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People can keep in touch with friends in so many ways in the 21st century that the options can almost make one's head spin. In fact, there is really no excuse for any person to really say it's impossible to keep in touch with people. As long as there is a public library nearby, one can communicate with friends twenty thousand miles away, and regularly if so desired. The Internet has made communicating quick, easy and free, and there are about as many forms of communicating over the Internet as there are days in the week. Consider first the lowly email.

It is estimated that there are at least six hundred million emails sent everyday all over the globe. Getting an email address is very easy, and there are a number of address providers that grant addresses free of charge. That means that no matter what computer a person uses, be it a personal laptop, a friend's or the one at the public library, the ability to get a letter in the form of an email is present every day of the week. The process of writing a ten or twelve word email message to keep in touch with friends can take less than a minute from beginning to end. The nice thing about emailing is that the message can sit in a person's virtual mailbox for days on end and not be shoved out into the weather by other incoming mail. The only obstacle to the person getting one's email message is if he or she allows their mailbox to get full of unopened messages, and then one's letter will be returned to yelectronically.

There are plenty of social networking sites that are free on the Internet that can help a person stay in contact with friends and family. These sites include MySpace and Facebook as well as dozens of other sites. Just enter the keywords "social networking sites" and a person will see all kinds of possible sites to join in order to keep in touch with friends. Most all of them are free, and they are a perfect place to kind of set up a virtual house in that neighborhood, and open the door for old and new friends to stop by and visit. These sites are easy to maneuver around in, even though there are millions of people using them. A person wishing to keep in touch with friends sets up their profile, including if one desires, a picture or more than one, and as much personal information as one wants to reveal. There are places built into every profile for people to stop by and leave text messages, so if people know a person is on one of these social networking sites, one can almost always be assured of having regular contact from someone in a person's social group.

Of course there are many providers of what is known as IM or instant messaging. IM is a way to talk to people through typing on one's keyboard as a real time conversation. In other words, a person types in hello, and watch their response to that greeting, and then the conversation can really take off. If a person can get their social circle to all be on the same IM provider, and most of these services are free, then each day can be filled with up to the minute conversations with all those friends with whom you may to converse. The commitment to keep in touch with friends must be a real and ongoing on, because it is far too easy to let friendships and relationships die, especially with the pace of American life. "A man that hath friends must show himself friendly; and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." (Proverbs 18:24) That "closer than a brother" friend is Jesus, if you will allow Him into your life.

Starting a blog is another terrific way to keep in touch with friends. A blog is usually musings that people just write down about things in everyday life, a sort of personal newsletter. It is a terrific way of kind of setting up shop on the Internet and letting people just stop at their leisure and see what is going on with you. They can leave comments and notes. Maybe one's blog is about work or faith or about a hobby or some passion in life. But when a person gives people his web address he will even find strangers stopping by and saying hello. One's blog may even be passed along to people a person will never know about, especially if it has useful information for others to use.

If a person is really serious about wanting to keep in touch with friends and is super anal about wanting to let one's closest friends know every little detail about every single day, then consider the use of Twitter, the answer too many Gen Y's desire to not cut the umbilical with their friends. Limited to 140 characters per blog, a person can tell the world what he had for breakfast, where he ate for lunch, how many reps he did at the gym, what movies he watched that evening, and on and on ad nauseam. There are so many ways that one can keep in touch with friends besides the phone and snail mail, that there should never be a lonely person on the planet. So why are there so many?

Make New Friends

Make new friends by taking advantage of the various opportunities offered through Internet sources that make it possible for just about anyone to develop quality friendships even in a relationally disconnected, fast paced world. Fifty years ago, many people across the country were constrained by an immobile society and found it easier to get to know their next door neighbors, extended family members and job peers simply by the sheer inability to travel. Today, jet speed methods of transportation as well as technological advancements have sometimes played havoc with the lives of people who find themselves in ever changing circumstances but are looking for stable, long term friendships. While advanced technologies have placed a high demand on work and mobility commitments for people of the 21st century, it has also provided a way to meet others through services such as an online free friend finder rather than through the traditional home town tailgate party that so many people miss.

The biblical instruction for people about how to develop friendships still holds true whether it is online or in town. "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." (Proverbs 18:24a) Computerized concepts such as chat rooms, discussion boards, online dating sites, specialty chats, IM and email services have provided a way for many people across the globe to make new friends that they otherwise would have missed in a traditional setting. Meeting new people through free friend finder sources is of course strategically planned, but nonetheless can be a way to show one's self friendly by reaching out to another who needs a friend as well. There are paid sites and no cost sources that offer a multiplicity of services for every interest and age group across the relationship spectrum.

One of the most popular adult friendship sites in the world lays claim to landing their listing in the top twenty of all web sites in the world visited during any one week. While Christians and those with particular moral values would not engage with adult sites, there are many appropriate sites that are available for those who truly want to interact with others through some point of interest. Many free friend finder sites offer web pages to those who want to sign up and log in for a no cost membership. The most popular of these sites generally caters to singles between the ages of 17 and 25. Profile settings are offered for those who log into one of these sites that allows participants to control what information comes in or out of their particular piece of cyber space. Common online activities are offered within most services such as IM and email.

Discussion boards and forums are part of the many amenities available as well as media capabilities such as photo and video uploads. Those who use these types of services are generally left to themselves to make new friends in those who may pass by their pages. Other sources offer a structured, targeted format that can actually match friends with friends based on data that has been previously provided. There is usually a fee associated with these types of services that can be paid in a one time, yearly or monthly fee depending on the requirements. Matchmaking is turning a handsome profit for many online companies that have touched a nerve within a society that craves relationships but is finding it increasingly difficult to find or maintain significant friendships. Matchmaking is not the only goal that some online companies have found important to the general public. Simple friendships based on particular interests such as fitness, flying, auto racing, RV restoration, writing, and music are just a bare start at the diversity that is offered through highly optimized paid sources as well as free friendship finder services.

There are clubs for Italians, the Irish, Indians, African Americans and many other ethnic groups tailored especially for those who want to find a similar social group with which to interact. Generational preferences are also found among many free friend finder options for those who want to make new acquaintances with other likeminded individuals. As the first of the baby boomer generation hits 60 years of age, there is a trend for the first computer savvy generation to take hold of many chats and forums that address issues affecting this stage of life. The number of chats, IM groups and friendship sites are constantly growing as an unprecedented number of youngsters grow up with friends in cyber space. Whether for platonic or romantic reasons, it is not hard to find a friend of like interests through the many avenues that are offered on the web. However, caution is recommended for those who are not aware of the accompanying dangers surrounding one of the world's greatest tech accomplishments that make finding people half way around the world as easy as a mouse click. Caution aside, a free source or a paid service can help any sensible person make new friends that may result in valuable friendships for a lifetime.

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