Largest Online Community

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Enjoying the benefits of the largest online community might consist of participating in chat rooms, Internet forums, or connecting with others via email or instant messenger. These communities can center on specific interests or might be part of a social networking website. The need to meet and get to know other individuals is something that is very important to most human beings. The Internet simply provides another avenue for fellowship and friendship with others of similar interests or of a certain demographic group. It may be that basic social needs are the primary motivator for participation in the largest largest online community. Bulletin boards and online forums can unite visitors through simple, electronic communication. The business world has embraced this trend as well. Groups within a given company can communicate and work together by utilizing the Internet. In some cases, various business will find a way to learn from each other using these methods. Local groups and institutions might also make good use of these technological tools. Members of sports teams and their families can make valuable connections through online communities. Churches and schools can enhance communication by these means as well. In some cases, these communities will gather out of a joint interest or concern. Hobby enthusiasts, members of similar professions, students in a particular arena, or support groups that zero in on a specific illness might make up the center of many of these Internet communities. Discussion forums on a variety of topics can go a long way in uniting Internet users. Sharing tips, passing out relevant information, or just enjoying the company of others who have similar interests can make these forums very rewarding for many participants.

Not only the largest online community, but smaller groups as well can benefit from the sense of connection that a healthy use of the Internet can provide. Communication can be accomplished through online newsletters, emails, blogs, and forums. Of course, these communities don't just run themselves. Many Internet enthusiasts have chosen to take on the task of creating the websites that draw visitors to participate. Generally, if there is nothing interesting on the site, visitors are unlikely to come back. And without regular visitors, there is no conversation and therefore, no community. Interaction is usually a main ingredient of the largest online community. However, some kind of interesting content may be required in order to encourage contribution and participation. For example, if the main area of interest that serves as a theme for the website is classic movies, simply giving the site a title and asking users to start talking is not a tactic that is likely to succeed. But, if the webmaster offers articles, images, and other information on various movies, actors, studios, directors, or history, visitors are much more likely to stick around. Offering places for comment from visitors can be the beginnings of a healthy Internet community. While many participants may never meet face to face, the opportunity to share and learn from one another can be a very rewarding one. In some cases, a participant may be unaware that so many others share the same interests and passions that they do.

Other elements that can build the largest online community might include surveys, quizzes and polls, as well as links to other sites with similar themes. If a website has a clear and definite purpose as well as quality content, it will usually continue to draw web traffic. This regular traffic will have a way of pulling in new traffic through word of mouth or links from other sites. There is some concern that online lives might have a way of distracting from the reality of user's lives away from the computer. While these communities can be somewhat addictive, even the largest online community is no substitute for the flesh and blood relationships and struggles of real life. The reasons behind participation on these websites can be a factor as to the amount of intrusion that such activity could cause. Some participants might be looking for an escape from everyday life. These users might create alternative identities and live out a fantasy life via the world wide web. Others might simply be wishing to find a way to add to their own life, and therefore will be basically honest in their online connections. Whatever choices a user might make, honesty and fair treatment of others will certainly offer the most healthy type of online involvement.

Even the largest online community had to begin with a few simple steps. Anyone who wishes to create one of these online communities will need to begin by zeroing in on the basic theme or purpose that the community will center around. The target participants are another area of concern. The structure of the website and the various tools that may be employed should also be considered. The Bible directs believers to hope in the mercy of God. "Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee." (Psalm 33:22)

The largest online community will of course have many issues and potential problems to deal with. Disgruntled users with unrealistic concerns can be somewhat difficult to deal with at times. It is important for web masters of Internet communities to offer quality content along with opportunities for interesting discussion. Keeping an eye on content and postings is also vital. Allowing offensive content to remain on the site may cause regular visitors to jump ship. On the other hand, a carefully crafted and monitored website can grow and flourish while augmenting the lives of participants.

Biggest Online Community

The biggest online community in the world is still the Internet users of the United States. Under the definition of online community, the two hundred and twenty million Internet users across the fifty states are still the greatest force to be reckoned with, but China will soon surpass that mark. There is a lot of discussion about what the term online community or neighborhood really means, but the agreement is fairly universal that it at least means a group of people having a common belief or effort. There are hundreds of Internet communities on the World Wide Web. From ecology to religion, from support groups to dating, Web communities provide identity and communication for millions of people with various interests.

The biggest online community for social networking will probably be MySpace, with a close second being Facebook. Though millions of persons are part of these Internet neighborhood websites, their ease of function and the ability to easily find people on these sites makes them extremely popular. These are online communities dedicated to getting people who want to find one another together. The ability to build interesting and even entertaining personal profiles on these large neighborhood network sites makes them especially popular with younger Internet users. Most of us feel a real sense to be needed and loved, hence the popularity of social networking websites. But even those high tech methods can leave many feeling empty and perhaps even used. Our true value and worth was established by God when He gave Himself up as a sacrifice for our sin: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

The biggest online community for healthy and green living is called Care2. This neighborhood boasts over ten million members, with many of its members posting profiles, much the same as MySpace and Facebook. This biggest online community for green living has a smorgasbord of causes and issues. Animal welfare, global warming, environment and wildlife, politics, human rights, women's rights and civil rights all come under the umbrella of this community. Care2 makes it convenient for concerned citizens to sign petitions by providing them online and also provides information to start a petition in issues not yet addressed by the website. There are dozens and dozens of pretty far out petitions that one can sign, with most of them gaining little or no traction. But they do provide some pretty interesting reading.

When it comes to considering the largest of the merchandisers who support an online network, it would have to be eBay. As with the social networks, this biggest online community for auctions boasts thousands of profiles of neighborhood members who not only have things to sell, but also are eager to tell you about themselves. There are thousands and thousands of profiles of sellers and buyers online at eBay, and enough personal information from many of them to keep zealous users busy for months. These folks are bound by the love of selling stuff and talking about themselves. Amazon also has a community of many people who enjoy forming their own groups by issue and concern. Forums on almost any topic join together thousands of users of the Amazon Community menu.

It is difficult to know, but perhaps the biggest online community of bloggers might be those that use Twitter. This particular community of mini-bloggers keeps answering the question: What are you doing? People in this very large online community are used to writing, "Eating lunch at McDonalds," or "At a deli on 23rd" or maybe, "Don't want to tell you, leave me alone." Twitter is all about letting the people who care about us the most (like the parents of Gen Y'ers) know what they are doing all throughout a routine day in little tiny bits of info, no more than 140 characters. This certainly fits the modus operandi of the Gen Y generation!

While Facebook and MySpace are used for dating as well as social interaction, the biggest online community providers of actual dating services would be eHarmony and These are Internet communities meant to satisfy the needs of singles looking for permanent relationships. When a person "moves into" one of these communities, there is a strong likelihood that he or she will not remain single forever. These communities are filled with motivated and eager people who want to find meaningful and lasting relationships, so incentive is already built into these communities to be open to romantic possibilities. Like the big social networking sites, a profile will be built of each member, including a picture, but unlike the social networking sites, these communities work solely at matchmaking in order to link up those who show strong compatibility characteristics.

There are not available statistics to always know what the biggest online community is in a specific genre of interest. But there are many types of communities that regularly interact with each other across the World Wide Web. These include education communities, gaming, video, travel, non-profit, civic action, shopping (there is even one to show off stuff that you own), health, intellectual and many other genre communities where people can regularly meet and exchange ideas and share concerns. There is a funny thing about all of this talk regarding the biggest Internet neighborhood, because while there is such an abundance of places to meet and talk about anything, American society is still becoming more and more impersonal. Perhaps the rule is if you can't drink coffee out of the same cup, the conversation isn't nearly as satisfying.

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