly, provides a solution. The world wide web is certainly a technological wonder with inner operating mechanisms that are understood by only a few. It's amazing that someone can sit at a keyboard and exchange real time messages with someone else on the other side of the globe. The technology that made this interaction possible did something else just as remarkable. It sparked a creative explosion as ordinary people began using internet applications to create extraordinary opportunities. The result is that a person can meet local people in her community, a tourist can go beyond the tourist trap curtain, and the businessman can connect with his colleagues in another country.

It's a little scary to move to a new area and not know anyone. In a time when neighbors stay behind locked doors, making new friends can be difficult. Or perhaps, a person wants to find others who share an interest in the same hobbies, sports, or games. Maybe someone has just discovered the fun of geocaching or is learning to play chess. He may be interested in finding a nearby group of geocaching explorers or chess players. One way to meet local people that either live nearby or that have similar interests is to find a website that provides this type of information. One popular site provides a search feature that allows users to search by topic, interest, country, or zip code. A list of topics is also available for browsing. This can be helpful to someone who is either new to a community or an individual who is just looking for something new to do. Video tutorials provide helpful information on getting the most benefit out of the site. Upcoming meetings of all kinds of clubs, organizations, and associations are listed and recent comments from other users are posted. Users can even start new groups. A website like this is great for finding other people in one's community who share an interest in the same things whether it be for fun or for business purposes. For example, an entrepreneur may find a group catering to new small businesses that meets once a month to share ideas and lend support to one another.

Many international travelers are eager to do more than visit the typical tourist places. They want to meet local people and get a first-hand glimpse of a country's culture. Here again, there are websites that can help vacationers have this type of experience. For example, before leaving home the traveler can find an international pen pal through some sites. By establishing a relationship with someone in another country, the vacationer may find out firsthand information about little-known places, a country's traditions, and the restaurants where the locals really go to eat. Some online companies even assist travelers in getting a home-cooked meal of a country's authentic cuisine. This occurs with a reservation process that matches vacationers with locals who are willing to provide a dining experience in their own homes. Perhaps some of these hosts are putting into practice this reminder from the New Testament writer: "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares" (Hebrews 13:2). Potential vacationers can prepare to meet local people before leaving home by learning some basic conversational phrases. A traveler who has learned something about a country, its language, and its culture before arriving will almost certainly have a more enjoyable experience than someone who just steps off a plane with a carry-on of ignorance.

As part of a global economy, many businessmen and women find themselves attending and participating in international meetings. To make a good impression on their hosts, these people have a vested interest in learning something of the host country's language, culture, and customs before their arrival. No one wants to insult a foreign colleague by mispronouncing a key word or unintentionally exhibiting bad manners. Important and helpful information can be found on relevant websites to help professionals learn the basics before they get on the plane. Depending on the purpose, international meetings may involve visiting the foreign city's governmental offices or touring a foreign company's business operations. The visiting delegation will have the opportunity to meet local people who are participating in the same meetings or who are employed in the places being visited or toured. The host may even arrange for the visiting delegation to enjoy a reception or a meal in a private home. These opportunities are invaluable to businessmen and women who wish to build international relationships.

With the creativity unleashed by the internet, it's easy to meet local people through appropriate websites. The newcomer to the community can quickly and easily find others in the same vicinity that share her interests as a way to begin making friends. With a little websurfing, the tourist can find firsthand information about the places that aren't on the tourist trap map and maybe even get a home-cooked meal of a country's authentic cuisine. By researching a country's customs and culture ahead of time, business professionals can be confident of not unintentionally insulting their host. The important thing to remember is that it's possible to meet local people by using the resources of the internet whether "local" means nearby or halfway around the globe.

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