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It is generally possible to find a social networking website that focuses on just about any subject, in addition to many general interest sites. The main agenda for sites of this nature is to provide a place of connection for Internet users who wish to keep in touch with friends or get to know new ones. There are sites that are very general in nature and offer the opportunity for members to post personal profile pages that provide photographs and information to friends and acquaintances. Fellow members can post messages to other participants in areas designated for such purposes. It is the choice of participants to either make their profile page available to anyone who wishes to see it, or to restrict it to only individuals on a friend's list. The same is true of photo albums. With these albums, account holders may post personal photographs to be viewed by others. A social networking website can be a good place to catch up with old classmates or friends or to keep in touch with family members who are miles away. Of course, any Internet communication tool should be used with care. Sharing too much personal information with individuals who were met on the web may not only be foolhardy, but can also be very dangerous. Some websites focus in on a specific theme, hobby or other area of interest. Individuals with similar life experiences might be able to exchange advice and encouragement with others who dealing with the same issues. When handled honestly and with integrity, such services can provide connection and fellowship through shared support.

A number of specialty sites that center on certain interests or life stages are fast becoming a very popular type of social networking website. Websites that are targeted at mothers have grown in number on the world wide web. Members themselves may generate content, offering advice, counsel, product reviews or the opportunity to meet fellow mothers. As with other, less focused sites, the opportunity to post profiles may be available as well. Online discussion forums that deal with topics relating to the challenges of motherhood such as potty training, pregnancy, breastfeeding, adoption, baby names, and many others regularly draw many participants. A good number of these sites are supported by online advertising. For college age individuals in search of a social networking website that targets issues pertaining to student life, there are many opportunities for connection and information on the web. The main difference between these and other, more general social networking sites is that these website will frequently offer information on the local communities that surround many college campuses. Tips on area venues and attractions and other social opportunities are generally available as well as opportunities to connect with fraternity and sorority members on separate schools. Tracing family connections is another popular pass time and some websites of this nature will attract individuals with interests in genealogy and family ties. Such sites may offer users opportunities to build family trees, post photos, share tips with fellow enthusiasts, or remember loved ones who have passed away.

Gaming enthusiasts may be drawn to a social networking website that centers on this area of interest. Users will trade tips and information, review games, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. United by a common passion, members of these websites may not post the same kinds of profiles that are found on more traditional sites. On a social networking website that is dedicated to gaming, a user will most likely post a profile that relates more to a specific gaming character than to their true identities. Lovers of reading can make social connections on the basis of an interest in books. Communicating through the Internet can add a whole new dimension to the traditional book club. Within the world of readers there can be many varied interests and tastes. The ability to connect with like minded book lovers is one of the main drawing cards of websites of this nature. Learning about newly released books and reading reviews by fellow members is another attraction. Those who love to travel may be able to connect with others who share the same passion through social networking sites that center on this area of interest. Members may have the opportunity create blogs based on their own travels or to read the accounts of the journeys of other members.

Movie lovers may be able to find a social networking website that zeros in on this topic. Such sites may allow users to learn about soon to be released films. Members can also review movies online or read the reviews of other participants. Quizzes and games that relate to the topic may be available as well. Some sites also offer opportunities to view films online. Forums and chat rooms give members the opportunity to meet and make friends with other film lovers. The Bible describes to believers the goodness that comes to those who wait for God. "The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him." (Lamentations 3:24)

Something as simple as a passion for journaling can be another topic that will draw traffic to a social networking website. Virtual communities of individuals who love to journal and to share their writings with others are very popular. In addition to journaling opportunities, these site may give account holders the opportunity to connect in ways that are similar to other social websites. As with other specialized web pages, some of these sites may be available free of charge, while others may charge users a fee. Whatever choice a participant might make, there is a good possibility that an individual will find a site that caters to their own personal interests.

Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites have become the 'coolest' concept to hit the Internet wave among users who are generally thirteen to thirty years of age. Used to find, meet and greet new people through a vast array of advanced web tools, online social networking sites provide a window to the world for anyone who wants to log in. Most social web sites are free and provide basic features that not only allow, but encourage communication with others from any place around the globe that has access to an Internet connection. These 'meet and greet' sites offer an easy, fast and effective way to build a whole community of friendships within any parameters that a person wishes to stipulate through profiles and control tools.

The popularity of web based relationship networks is just a flip side of the popularity of pop culture's interest in TV reality shows and 'bare all' personal biographies found in top bookstore chains. The interest in exchanging personal information with others along with personal photos and videos continues to fascinate today's culture. This unabated interest has given rise to a constantly growing number of social networking websites that competitively seek users by offering free server space and high tech web tools. Typical communication features that are available to users for free through most sources are chat rooms, instant messaging, blogs, message boards, and email. Many of these features have options within each category that may offer the opportunity for a user to upgrade for a fee, but many online social networking sources offer plenty of capabilities to satisfy the most avid user for absolutely no cost.

Chat rooms are very much in demand among most of the best networks and many sources may have as many as 600 or more chats available at any one time. Social networking websites generally offer their own chat rooms that are set up within the parameters of each company's security and communication protocols. Any user is required to adhere to that source's guidelines in order to participate in a chat room and can be expelled if those stipulations are not followed. This can provide much needed protection from predators that scan the virtual landscape for easy targets to relationship snares. Even though no online service can absolutely guarantee exclusive protection, reputable ones can provide the most protection available. Ultimately, it is up to a user to be wise and remain sensibly on guard when sharing information with a worldwide audience.

Instant messaging is another basic method of communication that is provided and allows participants the ability to activate an immediate interchange of conversation among several participants. IM provides the capability of blocking people that a user wishes to exclude from a conversation or of accepting a new participant that requests an entrance into an interaction. The 'instant' nature of this feature makes communication much more akin to face-to-face talking, but with the possibility of anonymity. 'Handles' or substitute names are encouraged by many online social networking sources for both instant messaging and chat rooms in order to further insure safety for users. It is up to a user's discretion as to when to reveal his or her real name, location or other information of personal interest as well as when to meet the recipient personally.

Blogging is also an interesting capability that many networkers enjoy as it allows them to daily, weekly or sporadically enter casual information about their lives on an on-going basis. Some web logs are written quite well and even begin to attract an audience that becomes a returning community to a particular personal site. "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." (Proverbs 27:17) Blogs are no longer used only for social networking websites, but are also used for business and advertisement sites. The growing phenomenon of blogging has not yet reached its apex and will expand into future horizons as new uses for this unique web tool becomes more apparent to all types of Internet users. Message boards or discussion forums are a traditional form of communication that can be controlled by a particular moderator from a hosting network and set up to function at certain times of the day. Particular topics are introduced and allow comments from anyone who stays within the bounds of preset guidelines that are carefully screened by a moderator.

Some message boards may not use an ongoing moderator control, but allow visitors to post relevant comments at any time while still maintaining recognized screening according to set parameters. Most online social networking sources also offer free email capabilities to users which can be helpful as an additional option for those who may have several other email accounts elsewhere. This allows participants to use their email accounts that are offered through social networking websites as an exclusive tool for friendship interaction if they wish. Anonymity is also an option and email is a good way to touch base with someone personally while still maintaining security and privacy until a user wants to proceed further into a relationship. There are many free friendship networks to choose from that allow an opportunity for users to build healthy relationships with others who might otherwise go unnoticed in this great big world of teaming humanity. So, check out a free source today and start networking!

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